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Hummingbird Heart Glass Ornament
Item # 1114888
This stunning ruby-throated hummingbird was reproduced with great detail created by Bronner artist, Ginger Don. Crafted in the USA, this soothing and exclusive heart shaped ornament measures 3½" and makes a wonderful gift for your gardening, bird, or flower enthusiast.
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)

Symbol of the Hummingbird

The hummingbird symbolizes love, joy and beauty. Its unique ability to fly backward teaches us that we can look back at our past without dwelling there but continuing forward. The hummingbird's aptitude to hover while drinking nectar reminds us to savor each moment, appreciating its sweetness.

Customer Reviews

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(based on 2 reviews)
December 18, 2014
"This is an excellent ornament for any one who loves Hummingbirds. Beautiful!!"
By Laurie Shanks
Athens, PA
January 01, 2015
"This ornament looks beautiful on the tree, especially if you put a light right behind it."