5" Fontanini Nativity

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Shepherd Jeremiah 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
5" Heirloom Nativity Collection
1994 Introduction
Hand-painted polymer
3½" tall
Fontanini #52587
Bronner #1012562.
Elephant with Saddle Blanket 5 Inch Collection
A wild elephant resisted all attempts at taming, until the gentle King Gaspar asked the giant creature to travel with him to see the Messiah. This elephant is a part of the Fontanini Heirloom 5" Collection. Hand-painted polymer.
1993 Introduction
Item #72525
White Horse with Blanket 5 Inch Collection
A dirty and limping horse was rescued by King Melchior. A thorough grooming restored the horse's beauty, and the star touched and healed the animal's lame flank. Hand-painted polymer.
1993 Introduction
5" Fontanini scale
No. 72524
Barnyard Birds 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
Barnyard Birds, Set of 12
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
Ranges in height from 1¼" to 1½"
Fontanini #51517
Marcus the Soldier 5 Inch Fontanini
Marcus, the Soldier. 5" Heirloom Nativity Collection. Fontanini. 1998 Introduction, No. 75509.
Andrew The Potter 5 Inch Collection
Andrew, The Potter 5" Collection
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Crafted from hand-painted polymer.
3½" tall
Fontanini #75504.
White Sheep Set 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
Sheep provided clothing, food, even milk. Shepherds' tales passed down through time describe the tender and affectionate nature of these loving animals.
Hand-painted polymer.
Set of 5.
1998 Introduction
All five sheep are about 1½" tall.
Fontanini #72539
Bronner #1011158.
Set Of Three Wisemen 5 Inch Collection
Three kings, Gaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior, traveled from distant lands to worship the Child and bring him gifts.
Crafted of hand-painted polymer by Fontanini.
The two standing wise men figures each measure 5" tall whereas kneeling wiseman measures 3½" tall.
Roman #71187
Bronner #1132409.
Abraham with Dog 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
Abraham was the Gatekeeper to the Fish Gate, one of Jerusalem's busiest gates. Abraham would count the caught fish brought into the city's market.
Hand-painted polymer.
1987 Introduction
Roman #52599
Seated Camel 5 Inch Collection
Seated Camel 5" Collection
5" Fontanini® Centennial Collection
Crafted from hand-painted polymer
3¼" tall
Fontanini #72684.
Bronner #1140820.
Rachel 5 Inch Collection
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
4¾" tall
Fontanini #52547
Shepherd Choir 5 Inch Collection
Three young brothers were separated after the death of their mother. Years later, they found each other while staying at the Bethlehem inn and singing a marvelous harmony together. Hand-painted polymer, 5". 1990 Introduction No. 65182
David 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
David 5 Inch Collection
5" Fontanini® Village Collection
Crafted from hand-painted polymer
4¾" tall
Fontanini #52594
Standing Ox 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
The ox was a weak animal from the start, but it kept the Baby Jesus warm on that holy night.
Standing Ox
Fontanini Heirloom 5" Collection
Hand-painted polymer.
1966 Introduction
Fontanini #52430.
3" tall.
Standing Donkey 5 Inch Collection
5" Heirloom Nativity Collection
The donkey wasn't understood by the other animals in the stable until the night of the blessed birth. Hand-painted polymer.
1966 Introduction
Roman #52443
Bethlehem Birds 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
The Bethlehem Birds sang a sweet serenade to Baby Jesus at the request of an angel. They stand about 1½" tall. Hand-painted polymer. 1989 Introduction No. 51516
World-famous Fontanini figurines originated in Tuscany, Italy. Collectors all over the globe treasure Fontanini nativities and Fontanini nativity figurine sets. The Fontanini figures go through a rigorous process, making them valuable, unique, and extremely high in quality. Members of the Fontanini family usually come together with a design team, which includes a master sculptor, to come up with new ideas for the Fontanini figurines, a collectible Italian nativity. In the process of making Fontanini nativities, first the Fontanini figures are hand sculpted. These are usually created from an original drawing by someone on the Fontanini team. Then, the clay sculpture is remade out of beeswax from the approved, final design. The sculpture is then made into a mold using rubber or metal, which will be used repeatedly for mass production. The final mold is used for the nativities until the team decides it should be retired, making Fontanini Italian nativities a rare and collectible item distributed by Roman Inc. In the final process of Fontanini nativities, each piece is hand painted to ensure character and quality. The first step in painting the figures is the clothing. Usually, the painting team forms a sort of assembly line, where each member paints a different part of the clothing. Another special team, who ensure the most accurate and detailed of expressions, paints the facial features. When the figure has been painted and dried completely, a patina finish is added. Then the story card team develops a story for each figure. Fontanini nativities have become a popular choice for Christmas nativity sets, and are highly valued and treasured by all who receive them. Creche collectors appreciate the ease of adding to the set each year, and since the figurines are made of polymer, they are good for households with youngsters or pets as they resist breaking. The Fontanini family have passed the traditions down from one generation to the next, for 100 years.
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