M.I. Hummel Figurines

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Mini Dome With Walnut Base
Our mini dome with walnut base is perfect for displaying a small prized collectible or as an accent in your home décor! Measuring 6½" tall in total, our cloche features a clear glass dome that measures 6" tall with a 4½" diameter, and a base made of walnut wood that measures ¾" tall with a 5¾" diameter.
Hummelscape Only
Includes a free tealight candle holder (candle not included). Hummel figurine sold separately.
Winter Wonder Hummel Figure
Capture the playfulness of childhood with this charming "Winter Wonder" figure. Bundled up in warm winter clothes holding a glistening, genuine Swarovski crystal snowball, this adorable 4" tall Hummel® boy is masterfully sculpted in bisque porcelain with vivid hand-painted details. Made in Germany.
A Four Leaf Clover Hummel Figure
This young lad can't believe his luck as he discovers a four leaf clover hidden amongst the grass. Capturing the innocence of childhood, this enchanting M.I. Hummel® figure measures 3¼" tall and is exclusively created in Germany, skillfully sculpted in bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted in a myriad of vibrant hues.
One Cup Of Sugar Hummel Figure
Thumbing through her cookbook, a pig-tailed little lass finds that her favorite cookie recipe begins with "One Cup of Sugar". Artfully capturing the innocence of childhood, this charming 3¾" tall M.I. Hummel® figure is masterfully sculpted in bisque porcelain with colorful hand-painted accents. Made in Germany
Meditation Hummel Figure
Running errands in town, an adorable little lass toting a basket, pauses to mail a letter. Titled "Meditation", this beautiful hand-painted M.I. Hummel® figure measures 4¼" tall and artfully captures the innocence of childhood. Sculpted of bisque porcelain in Germany with hand-painted accents.
Gift Of Hope Hummel Figure
Portraying an adorable young girl lifting spirits with her bright bouquet, this charming "Gift of Hope" figure by M.I. Hummel® is meant to inspire anyone touched by breast cancer. Hand-crafted in Germany and expertly sculpted in bisque porcelain, this beautiful 4" tall figure is skillfully hand-painted in a myriad of vibrant hues.
Since the mid 1900’s, Hummel figurines have been a popular collectible for many people all over the world. 2009 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hummel's artwork creator Berta Hummel. The childlike innocence of each piece exudes sentiment and warmth. Because each Hummel figure piece is highly valued and extremely collectible, a watchful eye should be kept. A real Hummel figurine will always have its creator, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel’s signature embossed on the bottom (M.I. Hummel). This very distinguishing mark signifies the real thing. Additionally, each of the MI Hummel figurines has a mold number embossed on the bottom to signify what piece it is. The Goebel mark is also embossed on each of the Goebel figurines. Manufaktur Rodental purchased the Goebel company and now produces the adorable children figurines under a new mark since 2009. Hummel figurines are highly valued by countless collectors. Sometimes pieces can be worth as much as a few thousand dollars, depending on how rarity. Hummel collector’s clubs discuss the latest pieces, hard to find figurines, and where to buy new ones. If you own Hummel figurines and would like to know the value, many companies and individuals can offer fair and honest appraisals. There are also several different price guides available that can be purchased. Collectible plates, ornaments, music boxes, and candleholders are also available, although they may not be as high in value as the original figurines. For a true fan of Hummel, these are just as special because they bear the artwork of Berta Hummel (her name prior to ordination in the Convent of Siessen). Whether you are a Hummel collector looking to add a new piece to an existing collection, want to start a new one, or you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, Hummel figurines are a wonderful choice that will stand the test of time.
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