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11 Inch Santa Figure With Lighted Tiki Bar
"Bottoms up", Santa! Sipping a refreshing Mai Tai in a classic totem mug, Santa relaxes at a tiki bar with Christmas gifts stacked nearby. Dressed in flip flops, shorts, and Hawaiian print shirt, this charming Santa figure is artfully crafted of resin and stiffened fabric and measures 11" tall. Flip a switch in back of display to illuminate the holiday lights on the tiki bar's roof! Batteries included.
Santa With Wine Bottles And Barrel 2 Piece Figure Set
Cheers to Santa and his private label red wine! Dressed in his festive best with a cap adorned with grapes, Santa serves up a glass of his prize-winning Pinot Noir. Skillfully crafted of resin and stiffened fabric with remarkable attention to detail, this charming 2 piece set includes 11" Santa figure and 7½" wine barrel and basket figure.
10.5 Inch Fireman Santa With Dalmatian Figure Set Of 2
Fireman Santa and his four legged buddy have arrived with red hot gifts for the holiday! Outfitted with firehose and bullhorn, St. Nick wears traditional turn out gear while his Dalmatian pal carries a bucket with a toy fire engine. Expertly crafted of resin and stiffened fabric, this delightful figure set of 2 by Kurt Adler Fabriche™ includes an 11½" tall Santa figure and 5¼" tall Dalmatian figure.
Santa Holding Coke Truck Figure
'Tis the season for an ice cold bottle of Coke®! Sipping his refreshing drink while holding a toy Coca-Cola® delivery truck, St. Nick is dressed in his traditional Santa suit complete with fur trimmed cap. Masterfully crafted from resin and stiffened fabric with artful hand-painted and hand-sewn details, this charming 10" tall figure by Kurt Adler Fabriche™ is sure to quench your thirst for Coca-Cola® collectibles!
Santa Adopt A Pet 10.5 Inch Figure Set Of 2
Holding a crate filled with 2 kittens and a puppy, Santa has a special Christmas message: Save a life. Adopt a shelter pet. Meticulously crafted of resin and stiffened fabric with exceptional attention to detail, this beautiful hand-painted figure set of 2 by Kurt Adler Farich™ includes a 10½" tall Santa figure and 4¼" sitting dog figure.
Now Dash Away All 2 Piece Musical Santa And Reindeer Figure
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen! Depicting St. Nick on his magical sleigh with his team of flying reindeer, this spectacular 2-piece display by Kurt S. Adler™ is expertly hand-crafted of resin and stiffened fabric with meticulous attention to each and every detailed. Sure to entertain family and friends for many years to come, this special musical "Now Dash Away All" collectible plays the tune "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and measures 24" long.
Coca Cola Santa Figure With Delivery Cart 2 Piece Set
We have a special delivery for both Coca-Cola® and Santa collectors alike! Artfully hand-crafted of resin and stiffened fabric by Kurt Adler Fabriché™ , this refreshing display depicts Santa taking a break from his work to enjoy and ice cold bottle of Coke®. 2 piece set includes a 10" Santa figure and a 7" tall resin hand cart stacked with crates of Coca-Cola®.
For years, Santa Claus has been in our hearts and minds as the plump, bearded man in a red velvet suit. But Santa can also be many different things to different people. Kurt Adler™ began importing a variety of decorative items and collectibles in 1916. Since then, the business has grown into a large collectible market. The Kurt Adler™ Santa collection is a popular line of Santa Claus figurines that take on new ways of looking at the fabled character. The figurines are composed mostly of resin, but also combine a variety of fabrics that make them soft in appearance and feel. The Kurt Adler™ Fabriche Santas come in a variety of different themes. The World of Santas collection entails different figures of Santa Claus from around the world, including an Irish, Italian, Mexican, and Scottish Santa, among many others. Each figure wears traditional garb that represents its home country. The Kurt Adler™ Fabriche Santas depict old St. Nick in a variety of situations and poses such as Mr. Claus at the beach, hard at work, and even playing his favorite sport! The Kurt Adler™ collectible line proves that even Santa Claus needs a break from making toys all year. All of the beautifully crafted figurines show a lot of detail, including facial features and expressions. These highly collectible items make a wonderful addition to any collection, and make wonderful Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, Mr. Adler has passed away, but the Kurt Adler™ Santa collection lives on with new additions, and there are even some Mrs. Claus figurines. These beautiful renditions of the man in the red suit make a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor, and the perfect gift for someone special in your life.
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