7½" Fontanini Nativity

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Standing Camel 7.5 Inch Collection
The camel traveled in his first caravan on the night of the Savior's birth. Upon arriving at an oasis, the travelers saw that the well had no water, but in the morning the well was filled to the brim. Hand-painted polymer, 7" tall.
1984 Introduction
No. 52744
Stable with Shake Roof
This beautiful wooden stable is made in the Frankenmuth area and would perfectly house all your nativity figurines! 22" long by 9" wide and 13½" tall.
Jareth the Drummer 7.5 Inch Collection
Jareth's gift to the Christ Child was his drum playing. His father also shared this musical talent. Jareth stands 7½" tall. Hand-painted polymer.
1989 Introduction
No. 65169
Kings On Camels 3 Piece Set For 7.5 Inch Collection
Kings on camels
7½" Fontanini® Nativity Village Collection
Hand-painted polymer
3 piece set
Each piece is 10" tall
Fontanini #51814.
Gaspar Wiseman 7.5 Inch Collection
Gaspar was the youngest of the three kings. He was 109 years old when he journeyed to Bethlehem. He brought frankincense to the Christ Child. Hand-painted polymer, 6" tall. 1995 Introduction No. 72815
Balthazar Wiseman 7.5 Inch Collection
Prince of Africa and King of Saba, Balthazar brought myrrh to the Christ Child. He died at the age of 112 on the Feast of the Epiphany, just days after seeing the Christ Child. Hand-painted polymer, 4½" tall. 1995 Introduction Roman #72816
Joseph 7.5 Inch Collection
Joseph took his wife to Bethlehem for the census although she was near the time for delivering a child. Hand-painted polymer, 7" tall. 1994 Introduction. No. 72811
Angel 7.5 Inch Collection
This angel accompanied Archangel Gabriel on his first visit to Mary and was assigned to watch over Mary all the days of her life. 7½" tall. Hand-painted polymer. 1996 Introduction No. 72819
Jesus 7.5 Inch Collection
Jesus was born in a stable where the animals kept him warm for days following his birth. Shepherds and wise men came to worship him. Jesus is 2¼" tall. Hand-painted polymer. 1994 Introduction No. 72813
Gabriel 7.5 Inch Collection
Gabriel 7.5 Inch Collection
7½" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
7" tall
Fontanini #72851
Melchior Wiseman 7.5 Inch Collection
King of Arabia and India, Melchior was the eldest of the three kings. He was given the honor of being in front of the others at the Infant's crib. He gave gold, silk, and precious stones to the Christ Child. Hand-painted polymer, 6½" tall. 1995 Introduction No. 72814
Mary 7.5 Inch Collection
Mary became engaged to Joseph at the age of 14. The Angel Gabriel appeared to her during their engagement telling her that she was going to have the Son of God. Joseph led her to Bethlehem on a donkey for the census where Jesus was born in a stable. Hand-painted polymer, 5¾" tall. 1994 Introduction No. 72812
Olive Tree 5 Inch And 7.5 Inch Collection
Olive Tree 5" & 7½" Collection
5" & 7½" Fontanini® Village Collection
Crafted from resin and plastic
14½" tall
Fontanini #55518
Ox 7.5 Inch Collection
The ox was a weak animal from the start, but it kept the Baby Jesus warm on that holy night. Hand-painted polymer, 4" tall. 1979 Introduction No. 52834
Donkey 7.5 Inch Collection
The donkey wasn't understood by the other animals in the stable until the night of the blessed birth. Hand-painted polymer, 4" tall. 1979 Introduction No. 52833
Holy Family 7.5 Inch Collection
Your holiday décor will not be complete without this charming holy family set! This exquisitely detailed set of 3 consists of Joseph (7" tall), Mary (5¾" tall), and baby Jesus (2¼" tall).
7½" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Made of hand-painted polymer.
Fontanini #71811.
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