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Darth Vader Nutcracker
Reg. $64.99 Sale $49.98
The force is strong with this one! Depicting Darth Vader™ holding the "Death Star" along with his red light saber, this unique 11½" tall nutcracker is crafted of resin with fabric accents and makes a great gift for the Star Wars™ fan on your Christmas list!
Star Wars Chewbacca 10 Light Set
Awaken your love for all things Star Wars™ with this fun Chewbacca 10 light set! And "may the Force be with you" this Christmas! Features includes:
11' 6" total straight line green cord length (9' lighted length)
30" lead cord length
10 plastic light covers measuring 5" x 2"
12" spacing between lights
Extras include 4 spare lights and 1 spare fuse
UL listed
18 Inch Star Wars Battery Operated Lighted Stocking
Reg. $26.99 Sale $19.98
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…….Join Luke Skywalker and his iconic band of Rebels as they battle their way across the galaxy! Featuring a mesmerizing light display that flickers from each lightsaber to Luke's pistol to the Death Star overhead, this battery operated Star Wars™ stocking is crafted of plush felt and measures 18" diagonally from hanging loop to toe. Your Star Wars™ fan is sure to return to this Jedi stocking year after year! Includes 3 AAA batteries.
Yoda In Santa Robe Star Wars Nutcracker
"Love it, you will!" Join forces with Yoda™ as he wishes his Jedi friend a "Christmas Merry!" Holding a festively wrapped gift with a tag addressed to Luke, our little green Jedi Master wears a Santa hat and robe fashioned from fabric and faux fur. Artfully crafted of wood and resin, this unique 9" tall nutcracker makes a great gift for your Star Wars™ fan! Disney©.
Star Wars Kylo Ren Helmet Glass Ornament
Stand with the First Order and bring out your Christmas tree's inner dark side with this cool Kylo Ren Helmet. Crafted of blown-glass, this menacing black mask measures 2½" tall and is a must-have for Star Wars™ fans! ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Storm Trooper Helmet Glass Ornament
Guard your Christmas tree from Rebel or Jedi infiltration with this cool blown-glass Stormtrooper helmet. Star Wars™ fans will love displaying this striking piece that boasts the classic Stormtrooper design from the original trilogy movies. 2¾" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Chewbacca Star Wars Figure Ornament
Loyal and brave, the mighty Wookiee Chewbacca is sure to add a sense of adventure to your holidays. Artfully crafted of resin, this fun Star Wars™ ornament measures 3¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Star Wars Captain Phasma Glass Ornament
Bring order to the galaxy—and your Christmas tree—with this striking Star Wars© ornament. Shaped like Captain Phasma's iconic chrome-clad helmet, our 2¾" tall blown-glass ornament comes ready to hang with a white ribbon and will make a striking gift of the First Order! ©Hallmark Licensing, LLC
Darth Vader Star Wars Glass Ornament
Give in to the "dark side" with this cool Darth Vader™ ornament artfully crafted of glass and resin. Featuring the Dark Lord of the Sith™ in a menacing pose, this 5" tall Star Wars© Darth Vader™ ornament glistens with stunning glazes and comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. The Force™ is strong with this one! Star Wars© ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing
Bronner #1199828.
BB-8 Droid Star Wars Glass Ornament
Loyal and courageous, BB-8™ is ready to roll into your holiday festivities! Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, our Star Wars© BB-8 Droid&tradep ornament shimmers with vivid white, gray, orange, and black glazes and is crafted of glass and resin. Featuring Poe Dameron's one-of-a-kind astromech droid, this 3½" tall ornament is a must have for your Star Wars© fan! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing
Bronner #1199829.
Star Wars Logo Glass Ornament
Celebrate the love of all things "Star Wars™" with this cool double-sided glass ornament! Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, our Star Wars™ logo ornament is 2" tall x 4" wide. With the iconic black and white logo set against a silver background, this charming keepsake features images of the Rebel Alliance on one side and the Imperials on the other.
Please select the inset image for an additional view.
©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199818.
Star Wars Stormtrooper Resin Ornament
"Star Wars©" fans of all ages will love displaying this cool Imperial Stormtrooper™ ornament in a place of honor on the tree! Representing the Galactic Empire in tones of blazing white and black, this 3¼" tall Star Wars© Stormtrooper™ resin figure comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. May the Force be with you! ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199864.
Star Wars Kylo Ren Resin Ornament
Is there a "dark side" of your tree where you can display this awesome Star Wars© ornament? With his menacing cross-hilt lightsaber at the ready, Kylo Ren™ stands ominously in his flowing black robe and mask as he compels you to declare your allegiance to the First Order. Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, this cool 3¼" tall Star Wars© Kylo Ren™ ornament is artfully crafted of resin. ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199865.
Star Wars R2-D2 Resin Ornament
From a galaxy far, far away, the iconic astromech droid R2-D2™ is here to bring intergalactic fun to the holiday season! Artfully detailed in resin and measuring 2¾" tall, our endearing white and blue robot comes ready to hang with a white ribbon. This R2D2™ ornament is sure to delight the "Star Wars©" fans of all ages. ©LFL, ©Hallmark Licensing LLC
Bronner #1199863.
Star Wars Sculpted Chewbacca Mug
Drink it up, fuzzball. This 5” Star Wars ® sculpted Chewbacca coffee cup holds approximately 14 oz. Hand-wash only. Disney©
Star Wars Stormtrooper Nutcracker Holding Ornament
Reg. $49.99 Sale $39.98
Depicting a Stormtrooper holding an ornament with the imperial crest, this unique 9¾" tall nutcracker is crafted of wood and resin and makes a great gift for any Star Wars™ fan! He may not have found the droids he was looking for, but he did find the perfect ornament! Disney©
Star Wars BB-8 Sculpted Mug
Reg. $19.99 Sale $14.98
Help me caffeine, you’re my only hope. Perk up your favorite Star Wars™ fan's morning with this attractive Star Wars ® sculpted BB-8™ coffee cup! Holds approximately 18 oz. Hand-wash recommended. Disney©
Star Wars BB-8 Cookie Jar
Reg. $82.99 Sale $59.98
Poe Dameron’s one-of-a-kind astromech droid is ready to keep your sweets safe and out of enemy hands. This Star Wars© BB-8™ ceramic cookie jar stands 12½" tall with vivid glazes of white, orange, and gray. Disney©
Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Sculpted Mug
Help me caffeine. You’re my only hope. Welcome the newest adorable members to the Star Wars universe, the Porgs™. The Star Wars© The Last Jedi Porg™ ceramic coffee cup stands 6½" tall and holds approximately 20 oz. Hand wash only. Disney©
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