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Halloween Ravens
Imaginatively crafted from resin, this frightful "Halloween Ravens" 2 piece set depicts several black ravens perched atop jack-o-lanterns with a creepy barbed wire fence in the background. Part of the Department 56 Halloween Village collection, this spook-tacular set is a great way to scare up a perfectly decorated holiday!

"Halloween Ravens"
Set of 2
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4030786
Introduced in Jan 2013
3.5 x 1.75 x 2.75"

Shimmering Lighted Ghost Ornamental Shape
Scare up a little Halloween fun with this booo-tiful decoration! Illuminated by 10 mini light bulbs, our 15½" tall x 12¾" wide shimmering ghost ornamental shape has 29" of lead wire on a white cord that plugs into any standard 120v/60Hz wall socket. Display includes 4 spare bulbs, 1 spare fuse, and a suction cup to easily affix decoration to any window or flat surface. UL Listed.
Bronner #1180144.
Sugar Skull LED Light Color Changing Set
Add color and pattern to your Day of the Dead celebrations with this unique color changing light set. Our novelty light set features:
10 plastic skull light covers measuring 2.5" tall x 1.5" wide illuminated by 10 LED lights
11' 4" total green cord length with 9' of lighted length
12" spacing between lights
30" lead length
UL listed
Includes 2 suction cups
Spooky Wrought Iron Fence
"Spooky Wrought Iron Fence"
Set of 6
Halloween Village
Department 56 #52982
Introduced in Dec 2001
3 x 2"
Halloween Yard Decorations
"Halloween Yard Decorations"
Set of 22
Halloween Village
Department 56 #53130
Introduced in Dec 2003
1.5", 1", 0.5", 1.5"
The Headless Horseman Halloween Village
"The Headless Horseman"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4020240
Introduced in Jan 2011
3.75 x 3 x 5.25"
Jack O' Lantern Lamplighter
Decorate your yard for the fall holiday with this unique jack o' lantern lamplighter that simply slides over your existing low voltage landscape lighting. The 18½" tall x 20" wide x 20" deep orange plastic form comes with decals for you to apply to bring the happy pumpkin's face to life. This novel jack o' lantern glows magnificently at night while maintaining the original pathway lighting. Comes in two halves that easily connect together over yard light. Proudly made in the USA.
Fire Burn And Cauldron Bubble
Imaginatively crafted of ceramics, this spook-tacular Department 56 Halloween Village collectible titled "Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble" depicts a witch adding bat wings to her cauldron concoction.

"Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4030764
Introduced in Jan 2013
3.5 x 2.5 x 3.5"

Halloween Nightscape Glass Ornament
A SPOOK-tacular scene for all to BOO-hold! Exquisitely crafted of glass from Hungary, our 3" tall Halloween nightscape ornament features an orange and marigold translucent finish with a frosted band of "fog" to set a vibrant backdrop for shadowy silhouettes of eerie homes, bats, trees, and a cemetery. Enthusiasts of the autumn holiday are sure to delight at the opportunity to let this ornament Rest In their Presence!
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Haunted Covered Bridge
"Haunted Covered Bridge"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4030784
Introduced in Jan 2013
8 x 5 x 5.5"
Toads And Frogs Witchcraft Haunt
Capped with a witch's hat, this frightful cottage is home to a spiteful witch who delights in transforming ex-boyfriends into spineless frogs. Crafted of ceramic with a myriad of vivid glazes, this lighted building is part of the Witch Hollow sub-series and comes with a standard black cord and bulb.
"Toads & Frogs Witchcraft Haunt"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4036591
Introduced in Jan 2014
3.75 x 3 x 3.75"
Mr. Bones Skeleton Glass Ornament
The foot bone's connected to the leg bone, the leg bone's connected to the knee bone…..Oh mercy how they scare! Artfully crafted of glass with ebony glazes and glittery white accents, this 5" tall fright-fully charming Mr. Bones Skeleton by Old World Christmas® is a spook-tacular keepsake you're sure to enjoy for many years to come. No bones about it!
Personalized Halloween Tree Scene Glass Ornament
Halloween fright in the dark of night…oh what a sight! Our spook-tacular Halloween tree scene ornament is expertly crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's and features a haunting variety of scary images including bats circling round a gnarled old tree. Complete with tombstone, ghost, owl, crescent moon and spider web, this 3" tall glass design has a tri-color orange, purple, and green design with iridescent glitter accents. Add a touch of personal-ity® to this fa-boo-lous keepsake when you allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch with a white paint pen.
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Bronner #1180152.

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Spiders And Webs On Orange Glass Ornament
It's scary-easy to decorate for Halloween with this boo-tiful glass ornament exclusively crafted in Hungary for Bronner's! Crawling with creepy black spiders spinning their glittering white webs all around the surface of our shimmering orange ornament, this 3" round design is simply spook-tacular!
(Legend of the Christmas Spider card included.)
Rickety Railroad Station
Depicting the "Rickety Railroad Station," this spook-tacular piece comes complete with spooky train sounds and flashing lights. Artfully crafted of ceramics, this lighted piece is part of the Haunted Rails Halloween Village collection by Department 56.

"Rickety Railroad Station"
10th Anniversary Piece
Halloween Village
Department 56 #800000
Introduced in Dec 2007
11.5 x 8.25 x 8"

Halloween Water Tower
Fright-fully crafted of resin by Department 56, this Haunted Water Tower will elevate your Halloween Village to a whole new level! Topped with a water tank resembling a grinning Jack-o-lantern, this tower-ing structure features a sign promoting the "Annual Pumpkin Festival" and comes complete with eerie wire trees and a collection of spook-tacular jack-o-lanterns.
"Halloween Water Tower"
Department 56 #53223
Introduced in Dec 2005
4.5 x 4 x 11"
Village Replacement Light Bulbs Blue And Green
Have the lights dimmed in your favorite village? Replace those burned out bulbs with this quality set by Department 56 and bask in the glow of your de-light-ful display. Set includes one blue and one green bulb.
"Village Replacement Light Bulbs, Blue & Green"
Set of 2
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4030893
Introduced in Jan 2013
Spooky Wrought Iron Gate
"Spooky Wrought Iron Gate"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4047599
Introduced in Jan 2015
6.5 x 2 x 4.5"
Kiss Of Death
"Kiss Of Death"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4047592
Introduced in Jan 2015
3 x 2 x 5.25"
Halloween Party House
It's fun to trick-or-treat at this inviting "Halloween Party House" with its basket of tempting candy and fun games for the whole family….like bobbing for apples and pinning the bow tie on Mr. Bones! Crafted of ceramic and charmingly decorated with strands of purple garland, this welcoming red cottage comes complete with a pair of bare black wire trees. The lighted building includes a black standard cord with bulb.
"Halloween Party House"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4051008
Introduced in Jan 2016
8.25 x 7.5 x 6.75"
Swinging Ghoulies
Scary figures of a witch, skeleton, and ghoul swing round and around a spooky old tree in this unique animated Halloween Village Piece by Department 56. Artfully crafted of resin, this spook-tacular Swinging Ghoulies display is eerily lit and includes adapter.
"Swinging Ghoulies"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #53133
Introduced in Dec 2003
5.5 x 5.5 x 10"
Replacement Lightning Bulbs
Put the fright back in your favorite Halloween Village pieces with this handy pack of replacement bulbs. For use with Department 56's "Mordecai Mansion" and "Rickety Railroad Station", this convenient 4 pack of Lightning Bulbs includes 2 yellow and 2 blue glass bulbs.
"Replacement Lightning Bulbs"
Set of 4
Village Accessories
Department 56 #52846
Introduced in May 2000
Haunted Rails Engine And Coal Car
Part of the Halloween Village series by Department 56, this spook-tacular "Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car" is imaginatively crafted from ceramics with a flickering stove that eerily lights the interior. A glowing jack-o-lantern above the cowcatcher frightfully illuminates the exterior.

"Haunted Rails Engine & Coal Car"
10th Anniversary Piece
Halloween Village
Department 56 #800001
Introduced in Dec 2007
10 x 2.75 x 4.75"

Resting My Bones
"Resting My Bones"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #53146
Introduced in Dec 2003
Battery Operated With 2 "C" batteries (not included). AC/DC Adapter (#56.55026) Compatible.
4.75 x 2.75 x 4.75"
Personalized Black Cat Face With Green Eyes Glass Ornament
Our black cat ornament will make a purr-fect gift for your cat lover! Our Bronner's exclusive 3" tall ornament is hand-crafted from glass in Hungary with spectacular green glitter accents. Our fantastic feline has just the right amount of cat-titude! Hand-painted with white paint by our professional Bronner's artists at no additional charge, this charming black cat face with green eyes ornament will feature your kitty's name accented with two paw prints. The two white paw prints are automatically included with personal-ization™.
Please select the alternate image for a view of this black cat face ornament without personalization.
Bronner #1159373.

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Train And Parade Adapter
This convenient Train and Parade Adapter by Department 56 can be used to light the float accessories that coordinate with the Santa Float including Marching Bulbs (4022806), Peppermint Float (4025332) and Marching Snowflakes (4025333). Adapter can also be used to light any of the cars for the Halloween Train including the Haunted Rails Sleeper Car (4028711) and Haunted Rails Jack & His Lantern Car (4035589).
"Train And Parade Adapter"
Village Accessories
Department 56 #4030961
Introduced in May 2012
Replacement 3V Purple And Orange Bulbs
Need replacement bulbs for your favorite Halloween Village piece? This convenient two-pack of glass bulbs by Department 56 includes one purple and one orange for a de-light-ful display!
"Replacement 3V Purple & Orange Bulbs"
Set of 2
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4035555
Introduced in Jan 2013
Jim Shore Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure
"What's this?" There's color everywhere in this imaginative Jim Shore and Disney© collaboration! Artfully crafted from stone resin with a carved wood appeal, this imaginative figure depicts Jack Skellington sitting on a spiral hill holding a spider incased in its web. Part of the Disney Showcase Collection©, this 8½" tall masterpiece will make a great gift for fans of the popular claymation classic.
Item #4039063.
Murder Of Crows Tree
"Murder Of Crows Tree"
Halloween Village
Department 56 #4047628
Introduced in Jan 2015
Eyeball Glass Ornament
It's easy to see the appeal of this bold design! Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our glossy white 3" round ornament features a gigantic eyeball complete with a glittering blue iris and vivid red blood vessels. An eye-catching novelty for Halloween or perhaps for your favorite optometrist or optician, our unique keepsake is sure to look awesome for many years to come!
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