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Indented Flowers Glass Ornament
It's clear to see what makes this unique decoration so special! With its cascading pattern of indented flowers which appear to bloom from its center, our 3½" glass ornament is hand-painted in vivid hues of pink and green. Masterfully crafted in Romania with accents of iridescent glitter, this exquisite design is sure to blossom happily for many years to come!
Husky Dog Glass Ornament
Need a dog-gone cute gift for your husky lover this Christmas? Artfully crafted of glass in Germany, our fetching husky dog ornament shimmers with a myriad of vibrant silver glazes sparkling glitter accents and measures 3¾" tall.
Reindeer Dust Glass Bottle Ornament
Ever hear of reindeer dust? We've decided to share this closely guarded secret to enhance the magic of the holiday! Just sprinkle the contents of this bottle on your lawn, and when the moonlight lights up the "reindeer dust" it will lead Santa's reindeer safely to your home! Coming ready to hang with a festive red ribbon, our 4" glass bottle ornament is filled with sparkling silver glitter and comes complete with an attractive label printed with an image of Santa's sleigh and a short paragraph detailing the legend of reindeer dust. The kids will love it! Refillable bottle is capped with a cork.
Blown Glass Sea Turtle Ornament
From its whimsical design to its vibrant hand-painted accents, this unique blown glass sea turtle ornament is cause for shell-ebration! Skillfully crafted in Poland, this 2" tall keepsake shimmers with iridescent glazes and is sure to make your seas-ons bright!
Spinning Tinsel Spider Glass Ornament
Our spinning tinsel spider ornament just might fill your holidays with good fortune! An old European Christmas legend tells of a poor woman unable to afford decorations for her tree. A spider made his home in her tree and when the first rays of sunlight appeared on Christmas morning his beautiful webs were turned into silver treasure. This charming 2¾" tall ornament shimmers with opalescent glazes and accents of iridescent glitter and is masterfully crafted in Germany.
Purple Grape Bunch Glass Ornament
Always ripe for the picking, our purple grape bunch glass ornament shimmers with vivid glazes and eye-catching gold glitter accents. Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this 2½" tall keepsake is a fruit-ful choice for your wine or food-themed tree!
Green Dragonfly Glass Ornament
It's a special treat to see a dragonfly swooping gracefully through the summer breeze or even in your tree! Capture the feeling with our whimsical green dragonfly glass ornament. Exquisitely hand-crafted in Poland, this ¾" tall x 3¼" wide dragonfly has a delightfully striped tail and a pair of dazzling glitter-accented wings crafted of semi-transparent plastic.
Symbol of the Dragonfly card included.
Doves On Heart Glass Ornament
Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland with a gorgeous two-sided design, this unique heart-shaped ornament depicts two "birds of peace" fluttering over a single golden bell. Shimmering with opalescent glazes and accents of shimmering glitter, our 4" tall doves on heart glass ornament will make a special Christmas or wedding gift!
Symbol of the Dove card included.
Blown Glass Pink Flamingo Ornament
Add a tropical flair to your holidays with this beautiful blown glass pink flamingo ornament! Masterfully crafted in Poland with vibrant hand-painted accents, our whimsical 6" tall design shimmers with splashes of iridescent glitter and is sure to be just what you've been wading for!
Blown Glass Shark Ornament
Don't get your fingers to close to this shark's sharp teeth! Skillfully crafted in Poland, our blown glass shark ornament is accented with shimmering iridescent glitter in various hues of blue, this 3¼" tall by 7" keepsake is sure to make a splash with the aquatic animal lover on your Christmas list!
May Your Holiday Dreams Come True Charming Tails Ornament
"May Your Holiday Dreams Come True" with this festive Charming Tails® ornament! Our darling little mouse is sound asleep in a walnut shell with visions of sugarplums dancing in his head. Artfully crafted of resin, our colorful 2¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to add a festive flair to your tree! #4046956
Having Fun And Just Let It Slide Charming Tails Ornament
Turning a half walnut shell into a sled, this darling little mouse is "Having Fun And Just Letting It Slide!" Artfully crafted of resin, this whimsical 1¾" tall Charming Tails® ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to slide seamlessly into your collection! #4046957
There's No Such Thing As Too Many Ornaments Charming Tails Ornament
Hang the yellow one next... no, wait, the purple! This darling little mouse is determined to decorate the tree with ALL of his favorite ornaments! Colorfully crafted of resin, this 2" tall Charming Tail® collectible embodies the philosophy "There's No Such Thing As Too Many Ornaments." #4046961
Reach For The Highest Bough Charming Tails Ornament
Scrambling to the top of a bright red ladder with an ornament in hand and another dangling from his tail, this darling little mouse is determined to "Reach For The Highest Bough!" Colorfully crafted of resin, our whimsical Charming Tails® collectible has a hanging height of 2½" and comes ready to display on a gold cord. #4046960
Ready to Juggle A Whole New Year 2015 Dated Charming Tails Ornament
"Ready to Juggle A Whole New Year" is the amusing title of this Charming Tales® keepsake! Depicting a talented little mouse dressed in a Santa hat juggling balls labeled 2-0-1-5, this colorful resin ornament measures 2½" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. #4046962
Having Snow Much Fun Charming Tails Ornament
Emerging from the center of a sparkling white snowflake, this darling little mouse and his ladybug friend are having "Snow Much Fun" together! Artfully crafted of resin, this whimsical 2" tall Charming Tails® ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to create a flurry of excitement for many winters to come! #4046955
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