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15.5 Inch Dark/Natural Nutcracker Prince
Hand-crafted of wood in dark and natural tones, this stately "Nutcracker Prince" is sure to rule over your nutcracker kingdom for many years to come! Accented with white faux fur accents, this beautiful Christian Ulbricht design measures 15½" tall and comes complete with lever in back that moves his jaw up and down in true nutcracker fashion.
19 Inch Night Stars Nutcracker
Shimmering with a dazzling array of eye-catching glitter and reflective acrylic gemstones, this spectacular figure is certain to be the star of your nutcracker collection! Artfully crafted of wood and resin with midnight blue feather accents, our Night Stars Nutcracker measures 19" tall and is depicted holding a ceremonial baton adorned with ribbons of silver jingle bells. Featuring a lever on his back that moves his jaw up and down in true nutcracker fashion, this stellar collectible is sure to provide star-studded performances for many years to come!
The nutcracker is a famed article from the German Erzgebirge area. A fairy tale written between 1776 and 1822 by E.T. Amadeus Hoffman entitled The Nutcracker and the King of Mice, and the famous Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Ballet first performed in 1892 have done much to popularize the nutcracker. The origin of the first nucracker is a mixture of legend and history. No one knows when nutcrackers were first made. Fancifully carved nucrackers have been known and collected in Europe since medieval times. As early as the year 1725, they were present in Erzgebirge homoes. The nutcrackers are a reflection of dining customs in the past. Nuts, served as part of the dessert course had guests cracking their own nuts and lingering over wine and sweets. An important source of protein that could be preserved through the winter, nuts were considered an important foodstuff. Wooden nutcrackers may crack nuts, but their real joy today is their colorful presence in the home. It is said that someone has a "tough nut to crack" if one faces a difficult problem. Nutcrackers have unusual faces, and many depict officials or authority figures who work for the people to "crack nuts". Christian Steinbach nutcrackers and Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers are two well-known German nutcracker producers.
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