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Personalized Red Roller Bag Glass Ornament
Let the good times roll with a suitable keepsake packed on your tree! Crafted of glass and resin exclusively for Bronner's, our 4" tall replica of a rolling suitcase comes ready to hang with a silver cord. This red roller bag ornament will make a perfect gift for your avid traveler or business person. Allow one of our professional Bronner's artists to add a personal touch with a silver paint pen at no additional charge to this luggage keepsake.
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Bronner #1143583.

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Tour Guide Glass Ornament
Tour guides travels to great lengths to show their clients special points of interest, natural attractions, and places of historic and cultural importance. Why not thank a special tour guide with this unique Bronner's exclusive design? With colorful graphics depicting a suitcase, map, compass, and a wooden guidepost with arrows pointing in a variety of exciting directions, this shimmering 3-tone blue, white and green ornament is perfect for the guide who loves to tell people where to go! Crafted of glass in Hungary, this 3" round Bronner's exclusive design features the occupation Tour Guide in a playful ebony font.
New York City Skyline Glass Ornament
Go ahead, take the liberty of displaying your love for the Big Apple on your tree with our stunning New York City skyline ornament! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall keepsake seamlessly blends the famous architecture of one of America's great cities into a distinctive skyline set against a sparkling silver ornament. A revolutionary interior coating of silver glitter shines through the clear glass like an infinite number of stars, making this a perfectly dreamy keepsake for any traveler. Whether you live in New York, have visited, or ever wanted to visit, our New York City skyline silhouette ornament is sure to become a monumental addition!
Passport Glass Ornament
Our ornament is your passport to a first class Christmas! Exquisitely crafted of glass from Poland with shimmering glitter accents, this 3¼" tall ornament portrays a passport from the United States of America realistically detailed with a representation of the Great Seal of the United States in stunning gold paint. Guaranteed to meet approval, our passport glass ornament is sure to be welcomed on your favorite world traveler or international businessman's tree for years to come!
Personalized Now Showing Marquee Glass Ornament
If your acting enthusiast has ever dreamed of seeing his or her name in lights, he or she is sure to be impressed with this special gift! Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our shiny white ornament measures 3" tall and features a classic theatre marquee complete with the words "NOW SHOWING". Adorned with vibrant glazes and accents of shimmering glitter, this unique now showing theater marquee ornament is designed to highlight your thespian's dramatic achievements when you allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch with a black paint pen at no additional charge.
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Bronner #1180469.

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Camera Ornament
No photographer should be anywhere without his or her camera, especially on Christmas! Expertly captured in glass by artisans in Poland, this 2" tall x 2½" wide ornament is accentuated with dazzling red, black, and silver glitter. Our camera ornament will be a picture-perfect gift for the shutterbug in your life!
Bronner #1149333.
Globe With Airplane Glass Ornament
It's a small world after all! Celebrate a special trip or your wanderlust love with this spectacular design depicting an airplane circling a globe. Artfully crafted of glass, this charming ornament measures 4¼" tall and is artfully hand-painted with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Adorned with the sentiment BON VOYAGE this charming keepsake makes a great gift for the special globe-trekker on your Christmas list!
London Landmarks Cityscape Glass Ornament
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…." This famous Samuel Johnson quote sums up our love for the historic city which remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Our London Landmarks Cityscape ornament features a magnificent collage of famous attractions including Big Ben, The Tower of London, the Gherkin building, the Underground metro system and an iconic red double decker bus. Expertly crafted of glass with a myriad of vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this spectacular 5" tall cityscape ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and will make a great remembrance of a trip across the pond.
Big Ben Clock Tower Glass Ornament
Nicknamed Big Ben, the Westminster Palace Bell Tower is one of London's most renowned landmarks. Hand-painted by skilled artisans in intricate detail, our Big Ben clock tower glass ornament measures 5¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Isn't it about time you had a memento of your past or future trip to London?
Highland Santa Glass Ornament
Our Santa will take the highland in hopes you'll be together on Christmas morning! With eye-catching glazes and glittering accents, this Highland Santa ornament is 5" tall and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. Celebrating your heritage or the love for Scotland, this bagpipe player will make a great cultural addition and family heirloom for years to come.
Plaid Bagpipe Ornament
No matter your heritage, you are sure to have a piping good time with this plaid bagpipe ornament! Our unique bagpipe ornament is both colorful and pitch-perfect with its red plaid fabric and gold fringe. Crafted of fabric with plastic and wood accents, this vibrant 5½" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a red ribbon and is sure to add lively interest to your multi-cultural or musical-themed tree!
(Tradition of the Bagpipes card included.)
Telephone Booth Glass Ornament
Calling all London fans! You're sure to be impressed by our charming telephone booth glass ornament. Expertly mouth-blown in Poland, this 4½" tall design is artfully hand-painted with vibrant glazes and glistening glitter accents in a brilliant shade of red. Adorned with golden crowns and the words TELEPHONE and LONDON, this fun design is a ring-ing endorsement of traditional British culture!
Personalized Beamer Ornament
Have you met "Beamer", Bronner's shining star mascot? Beaming bright in a festive red Santa hat with a mega-watt smile, our sunny 3¼" tall exclusive star ornament is hand-painted with vibrant yellow glazes and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Perfect for showcasing the name of a special Christmas enthusiast, our cheery Beamer ornament can be personalized by one of our professional Bronner's artists using a black paint pen at no additional charge.

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Teapot With Roses Glass Ornament
I'm a little teapot short and stout! Complete with handle and spout, our gorgeous keepsake is skillfully crafted of glass with opalescent glazes and a pretty pink and green rose motif. Measuring 3" tall and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this beau-tea-ful ornament is sure to serve you well for many seasons to come!
(Symbol of the Teapot card included.)
Knight In Armor Ornament
Lady, your Knight awaits! Let our brave cavalier deck your tree this Christmas. Clad in classic style, he holds a silver-studded shield and a traditional battleaxe. A sprig of real feathers adorn his mighty helmet. Lovers of medieval times will enjoy this gallant swain. 5¼" tall resin and glass Christmas ornament.
Theater Gives Life Drama Glass Ornament
A shimmering red theatrical sentiment and black outlined symbol of the interest artfully wrap the smooth pearl surface of this 3" Bronner's exclusive glass ornament made in Hungary.
Sentiment reads:
Theater gives life drama!
Whether as a hobby or occupation, this special keepsake will make a memorable gift for your theater enthusiast any time of year!
Great Britain Flag Glass Ornament
The current flag of Great Britain was first used in 1801 when a new design incorporated three symbolic crosses to represent the United Kingdom. This exquisitely detailed ornament is 2¾" tall by 3½" wide and crafted of glass.
Hungary Christmas Custom Ornament
This 3" tall two-tone satin ornament tells the story of the Christmas customs of Hungary. Crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, our Hungarian Christmas custom ornament is sure to be a fun and enlightening conversation piece for years to come!
Custom on the back of the ornament reads:
St. Nicholas Day, December 6, opens Christmas festivities. St. Nicholas may leave small gifts or birch rods in shoes or boots which children have placed on window sills. Before the Christmas Eve meal, the family gathers by the Christmas tree. After prayer, gifts are given. The Christmas tree is decorated with tissue, felt and Szalon Cukor, a fudge-like candy. When the first star appears the meal is served. By custom an extra place is set for a stranger who might knock at the door in search of hospitality. At midnight, costumed villagers go to mass, where a beautiful crèche is displayed in the church. Children known as Bethlehemesek travel the village streets performing Nativity plays.
Bronner #1000612.
Joy To The World Holy Family Ornament
Remind family and friends of the true meaning of CHRISTmas with this attractive nativity depiction! Artfully crafted in Hungary with an antique ivory finish, this 3" round glass ornament features a colorful rendition of the Holy Family with the Christmas star twinkling above. Sentiment reads: Joy to the World the Lord is Come!
This is the classic 4" ornament you remember from childhood! The colorful, reflective surface perfectly displays your special person's name or unique greeting. Our talented Bronner's artists will hand-paint in white up to 3 names/words at no additional charge to give our renowned name ball ornament a special touch of personal-ity™ that will be loved for years to come! This plain design ornament is 4" tall and exclusively crafted of glass for Bronner's from Hungary.
Please select the alternate image for a view of this 4" shiny ornament without personalization.
Hand-painted in white:
Red #1000527
Blue #1000530
Gold #1000529
Green #1000528
Light Blue #1000533
Black #1000535
Pink #1000532
Purple #1000531
Silver #1000534

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Angel With Candle Lace Ornament
Delicately crafted, this elegant ornament is simply angelic! Fine thread is stitched and formed to create our 3¼" tall angel with candle lace ornament. Skillfully crafted in Germany with a loop of thread that makes this ornament ready for immediate display on your tree or in a window for the sun's rays to illuminate with a heavenly glow, this angel with candle lace ornament is sure to fascinate friends and family for years to come with the grace of its beauty and our God's love!
Snowstar Lace Ornament With 6 Tips
Add a home-spun touch to your Christmas décor with this delicate white lace ornament. Skillfully stitched with fine thread in Germany, our beautiful "Snowstar" ornament features 6 pointed tips with an intricate snowflake center. Perfect for dressing up a tree or windowpane, this nostalgic 3" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a loop of matching thread and is sure to be cherished for years to come!
Gold And Blue Glass Menorah Ornament
This beautiful menorah ornament is sure to be a stunning addition to your Hanukkah celebration! Exquisitely crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, our 4" tall candelabrum is artfully hand-painted with vivid gold, blue, and white glazes and shimmers with eye-catching glitter accents.
Personalized Paint Palette Glass Ornament
Paint a picture-perfect Christmas with our painter's palette! This ornament is sure to show a little love to your favorite painter this Christmas and for seasons to come! Masterfully crafted with eye-catching glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this adorable paint palette ornament is 4" tall and crafted of glass. Whether personalized with black paint by our professional Bronner’s artists at no additional charge or plain, this charming painter's palette ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake with your loved one for years to come!
7 characters/spaces allowed for the name and 4 for the year.
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Personalized Artist Palette Glass Ornament
Whether your artist likes to "dabble in paint" or is a serious pro, give him or her a picture-perfect Christmas with this color-ful design! Masterfully crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, our 3" tall ornament depicts an artist's palette dotted with brilliant hues of paint and two brushes at the ready. Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add your artist's name for a personalized touch using a black paint pen at no additional charge.
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Ballerina In Pink Dress Glass Ornament
Keep your ballet enthusiast on her toes with this gorgeous glass ornament! Twirling gracefully in a lovely pink tutu with a pretty leaf design, our blond ballerina exudes confidence with her expressive hand-painted face. Expertly crafted of glass in Poland, this beautiful 5¼" tall keepsake will have your ballet student, teacher, or enthusiast dancing with delight!
Bon Appetit With Chef's Hat Glass Ornament
Hats off to this handsome design that's perfect for your favorite chef or culinary student! Masterfully crafted of glass in Hungary, our 3" round Bronner's exclusive ornament has an attractive silver surface adorned with a white chef's hat shimmering with touches of iridescent glitter and the French phrase Bon Appétit, which translates to "enjoy your meal".
Breakfast In Frying Pan Glass Ornament
This sizzling hot black skillet is artfully crafted of glass and charmingly hand-painted with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, our 4¾" tall frying pan ornament is truly egg-straordinary!
Pancake Stack Glass Clip-On Ornament
Serve up a short order of holiday cheer with this flapjack stack ornament! Crafted exclusively of glass, our 1½" tall by 3¼" wide syrupy stack of hotcakes will be hard to resist when your friends and family see it clipped on your tree branch this Christmas. A dot of warm butter starting to melt on top of these three pancakes makes it a highly realistic breakfast food that is far too flavorful to forget!
Personalized Blue Glitter Ice Skate Ornament
Sure to glide gracefully into your ornament collection, this beautiful glass keepsake is adorned with a charming white ice skate and a swirl of shimmering snowflakes. Featuring an interior coating of iridescent glitter that shines through the 3-tone blue glass like ice crystals on a frozen pond, this handsome Bronner's exclusive ornament is artfully crafted in Hungary and measures 3" round. Add a touch of personal-ity™ when you allow one of our talented artists to add the name of your choice using a black paint pen at no additional charge.
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