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Advent Nativity Façade Candle Holder
Prepare for the upcoming CHRISTmas season with this meaningful Advent display. Our nativity façade candle holder is artfully crafted of resin and depicts the magi and shepherds paying tribute to the newborn kings as a heralding angel hovers joyfully above. This serene 5" tall x 7¾" long x 1¼" wide display features four metal candle holders designed to accommodate a candle with an approximate ¾" wide base. Just add candles for a de-light-ful display your family will enjoy for many seasons to come!
Bethlehem Scenes Advent Candleholder
De-light friends and family with the rustic charm of our Bethlehem Scenes Advent Candleholder! Artfully crafted of resin with shimmering silver and green glazes, this attractive candleholder features four different nativity depictions with a charming carved wood appearance. This meaningful display measures 3" tall x 9½" round and comes complete with 1 pink and 3 purple taper candles and a pamphlet of Advent devotions.
Purple And Pink 10 Inch x 0.5 Inch Advent Taper Candles
This set of 4 includes three purple and one pink 10" tall taper candles. Candle base diameter is approximately ½" wide.
Set of 4 Battery Operated Advent Tealight Candles
Illuminate your holiday celebrations with this set of 4 battery operated tealight candles! Including one for each week of Advent, this set consists of 1 pink and 3 purple candles. Each tealight candle comes with one CR2450 lithium battery and will last approximately 72 hours. With an easy on/off switch located on the bottom to maximize battery life, this flickering tealight candle set is a safe and realistic alternative to the real thing. Staying cool to the touch and safe for all ages, this advent tealight candles battery operated set of 4 is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home décor for the Advent!
Advent Votive Candles Set Of 4
Now you can keep the tradition of Advent going with this set of replacement votive candles! Including a candle for each week of Advent, this set consists of 3 purple and 1 pink. Measuring 2¼" tall each, these candles feature an approximate base diameter of 1½".
Cambridge Jr. Window Candle
The window candle has been used for centuries as a symbol of welcome in homes across the globe. This innovative plastic window candle in a gold base blends the timeless charm and illumination of candle light with the convenience of electricity. Simply plug in to any outlet for 3000 hours of illumination. The locking non-tip base design holds the 11" candle securely in any window. A cool, 7 watt bulb is included to add a safe and welcoming glow to your indoor home décor. This charming candle allows a sensor to do the work for you!
10 Inch Purple Advent Candles Set of Five
Keep the tradition of Advent going with this purple Advent taper candle set! Including a candle for each week of Advent, this set consists of 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white taper. Measuring 10" tall each, these candles feature an approximate base diameter of ¾".
Before electric Christmas lights were invented, candles adorned the Christmas tree and home décor, sparkling like starlight within the darkened homes. In modern times, candles are still used during the Christmas season as beautiful decorative items. Ranging from ornaments to window lights, each unique candle will add a festive flame of holiday beauty to your Christmas décor.
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