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Snow Man Freeblown Glass Ornament
This snowman was "built" with whimsical charm from his round snowball body to the tip of his tall white flocked hat! Skillfully rendered in the Czech Republic, our 5" tall freeblown glass snowman ornament is imaginatively accented with iridescent glitter, a red and white yarn scarf and a trio of black bead buttons for long lasting appeal that will never melt away!
Symbol of the Mushroom card included.
Mushroom In Dome Glass Ornament
Hunt no further for your nature lover's gift! Filled with imaginative charm, our transparent glass keepsake features a circular opening occupied by an enchanting red toadstool. Expertly hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our 2½" tall mushroom in dome glass ornament is accented with a ring of dazzling white glitter and is sure to inspire friends and family to question…….. "is there a fungus among us?"
Jellyfish Glass Ornament With Tinsel Accents
We've explored the depths of the ocean to bring you this dazzling beauty! Expertly hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our whimsical jellyfish ornament features a 2" glass orb with trailing tinsel tentacles and measures approximately 5" tall. Shimmering with iridescent glitter accents, this sea-sonal keepsake is sure to enchant family and friends for many seasons to come!
Pope Francis World Meeting Of Families 2015 Glass Ornament
Commemorate Pope Francis' 2015 visit to Philadelphia with this unique collectible! Featuring the smiling image of the Pope framed within a colorful flower border, our exquisite glass ornament is adorned on the reverse side with his unique coat of arms along with the sentiment POPE FRANCIS and WORLD MEETING OF FAMILIES 2015. Masterfully crafted in Poland with vibrant glazes and glistening glitter accents, this 4" tall keepsake is sure to be treasured for many years to come.
Red Glass Ornament With Gem Stones And Stripes
Add a touch of elegance to your tree with our beautiful red glass ornament with gem stones and stripes! Skillfully crafted in the Czech Republic, this 3" tall ornament features dazzling rays of glittering gold lines punctuated with rows of square cut "diamonds" for a look that's truly luxurious!
3 Inch Glass Ornament With Merry Christmas Design
Merry Christmas is whimsically repeated on this dazzling orb in hand-lettered hues of spruce green. Skillfully crafted in Slovakia, our 3" tall glass ornament with Merry Christmas design has a stunning semi-transparent appearance completely covered with iridescent glitter and is sure to add a certain sparkle to your holiday celebrations!
Blue, Yellow And Pink Glass Seahorse Ornament
We've scoured the Seven Seas to find this rare beauty! Individually mouth-blown in Poland, our 5" tall blue, yellow and pink glass seahorse ornament shimmers in a rainbow of vibrant hues. Shimmering with iridescent glitter, this whimsical fish is sure to become a sea-sonal favorite!
(Tradition of the Sea Horse card included.)
4 Inch Clear Glass Ornament With Flower Design
It's clear to see that this elegant floral ornament is striking at every angle! Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our 4" clear glass ornament with flower design features a pattern of sparkling white blossoms whimsically adorned with dazzling iridescent accents. It's simply blooming with opulent charm!
Glass Ornament With Swirl And Snowflake Design
Snowflakes band together on currents of frosted ribbons to create this wintry masterpiece! Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our sparkling 3" clear glass ornament with snowflake design is brilliantly accented with prismatic white glitter to create flurries of excitement for many seasons to come!
Purple Egg With Swirls Glass Ornament
Graceful scrolls pattern this elegant egg with glittering accents of dazzling gold. Adorned with a glistening matte surface in a stunning hue of egg-plant purple, our 3¾" tall egg ornament is artfully hand-crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and is sure to be an egg-straordinary addition to your ornament collection!
Green Glass Egg Ornament
Graceful scallops pattern this elegant egg with glittering accents of gold and turquoise. Adorned with a glistening matte surface in a stunning hue of spruce green, our 3¾" tall glass egg ornament and is artfully hand-crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and is sure to be an egg-cellent addition to your ornament collection!
Sewing Angel Jim Shore Ornament
Celebrate the God given talents that make your quilter or seamstress sew unique with this heavenly design! Depicting a graceful winged angel comfortably seated in a chair stitching a colorful quilt, this whimsical keepsake is masterfully crafted of stone resin and measures 3¾" tall. Coming ready to and hang with a twine cord, our sewing angel ornament is part of Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek Collection®: and is sure to inspire her creative genius for many seasons to come!
Enesco #4047805
Nurse Angel Jim Shore Ornament
Celebrate the God given talents of extraordinary nurses with this beautiful Jim Shore design! Masterfully crafted of stone resin, our charming 4¾" tall nurse angel ornament is depicted with praying hands wearing a calming blue and cream dress infused with lovely quilt-like patterns. With a wire halo above her nurse's cap and a pair of graceful wings, this gorgeous Heartwood Creek® collectible comes ready to hang with a twine cord and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement!
Enesco #4047797
Santa With Cat Jim Shore Ornament
Purrrrr-fectly adorable, our Santa with Cat ornament demonstrates Jim Shore's remarkable talent for combing vibrant colors with charming quilt-like patterns. Masterfully crafted of stone resin with a "carved wood" appearance, our 4¾" tall Santa with cat ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is part of the artist's Heartwood Creek Collection®.
Enesco #4047785
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    Mistletoe (2)
    Mushroom (5)
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