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Hummingbird Glass Clip-On Ornament
Item # 1145874
Don't let this little hummingbird fly away! Crafted of glass and acrylic, our gorgeous 3" tall hummingbird clip-on ornament is painted in exotic colors of green, coral, black, turquoise, and cream. Beautiful feather details are enhanced with sparkling glitter and will make this one eye-catching addition to your tree!
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
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Symbol of the Hummingbird

The hummingbird symbolizes love, joy and beauty. Its unique ability to fly backward teaches us that we can look back at our past without dwelling there but continuing forward. The hummingbird's aptitude to hover while drinking nectar reminds us to savor each moment, appreciating its sweetness.

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By Susan Vogel
Lewis Center, OH
November 29, 2013
"Very delicate and pretty."