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Panda Bear 3.5 Inch Glass Ornament
Item # 1206640
What's black and white and cute all over? You guessed it, it's our panda bear ornament! Artfully hand-painted with ultra-reflective glazes, this un-bear-ably adorable ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Germany. A holiday without this animal-themed keepsake on the tree would be sheer panda-modium!
(Legend of the Panda card included.)
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Legend of the Panda

Long ago pandas were pure white. Chinese legend tells how the panda got its black and white coat. The ancient tale tells of a young girl who gave her life to save a snowy-white panda cub. The pandas were very sad and rubbed black ashes on their legs as a sign of mourning. They wiped their eyes, hugged each other and covered their ears with their paws. Wherever they touched themselves the ashes stained their fur black.


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