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Angel Knitting Snowflakes Figure
Sure to soar to the top of your Christmas wish list, this beautiful angel figure is artfully crafted of resin with delicate accents. Depicting an angel in a flowing green robe carefully knitting snowflakes, this 8" tall figure comes complete with a decorative medallion that reads Season of Magic and has a flurry of charm you'll love for seasons to come!
Large Kneeling Santa with Lamb Figure
Brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence, Santa gazes at the Christ child and whispers a silent prayer. Beautifully blending the religious and secular aspects of Christmas, this figure is an impressive resin masterpiece. At 12½" tall (12¾" wide), this kneeling Santa figure will certainly make an impression on your Holiday guests!
Kneeling Santa Musical Figure
Dropping to his knees in a moment of true reverence, Santa removes his cap and whispers a silent prayer over the baby Jesus. When wound, this 6¼" resin figure plays the familiar melody of O Come All Ye Faithful.
This heartwarming figure makes a wonderful addition to your Christmas celebrations!
Kneeling Santa With Tree
Brought to his knees in true reverence, Santa cradles the infant Jesus tenderly in his arms under the shelter of an evergreen tree. Skillfully crafted of resin in a myriad of vibrant colors, our 6¼" tall kneeling Santa with tree figure is an inspiring masterpiece that blends the legend of St. Nicholas with the true meaning of CHRISTmas!
Kneeling Santa In Stable Figure
Dropping to his knees in a moment of true reverence, Santa kneels with hat in hand as he pays tribute to the Christ child. Skillfully crafted of resin in a myriad of vibrant colors, our 6¾" tall kneeling Santa in stable figure is sure to make a awe-some addition to your CHRISTmas celebrations.
Nativity With Angel Facade Display
"Hark, the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!" Artfully rendered in stone resin, this gorgeous nativity with angel façade display depicts an angel standing guard while shepherds and magi pay homage to the Christ child. Charmingly hand-painted with a myriad of life-like details, this extraordinary nativity collectible measures 11½" tall x 13" wide and is sure to add an element of reverence to your family celebrations!
Jesus Is The Reason For The Season Nativity Display
Celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas with this vibrant and inspirational nativity. Artfully crafted of resin, this beautiful piece is artfully hand-painted with a myriad of colorful glazes and measures 12" tall. Depicting Mary and Joseph prayerfully watching over the Christ child with the town of Bethlehem in the background, this attractive display features a banner with the sentiment Jesus is the reason for the season.
Nativity Crown Centerpiece
A creative alternative to the classic nativity scene, this attractive display depicts three wise men bearing gifts to the newborn King. Artfully crafted of resin with vibrant hand-painted accents, our nativity crown centerpiece measures 10¼" tall and is certain to enhance your CHRISTmas celebrations for many seasons to come.
Way To Calvary Figure
Portraying the tumultuous hours before the crucifixion, this meaningful table piece is titled "Way to Calvary." Skillfully crafted of resin and hand-painted in remarkable detail, this reverent display depicts Jesus stumbling under the weight of the cross observed by a cruel Roman soldier, Mary and Mary Magdalene. Measuring 8¼" tall, this Lenten piece and is a poignant reminder of Christ's sacrifice for our sins.
Advent Arch With Nativity Figures Candle Holder
Prepare for the upcoming CHRISTmas season with this beautiful candle holder depicting the Holy Family under a graceful arch. Artfully crafted from resin with careful attention to detail, this 6¼" tall centerpiece is a great way to create or continue a family tradition of lighting Advent candles. Each of the 4 shiny gold metal holders in this meaningful advent display can accommodate a candle with an approximate 3/4" wide base.
Holy Family Woodland Figurine
LOVE WAS BORN ON CHRISTMAS MORN is the sentiment inscribed on this beautiful Holy Family figurine. Artfully crafted of resin with hand-painted glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this beautiful 9¼" tall display depicts Mary and Joseph gazing in reverent wonder at the peacefully sleeping Christ child under the glow of a glistening Christmas star. Perfect for a table top or mantel, this special woodland piece makes a great gift for friends and family at Christmas.
Fontanini Musical Holy Family Gothic-Style Glitterdome
This remarkable Fontanini Musical Holy Family Glitterdome® features Mary and Joseph gazing in reverent wonder at the newborn Jesus. Featuring hand-painted polymer figures of the Holy Family, this beautiful 6¾" tall snow globe is accented with a swirling flurry of iridescent glitter dispersed within the water-filled dome at a gentle shake of your hand. A twist of the key at the bottom of the ornately detailed base, reminiscent of a gothic cathedral, plays the beloved Christmas tune "Away in the Manger."
Fontanini # 66164.
Kneeling Santa Waterglobe
Santa kneels before the Christ-child in a humble adoration in this unique design. Crafted of glass with resin figures and a wooden base, this extraordinary 5" tall kneeling Santa waterglobe is filled with glittery white snow that swirls when shaken. The kneeling Santa reminds us that Jesus in truly the reason for the season.
Nativity Silhouette Stocking Holder
With eye-catching accents of iridescent glitter, this beautiful stocking holder shimmers and shines like the CHRISTmas star! Depicting Mary, Joseph, and infant Jesus with accents of vibrant enamel, our nativity stocking holder measures 8" tall and is artfully crafted of metal with a weighted base to provide exceptional stability.
Jewish Holiday Cookie Cutter Set
Cut up some Hanukkah fun with this tasty Jewish holiday cookie cutter set! Our Hanukkah set includes the menorah, dreidle, Star of David, and chai. The metal cookie cutter pieces range from 2¼" to 2¾" tall. Serve up a delicious treat for your loved ones at your next get-together!
Set of 2 Wooden Dreidles
With this set of 2 wooden dreidles, you will be able to play the day away! Each 2¾" tall dreidle features the letters Shin, Nun, Gimel, and Hey in either purple, green, blue, or red foil. This Jewish wooden dreidle set is a great gift for Hanukkah!
Set of 4 Wooden Dreidels
With this set of 4 wooden dreidels, you will be able to play the day away! Each 1½" tall dreidel features the letters Shin, Nun, Gimel, and Hey in blue, orange, brown, and red paint. Rules for playing are included on the package. This set of 4 Jewish wooden dreidels is a great gift for Hanukkah!
9 Inch Silent Night Chapel
This exclusive 9" tall x 6" wide Silent Night Chapel is a porcelain replica of Bronner's Silent Night Memorial Chapel. Illuminated with a 5-watt C7 lamp. Windup movement plays the classic Christmas song "Silent Night." Packaged in a photo-story box.
Bronner #1061062.
3 White Christmas Wafers
The Christmas wafer is a special, authentic Christmas tradition that has been passed on for centuries. Our wafer set has 3 wafers made from FDA approved baked pure wheat flour and water. A detailed, embossed nativity scene on each wafer adds eye-catching appeal! The package is printed in the U.S.A with a history of this beloved tradition known in many cultures. Wafers measure 5¾" by 3½" and are wrapped in a decorative paper.
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Holy Family Figurine With Votive Holder
"Family is the Greatest Blessing" is the sentiment inscribed on the glass votive of this de-light-ful piece. Artfully crafted of stone resin with sparkling acrylic "gemstone" accents, this exquisite display depicts Joseph cradling baby Jesus as Mary grasps the Christ child's tiny hand. Measuring 6" tall, our Holy Family Figurine with votive holder comes complete with a battery operated candle that is sure to casts a radiant glow on your CHRISTmas celebrations for many seasons to come.
Angel Waterglobe Light
Our adorable angelic host would be happy to add her halo of heavenly light to your home décor! Crafted from acrylic, this 8¾" tall angel waterglobe light displays a childlike angel with outstretched arms atop a glittering white base. Her clear gown illuminates with a steady stream of red, green and blue light while swirls of shimmering iridescent glitter consistently dance around when turned on by the power switch on the bottom of the base. (Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.)
Kneeling Santa Holding Baby Jesus Figure
At the name of JESUS every knee shall bow. Philippians 2:10 Crafted of resin with vibrant hand-painted details, this beautiful 7" tall figure depicts Santa kneeling at the manger tenderly holding the Christ child.
Holy Family With Glitter Dome Decorative Accent
JOY to the world, the Lord is come! Crafted of resin, this 6" tall by 9" wide decorative home accent depicts the word JOY decorated with glittering white filigree while a glass dome houses the Holy family beneath a shining silver star within the enlarged letter "O". A gentle shake awakes a glittering snowfall within. This lovely nativity piece is peacefully designed in warm natural hues and is sure to become a cherished part of your CHRISTmas décor for seasons to come!
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