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Santa On Moon Glass Ornament
When Santa says he's doing the "moon walk" he's not talking about the dance move! Sitting atop a dazzling silver moon staked with the American flag, our astronaut Santa celebrates the 50th anniversary of the historic Moon Walk from a spectacular point of view. You'll want to save a special space on your tree for this charming red, white and blue keepsake! Our sensational Santa on moon ornament measures 6" tall and is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland.
Space Shuttle With Rockets Glass Ornament
Do you have space on your tree for a truly up-lifting keepsake? Our space shuttle with rockets ornament is expertly crafted of glass from Poland and skillfully hand-painted with a myriad of shimmering glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Complete with USA flag insignias, this special 5" tall rocket ornament is sure to launch some great adventures for many years to come.
Space Vehicle Glass Ornament
Save some space on the tree for this stellar decoration! Complete with astronaut, our space vehicle ornament shimmers with glittering "moon dust" and proudly bears the flag of the United States. Skillfully hand-crafted and hand-painted in Poland, this out of this world keepsake is a tribute to America's place in the space race and celebrates 50 years of exploration from the historic Moon Walk in 1969 to present day rocket launches!
Astronaut 5 Inch White Glass Ornament
Venture to the dark side of the moon and back with this out of this world decoration! Depicting a daring astronaut in a gleaming white space suit, our 5" glass ornament is skillfully mouth blown in Poland with sparkling accents of red, silver, and blue glitter. A tribute to America's historic Moon Walk in 1969, this captivating astronaut would love to spend the holidays orbiting around the branches of your tree!
Astronaut Monkey Glass Ornament
Our adorable astronaut can't help but monkey around, he is, after all, a chimpanzee! Launched into space on a speeding rocket, our monkey is having a blast in zero gravity floating weightlessly around and waving one hand. Complete with a pipe cleaner tail, our astronaut monkey is crafted of glass and resin with hand-painted accents of white, blue and brown. Shimmering with sparkling glitter accents, this novelty ornament measures 4" tall and comes ready to hang on a gold cord.
Personalized Space Astronaut Glass Ornament
We're sure you'll agree that our personalized space astronaut ornament is simply out of this world! This Bronner's exclusive ornament is artfully crafted of glass in Hungary with a revolutionary interior coating of ebony glitter that brilliantly shines through the clear glass like an infinite number of stars. Our 3" tall ornament features an astronaut, moon, planet, and stars painted in shimmering silver with iridescent glitter accents. Allow one of Bronner's artists to add a personal touch with a silver paint pen at no additional charge.
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Moon Phases Glass Ornament
You'll be over the moon with this celestial design! Artfully crafted in Hungary, our 3" tall moon phases ornament shines bright with a revolutionary interior coating of ebony glitter that sparkles through the clear glass like an infinite number of stars in deep space. Silvery images of the moon in a starry night sky wax and wane as they encircle the circumference of this special ornament with style that is out of this world!
Love You To The Moon And Back Metal Ornament
Show a special someone how much they're loved with this beautiful ornament’s heartwarming sentiment: Love You to the Moon and Back. Etched from solid brass and finished in 24 karat gold, this handsome ornament is hand lacquered with colorful blue and white accents and features a dangling moon and star charm. Coming ready to display on a rustic twine cord with bead embellishments, this extraordinary keepsake is sure to be treasured for many years to come! Made in the USA.
Moon With Face Blown Glass Ornament
Ask for the moon and you just may receive this delightful keepsake for Christmas! Expertly crafted of blown glass in Italy, our crescent moon has a whimsical hand-painted face and beams brightly with a silver glaze and accents of sparkling glitter. Sure to become a treasured favorite, this gorgeous moon with face glass ornament has a hanging height of approximately 5¼".
Gold Moon On Medallion Glass Ornament
Flashing his beaming crescent-shaped profile, the man in the moon grins with delight as stars gather around. Shimmering with reflective glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our magical gold moon on translucent medallion ornament is artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and measures 2½" tall.
Personalized I Love You To The Moon And Back Glass Ornament
You're sure to love this ornament to the moon and back! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round sapphire blue ornament features a glittery crescent moon and stars along with the sentiment I love you… to the moon and back. Displaying your moon-strous amount of affection, this personalized I love you to the moon and back ornament will make a stellar standout on the tree! Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch using a white paint pen at no additional charge.
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Heart Shaped American Flag Glass Ornament
Symbolizing the heart of a true patriot, this 3¼" glass American flag ornament is crafted in Poland and will make a wonderful addition to your patriotic collection!
U.S.A. Flag Glass Ornament
Versions of the U.S. Flag have led our nation since its birth. Display your patriotic pride with our exclusive 2¾" tall by 3½" wide glass replica of Old Glory herself, all year-round.
4 Inch x 6 Inch USA Rayon Flag
Bring a touch of Star Spangled USA pride to your celebrations with this 10½" tall flag! This American flag is artfully constructed of colorful rayon fibers and is attached to a plastic flag pole.
Planet Earth Glass Ornament
We've searched the world over to find this charming representation of planet earth! Crafted of glass by Old World Christmas®, our beautiful 2¼" tall ornament depicts the earth's continents in glittery green amidst vibrant seas of brilliant blue. This unique planet earth ornament is an all-around perfect gift for the globe-trotter on your Christmas list as well as a student or teacher of geography or earth science!
Sun Disc Glass Ornament
Depicting the sun with human features ringed with a fringe of sunny rays, this disc shaped ornament is sure to shine brightly for years to come. Shimmering with reflective gold glazes and dazzling glitter accents, this beguiling keepsake is artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic.
Saturn Glass Ornament
If you are looking to create an atmosphere that is out of this world on your tree, then our Saturn planet ornament is just the ticket! Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® and finished in beautiful glazes with shimmering glitter accents, this Saturn ornament hangs at 2" tall. Your space enthusiast is sure to make a few orbits around the tree to appreciate the solar appeal of this unique keepsake!
Alien In Santa Suit Glass Ornament
Bringing the Christmas fun beyond the sun! Our extraterrestrial creature is dressed in a stylish Santa suit complete with white faux fur that makes him extra-special! Crafted of glass with vivid hand-painted accents, this whimsical 5½" tall ornament is simply out of this world!
Alien Glass Ornament
"Take me to your leader!" Here on planet earth in search of intelligent life, this neon green alien stares unblinkingly with his huge eyes. Artfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this extraterrestrial alien ornament measures 4½" tall and will make a great gift for the sci-fi fan on your Christmas list.
Personalized Alien Face Glass Ornament
Don't alien-ate this unique ornament from your tree, our far-out friend is sure to find it spacious! A silver alien face is printed on the electrifying green surface of this 3" round glass ornament that is exclusively crafted for Bronner's in Hungary. Allow one of Bronner's talented artists to add a touch of personal-ity™ to this alien face ornament with a black paint pen at no additional charge! It is sure to make the perfect gift for the sci-fi or space enthusiast in your life.

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Astronaut Blown Glass Ornament
You'll be over the moon for this whimsical astronaut in a white spacesuit bearing USA emblems. Artfully mouth blown in Italy, this 6" glass astronaut ornament comes complete with an American flag made of paper and wood. Celebrating one of mankind's greatest achievements, this stellar design could be described in the words of Neil Armstrong: "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"
Space Shuttle Glass Ornament
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off! Celebrate childhood dreams and the accomplishments of NASA with this charming space shuttle ornament! Masterfully crafted of glass by Old World Christmas®, our gleaming white spacecraft is adorned with American flags and bears the insignia United States. Shimmering with sparkling glitter accents, this 4¼" tall keepsake is simply "out of this world!"
NASA Earth Glass Ornament
If you could see planet Earth from space it would certainly change your world view! Honoring the history of space exploration by the United States, this amazing 2¼" round glass ornament depicts the earth's continents and oceans in shimmering green and blue and features the NASA logo. Sparkling with dazzling glitter accents, this vibrant replica of earth is simply out of this world!
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