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Lion Silhouette Glass Ornament
Item # 1186294
Vibrantly hand-painted with striking silhouettes of lions roaming the African savannah, this captivating glass ornament is awash in brilliant hues of orange, gold and vivid ebony. Expertly mouth-blown in Poland, our gorgeous 4" tall keepsake shimmers with eye-catching gold accents and is sure to infuse your holidays with an exotic flair!
(Symbol of the Lion card included.)
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Symbol of the Lion

Majestic in stature, the lion is an emblem of power, strength, dignity and courage. The Lion's yellow fur once symbolized the sun, and like most sun symbols, the lion came to represent Christ, the light of the world. Referred to as the king of the beasts, the lion continues as a symbol of might, justice, protection and conquest.


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December 29, 2017
"6 year old granddaughter is very interested in animals. She picked this one out herself and loves it."