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he Snowbabies figurines were first developed and created by artist Kristi Jensen Pierro for the Department 56® Company. She presented six small figurines to Department 56 in 1987, and the result has been sensational. The figurines are adorable and portray small children in little white outfits to keep them warm in the cold. The artist says observing children and their habits, particularly those of her own children, inspired her. This inspiration is what prompted her to design and sculpt the beautiful Snowbaby figurines. All of the sculptures are made of fine bisque porcelain and have lovely intricate detailing. At first, the series represented the children in mostly winter backgrounds but has expanded over the years to include ornaments and special guests. Some of the Snowbabies figurines feature some arctic animals like penguins and polar bears. The children are often shown frolicking and playing among the snow, and many times are portrayed playing games with each other. The artist wanted to express her love for children and their innocence through these beautiful sculptures. Over the years, Snowbaby figures have been highly collectible. Although there are many different collectors’ clubs all over the country, Department 56® also hosts their own Department 56 Snowbabies club for fans. As with most collectible items, some of the Snowbabies figurines have retired, making them limited editions and Snowbaby collectibles. True collectors enjoy buying the new figurines as soon as they come out, so as not to miss out on the new additions. The Snowbabies remind us of times gone by, and show us that fun and merriment can be had, even in the cold winter snow. They make terrific gifts for loved ones, and are a great idea to give to newborns’ parents to start up a collection for their child.
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