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Set Of 8 Seafoam Shine Glass Ornaments
Ideal for completing a color scheme or adding "pops" of vibrant interest, these beautiful glass ornaments have an ultra-shiny finish in a vivid shade of seafoam green. Measuring 2 5/8" round, our convenient set of 8 seafoam shine ornaments come attractively packaged for safe and easy storage each season and are proudly crafted in the USA.
Set Of 8 Starlight Shine Pale Blue Glass Ornaments
Vibrant and versatile, each 2 5/8" glass ornament in our set of 8 has a shimmering pale blue surface topped with a silver cap. Perfect for completing a color scheme or adding pops of vibrant interest, our starlight shine ornament set is attractively packaged for safe and easy storage each season. Proudly made in the USA.
Western Bluebird Clip-On Glass Ornament
This charming Western bluebird is ready to migrate into the branches of your tree this Christmas! With vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our exquisitely detailed songbird is 2" tall 4¼" wide and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. This breathtaking Western bluebird clip-on ornament is a must-have for that special bird watcher in your life!
(Symbol of the Bluebird card included.)
Bluebird In Twig Nest Glass Clip On Ornament
A darling glass bluebird nestles cheerfully in his rustic twig nest in this uplifting woodland design. Sporting a tail of soft, indigo feathers, this harbinger of happiness is charmingly hand-painted with a variety of dazzling azure glazes. Ornament measures approximately 4" tall x 6" long and features a metal clip for precise placement in your tree, wreath, or centerpiece.
(Symbol of the Bird Nest card included.)
The Legend Of The Robin Glass Ornament
Reg. $10.99 Sale $7.98
Our legend of the robin glass ornament will make a great gift for the bird lover on your Christmas list. Artfully crafted of glass in the USA, this beautiful keepsake features a colorful illustration of a robin resting on a pine branch glistening with iridescent white "snow." Printed on the reverse side of this Bronner's exclusive 3¼" tall ornament is a charming story of a robin who shared the stable with the Holy Family on the night of Christ's birth.
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Bluebird Symbol Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
Whether you love birdwatching, bluebirds or symbolism, this joyful keepsake is sure to have you singing a cheery tune this holiday season! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round white enameled ornament features a happy little bluebird perched on a glittering pine branch with the Symbol of the Bluebird printed on the reverse side.
Baltimore Oriole Glass Ornament
Our beautiful Baltimore oriole appears so lifelike you can almost hear his rich, flutelike tune as he perches atop a sweet orange glistening in the sunlight. Awash with vibrant plumage of orange, gold and ebony, this exquisite songbird is amazingly detailed in glass and gleams with soft accents of iridescent glitter. Sure to attract your birdwatcher's eye, our exquisite 5" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Cardinal In Nest Ornament
Cradled in the branches of your Christmas tree or holiday wreath, our charming cardinal in nest ornament will add a natural element to your decorating theme. Simply secure our 3" tall x 5½" wide nesting cardinal to your tree or wreath with the attached metal clips to create a dramatic statement wherever you chose!
(Symbol of the Bird Nest card included.)
Goldfinch Glass Ornament
Our sunny yellow goldfinch will delight bird lovers when he lands on your tree. Beautifully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this perky fellow will brighten even Scrooge's holiday. Measuring 2½" tall x 4¼" wide and mounted on a spring clip, sprightly Goldfinch will appear to roost right on a branch of your Christmas tree.
Fairy Wren With Feather Clip On Glass Ornament
Put a song in your heart and on the tree or any display by adding a glass replica of nature's mesmerizing songbird, the fairy wren! Exquisitely crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this charming ornament takes life by a beautiful blend of blues, black, and frosty white colors accented by glistening aqua glitter details and a fascinating feather tail. A gold clip is attached to this fairy wren with feather ornament making a myriad of displays possible! Perfect as a gift, our fairy wren ornament is sure to have your bird enthusiast soaring to new heights this holiday season!
Hummingbird Glass Clip-On Ornament
Don't let this little hummingbird fly away! Crafted of glass and acrylic, our gorgeous 3" tall hummingbird clip-on ornament is painted in exotic colors of green, coral, black, turquoise, and cream. Beautiful feather details are enhanced with sparkling glitter and will make this one eye-catching addition to your tree!
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
Acrylic Hummingbird Ornaments Set Of 2
Spread your decorating wings with these beautiful acrylic hummingbird ornaments! Perfect for adding interest to your Christmas tree or windowpane, these prismatic iridescent blue and green hummingbirds refract light with a cut-crystal effect. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, each hummingbird in this mesmerizing set of 2 has a hanging height of 4" tall.
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
Bronner #1194581.

Sorry, this item is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you!
Hummingbird Mushroom Ornament
Add a beautiful hummingbird to your Christmas décor this year with this one-of-a-kind ornament! Realistically crafted of stiffened Styrofoam, this 3¼" ornament is accentuated with real feathers. With a silver clip to hang the ornament from, this pretty mushroom bird will make the perfect gift for that hummingbird lover in your life!
Symbol Of The Hummingbird Glass Ornament
Depicting a ruby-throated hummingbird drawing nectar from a vibrant orange trumpet blossom, this shimmering white ornament makes a great gift for your bird lover! Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our Symbol of the Hummingbird ornament is printed on the reverse side with the colorful legend associated with the popular garden visitor.
Hummingbird On Trumpet Flower Glass Ornament
Attracted by a showy pink trumpet flower, a tiny green hummingbird hovers delightfully as it sips on sweet nectar. Awash with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this exquisite keepsake is amazingly detailed in glass and gleams with soft accents of iridescent glitter. Sure to attract your gardener or birdwatcher's eye, our exquisite 3½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
Symbol Of The Cherry Blossom Glass Ornament
Symbolic of good fortune, love and affection, cherry blossoms are appreciated around the world as an early sign of spring. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, this 3" round shimmering white ornament depicts a branch with a vibrant pink cherry blossom. Printed on the reverse side of this gorgeous keepsake is the Symbol of the Cherry Blossom which details the colorful legends associated with this perennial favorite.
Bees On Honeycomb Round Glass Ornament
We could mind our own beeswax, but we think you'll really like this new Bronner's exclusive design. Crafted of semi-transparent glass in a warm honey hue with a crystalized finish within, our 3" round ornament is buzzing with a swarm of honey bees busily tending their honeycomb. Shimmering with touches of iridescent glitter, you're sure to bee impressed with this sweet design expertly crafted in Hungary.
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
Morel Mushroom Clip-On Glass Ornament
No longer will your mushroom enthusiast have to wait for spring to see the morel mushroom sprout, thanks to our glass replica! Glittering accents add an intriguing appeal to this beautiful wonder of nature you'll love at Christmas! Our exclusive morel mushroom ornament measures 4½" tall and features a sturdy, silver clip for easy display in your tree or décor. This unique clip-on ornament will make the perfect gift for your favorite mycologist!
(Symbol of the Mushroom card included.)
Red And White Capped Mushroom Glass Ornament
In many cultures, finding a mushroom in the forest is considered to be a symbol of good luck and a harbinger of prosperity. Our charming 4½" tall mushroom ornament has a stylish white stalk topped with a shiny red cap spotted with dots of sparkling white glitter. Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this red and white capped mushroom ornament just may be the luck you've been looking for!
(Symbol of the Mushroom card included.)
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Glass Ornament
A sure sign of spring, hummingbirds are a welcome sight in blossoming flower gardens! This gorgeous ruby-throated hummingbird is charmingly detailed in glass with vibrant hand-painted glazes and eye-catching green, gold and white glitter accents. Sure to make your bird watcher hum with delight, this charming keepsake comes ready to hang with a gold cord with a hanging height of approximately 3".
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
Butterflies On Clear Glass Ornament
Your heart will soar to see this colorful butterfly ornament amongst the branches of your spring-themed tree! Measuring 3½" tall, our dazzling insect ornament is crafted of clear glass and made in Poland. Vibrant butterflies are painted on the surface of this beautiful ornament and accented with sparkling gold glitter. Spring a unique gift on your special gardener with this butterflies on clear glass ornament!
Symbol Of The Butterfly Monarch Glass Ornament
Symbolic of resurrection and eternal life, butterflies also represent flight, freedom, and creative thinking. Our beautiful Monarch butterfly ornament is artfully crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's in Hungary with a satin white finish featuring our vibrant orange and black butterfly alighting on a flowering milkweed plant. This rare specimen measures 3" tall. The Symbol of the Butterfly is printed on the reverse side, which details the colorful legends associated with this perennial garden favorite.
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Bronner #1179739.
New Creation In Christ Glass Ornament
God gives us beautiful parallels to illustrate in the physical realm what we cannot see in the spiritual. Just as "anyone [who] is in Christ is a new creation" -2 Corinthians 5:17, so is the transformation of a caterpillar to a vibrant and freely-fluttering butterfly. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round three-tone gold, white and purple ornament depicts this humbling scripture beside a beautiful butterfly with glittering accents hovering over a violet flower. Celebrate the daily process of justification through Christ Jesus our Lord with our thought-inspiring keepsake!
(Symbol of the Butterfly card included.)
Hope Angel Figurine
Inspire a faithful friend with this heart-warming gift! Depicting a lovely angel in a flowing cream and blue gown releasing a clutch of butterflies, our gorgeous figurine is embellished with a floral motif and sparkling "gemstone" accents. Crafted of stone resin and crystal, this special "Hope" angel keepsake measures 9¼" tall.
Set Of 4 Spun Glass Butterfly Ornaments
Add a flutter of color and beauty to your tree with these gorgeous butterfly ornaments! Artfully crafted in spun glass, each 2" tall butterfly in this 4 piece set is ornately hand-painted in vibrant detail and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Attractively boxed for easy storage, this uplifting set makes a naturally appealing gift!
Monarch Butterfly Glass Ornament
Why not add this uplifting ornament to your tree? Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, our orange monarch butterfly ornament is intricately detailed on the front and back with patterns of vibrant color. Shimmering with touches of sparkling glitter, this beautiful monarch butterfly ornament measures 2" tall by 4¼" wide.
Bronner #1191890.
Legend Of The Dogwood Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
Blossoming near Easter, dogwood flowers serve as a beautiful reminder of the loving and selfless sacrifice Christ made long ago, both in each "nail stained" petal and as its blooms gently take the form of the cross. Carefully crafted of glass in the USA exclusively for Bronner's, this 3¼" tall ornament features the tranquil artwork of a dogwood cross by staff artist Connie V. Larsen on a smooth white surface and the heart-felt legend printed in crimson on the reverse side. This legend of the dogwood ornament will make a great gift at Christmas, Easter, or any time of the year for your Pastor or loved ones!
Please select the inset image for an alternate view revealing the special legend.
Lily Of The Valley With Legend Ivory Glass Ornament
A perennial favorite, lilies of the valley symbolize sweetness and purity. Legend claims that when Mary cried at the crucifixion of Jesus, her tears fell softly to the ground and turned into these delicate, bell-shaped flowers, sometimes called "Mary's tears". Our exclusive 3¼" tall lily of the valley ornament is artfully crafted of glass and hand-painted with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents. The legend of the lily of the valley is printed on the reverse side of this attractive ornament. Made in the USA.
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Greenhouse Glass Ornament
Your gardener is sure to grow more fond of this lovely hothouse with each passing season! Hand-painted with colorful glazes and shimmering glitter accents, our charming greenhouse ornament is adorned on all four sides with misty windowpanes and lush potted plants. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this 3¾" tall x 3" wide keepsake is no garden variety decoration!
Personalized Baseball Bat Glass Ornament
Get into the swing of the holidays with this fun keepsake! Artfully crafted of glass, our baseball bat ornament has a grip accented with a spiraling stripe of shimmering glitter. Perfect for your baseball or softball enthusiast, our Bronner's exclusive 5" tall bat ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord and can be personalized by one of our talented Bronner's artists with a black or white paint pen at no additional charge.
Please select the alternate image for a view of this ornament without personalization.
Penned in black:
Natural "Wooden" Bat #1135568
Silver "Titanium" Bat #1181895
Penned in white:
Pink Bat #1181892

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