Traditionally, ornaments placed on the Christmas tree usually consisted of plain, round, glass balls or icicles. Many different styles of ornaments are available, making the tree decorating much more personal. Personalized ornaments make a terrific keepsake and gifts personalized will be treasured over the years. Whether you choose to give an ornament that represents something a loved one really enjoys, or an ornament with their name on it, personalized ornaments are a terrific way to show you care. Everyone has a hobby or favorite sport that we are sure to have an ornament for, or celebrate occasions with ornaments for newlyweds, baby's and new parents, or wedding anniversaries.

A personalized Christmas ornament is available in almost every shape imaginable. These can also be hand painted with the recipient's name and the year given so that they have a wonderful keepsake to cherish. The perfect gift of Christmas personalized ornaments, something straight from the heart, will be remembered for many Christmases to come. Many people don't know the actual origin of the Christmas stocking, but there are several legends associated with it. Probably the most popular of all is the legend that St. Nicholas would drop gold down the chimney, which would then land in a stocking and serve as her dowry. Christmas stockings are still used today as a wonderful way to tuck away small gifts. In most families, everyone has their very own stocking, which makes personalized stockings easily identifiable with a special touch. A great way to get a Christmas stocking personalized is to have it embroidered with the person's name. Having a name embroidered on the stocking makes a terrific Christmas gift. Or you can make your own personal stockings. Use glitter glue, fabric paint, or yarn, to add names on purchased stockings. Felt is another option, and can be cut into letters and glued on. This project makes a wonderful family get together where everyone can create to make their stockings special. The truly adventurous can make a stocking from scratch using a variety of materials, completely personalized with the perfect motif.

Whether hand-painted, penned or embroidered, Bronner's works carefully to create the perfect Gift With Personal-ity™ for you! Learn about our personalization process.