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Strawberry Bear Figurine
You'll love the Home Grown™ appeal of this charmingly fruity collectible! Imaginatively produce-d in resin with vibrant hand-painted accents, our strawberry bear figure measures 3” wide by 2” tall and is sure to be a sweet addition to your grow-ing collection! Enesco #4040123
Lemon Cat Figurine
This a-peel-ing lemon cat figurine is artfully crafted from resin with an imaginative design and colorfully painted yellow accents. Standing 2” tall by 4” wide, this purr-fect feline is ready to pounce into your home grown™ collection. Enesco #4040122
Morel Mushroom Ram Home Grown Figure
You'll want to add this fun-guy to your Home Grown™ collection! Artfully produce-d in resin in hues of tan and brown, our imaginative morel mushroom ram figure measures 2½" tall. Enesco #4046303
...Fruits with personality? You bet! This charming collectible line from Enesco depicts your favorite fruits and veggies as delightful animals. With every inch meticulously crafted of stone resin and artfully detailed with realistic colors, these figurines literally spring to life with Home Grown™ appeal! Each figurine even comes with a nutrition label on the back of its box that shows ratings for laughs, companionship, friendship, smiles and humor! When placed in your kitchen or on a unique table spread, guests will enjoy being able to finally play with their food!
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