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Precious Moments Age 1 Birthday Train Figure
A first birthday is a special time for celebration! Titled "Happy Birthday Little Lamb", this adorable boxcar figure in the Precious Moments® Birthday Train Series depicts a baby lamb adorned with the number 1. Crafted of smooth ivory bisque porcelain with colorful hand-painted accents, this precious 3¼" tall keepsake is sure to be treasured for many special Birthdays to come! #142029
You're My Hero Precious Moments Ornament
A salute to our armed forces and their military families, this precious collectible depicts a little boy saluting with his hand to his forehead with an American flag folded reverently under his arm. Crafted in smooth porcelain bisque, this patriotic "You're My Hero" ornament measures 3½" tall and comes ready to hang on a silver cord.
Precious Moments© #161065
2015 Introduction
Age 1 Growing In Grace Blonde Precious Moments Figurine
This addition to the Growing In Grace figurine series depicts a little girl eager to blow out the candle on her first birthday cake! Smooth ivory bisque porcelain and artfully detailed tones and colors create this charming collectible! Growing in Grace Series, Age 1 measures 3½" tall.
Precious Moments #142010
Precious Moments Birthday Train Age 5 Lion Figure
We'd be lion if we said age 5 wasn't a special year! Titled This Day Is Something To Roar About, our adorable 4¼" tall figure is artfully crafted of smooth ivory bisque porcelain with colorful hand-painted accents. Part of the Birthday Train Series, this special collectible is sure to grow more precious with each passing year! Precious Moments® #142025
Sam Butcher began drawing beautiful children over twenty-five years ago. He named his drawings “Precious Moments”, and their charm caught on like wildfire. Initially, the Precious Moments® children were only produced on cards and posters. When Sam Butcher and his partner took their artwork to a convention, retailers began swarming around to get a closer look. Eventually, the Enesco® Company offered to bring the drawings to life by producing figurines. The Precious Moments® figurines were born. The first was entitled “Love One Another”. This was the first Precious Moment figurine shown to Sam Butcher by Enesco®, and he was so overwhelmed that he agreed to let them begin producing the entire line. The figurines becaame a popular collector’s item. Each year, the figurines are represented by a different symbol on the bottom so that collectors can easily identify their year of production. The first year Precious Moments® figurines were created was in 1981, and the symbol for that particular year was a triangle. In 2005, a new chapter in the Precious Moments® story began, as the collection “came home” to join the rest of the Precious Moments® family at Precious Moments, Incorporated. Today, the Precious Moments® line is still going strong. There are several collectors’ clubs that participate with Precious Moments® figurines, and who keep up with their own existing collections. Each of the Precious Moments® figurines are beautifully crafted and painted in lovely pastel colors. Every figurine has its own theme and title. Precious Moments® figurines make a lovely, memorable gift for children and adults of all ages and are sure to touch the heart. Precious Moments Christmas pieces and the Precious Moments nativity are especially endearing.
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