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Small Olive Tree 5 Inch Collection

SKU: 1049306


Small Olive Tree 5" Collection
5" Fontanini® Village Collection
Crafted from resin and plastic.
10" tall
Fontanini #55517.

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This Olive Tree Solved All of My Problems

Buford| 04/27/2022 2:08 pm

When I bought this 5-inch olive tree, I wasn't expecting much, but I was astonished when it delivered. Like the grace of God's love, this tree surrounded me with warmth and comfort. It is as if this tree was hand-picked from the Garden of Eden. The tree's artificial, yet seemingly divine characteristics raised the bar for any other 5-inch trees in the market. This 5-inch masterpiece not only made me feel younger, but it made me feel pure again, like when I was a mere boy, admiring the many olive trees that encapsulated my home. I cannot fathom how I walked the Earth normally before I purchased this tree. Without this tree, I don't feel whole. I feel as if a piece of me is missing when I am not around my olive tree. To anyone that may be interested in purchasing this tree - please do. Once you own this tree, you will not look at any other olive tree the same as you once did. This tree will bring you true happiness and fulfillment To the makers of the tree, good job. It sure is nice