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Star Wars Chewbacca 10 Light Set
Awaken your love for all things Star Wars™ with this fun Chewbacca 10 light set! And "may the Force be with you" this Christmas! Features includes:
11' 6" total straight line green cord length (9' lighted length)
30" lead cord length
10 plastic light covers measuring 5" x 2"
12" spacing between lights
Extras include 4 spare lights and 1 spare fuse
UL listed
Yoda In Santa Robe Star Wars Nutcracker
"Love it, you will!" Join forces with Yoda™ as he wishes his Jedi friend a "Christmas Merry!" Holding a festively wrapped gift with a tag addressed to Luke, our little green Jedi Master wears a Santa hat and robe fashioned from fabric and faux fur. Artfully crafted of wood and resin, this unique 9" tall nutcracker makes a great gift for your Star Wars™ fan! Disney©.
Star Wars Kylo Ren Helmet Glass Ornament
Stand with the First Order and bring out your Christmas tree's inner dark side with this cool Kylo Ren Helmet. Crafted of blown-glass, this menacing black mask measures 2½" tall and is a must-have for Star Wars™ fans! ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Star Wars Captain Phasma Glass Ornament
Bring order to the galaxy—and your Christmas tree—with this striking Star Wars© ornament. Shaped like Captain Phasma's iconic chrome-clad helmet, our 2¾" tall blown-glass ornament comes ready to hang with a white ribbon and will make a striking gift of the First Order! ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Darth Vader Star Wars Glass Ornament
Give in to the "dark side" with this cool Darth Vader™ ornament artfully crafted of glass and resin. Featuring the Dark Lord of the Sith™ in a menacing pose, this 5" tall Star Wars© Darth Vader™ ornament glistens with stunning glazes and comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. The Force™ is strong with this one! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing
Bronner #1199828.
BB-8 Droid Star Wars Glass Ornament
Loyal and courageous, BB-8 Droid™ is ready to roll into your holiday festivities! Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, our Star Wars© BB-8 Droid™ ornament shimmers with vivid white, gray, orange, and black glazes and is crafted of glass and resin. Featuring Poe Dameron's one-of-a-kind astromech droid, this 3½" tall BB-8™ ornament is a must have for your Star Wars© fan! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing
Bronner #1199829.
Star Wars Logo Glass Ornament
Celebrate the love of all things "Star Wars©" with this cool double-sided glass ornament! Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, our Star Wars© logo ornament is 2" tall x 4" wide. With the iconic black and white logo set against a silver background, this charming keepsake features images of the Rebel Alliance™ on one side and the Imperials™ on the other.
Please select the inset image for an additional view.
©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199818.
Star Wars Stormtrooper Resin Ornament
"Star Wars©" fans of all ages will love displaying this cool Imperial Stormtrooper™ ornament in a place of honor on the tree! Representing the Galactic Empire in tones of blazing white and black, this 3¼" tall Star Wars© Stormtrooper™ resin figure comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. May the Force be with you! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Star Wars Kylo Ren Resin Ornament
Is there a "dark side" of your tree where you can display this awesome Star Wars© ornament? With his menacing cross-hilt lightsaber at the ready, Kylo Ren™ stands ominously in his flowing black robe and mask as he compels you to declare your allegiance to the First Order. Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, this cool 3¼" tall Star Wars© Kylo Ren™ ornament is artfully crafted of resin. ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Star Wars R2-D2 Resin Ornament
From a galaxy far, far away, the iconic astromech droid R2-D2™ is here to bring intergalactic fun to the holiday season! Artfully detailed in resin and measuring 2¾" tall, our endearing white and blue robot comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. This R2-D2™ ornament is sure to delight the Star Wars© fans of all ages. ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199863.
Star Wars Sculpted Chewbacca Mug
Drink it up, fuzzball. This 5” Star Wars ® sculpted Chewbacca coffee cup holds approximately 14 oz. Hand-wash only. Disney©
Chewbacca Star Wars Figure Ornament
Loyal and brave, the mighty Wookiee™ warrior Chewbacca™ is sure to add a sense of adventure to your holidays! Perfect for fans of the Star Wars© saga and Han Solo's™ loyal co-pilot, this 3½" tall Chewbacca™ Star Wars© resin ornament comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. ©TM Lucasfilm Ltd., ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Bronner #1207831.
Yoda Star Wars Figure Ornament
Feel the power of the Force when you hang this ornament on your Christmas tree! Then, only then, a Jedi™ will you be. Featuring wise Yoda™ the Jedi Master™, our sculpted ornament is the perfect way to add Star Wars© style to your holiday décor for years to come. Crafted of resin, this 2¾" tall Yoda™ Star Wars© figure ornament comes ready to hang with a white cord. ©TM Lucasfilm Ltd., ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Bronner #1206184.
Han Solo Star Wars Figure Ornament
If "there aren't enough scoundrels in your life," we can help with that! Show your affinity for the most lovable scoundrel in the galaxy with this 3¼" tall Han Solo™ Star Wars© resin figure ornament. Depicting the iconic Millennium Falcon pilot and Rebel ally and coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, this unique Han Solo™ ornament will make a great addition to any Star Wars© collection. ©TM Lucasfilm Ltd., ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Darth Vader With Light Saber Resin Ornament
It will be a Christmas long remembered when you add this Darth Vader™ ornament to your holiday décor. With his lightsaber at the ready in a dynamic pose, the Sith Lord demands a place of honor on your Christmas tree...perhaps on the dark side! Crafted of resin, 3½ ornament comes ready to hang on a white ribbon. ©™Lucas Film Ltd, ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Star Wars C3PO Helmet Glass Ornament
The odds of a happy holiday are much higher when you spend Christmas with C-3PO! Crafted of blown-glass, this striking 3" ornament depicts the head of the iconic droid in his shiny gold helmet and comes ready to hang on a white ribbon. A great gift for fans of the Star Wars™ saga and the protocol droid C-3PO! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
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