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Pumpkin Pie Mouse Charming Tails Figure
"Are you sure this is how you make pumpkin pie?" Patting piecrust over the sides of a whole pumpkin our creative little mouse makes a delightful mess in the kitchen with his rolling pin and flour. Colorfully detailed in resin, this darling 3" tall figure is sure to bring a smile to the face of your special baker or Charming Tails® collector!
Gingerbread Cookie Mouse Charming Tails Figure
Is it a gingerbread man or a mouse? Hiding behind a gingerbread cookie, our adorable mouse peeks playfully through a hole he's just nibbled! Sure to be a "tasteful" addition to your Charming Tails® collection this enchanting "Sweetness Makes Me Smile" figure measures 2¾" tall and is colorfully crafted of resin with accents of sparkling glitter.
Candy Corn With Pumpkin Pail Charming Tails Figure
Reg. $27.50 Sale $21.98
Grabbing handfuls of candy corn from an overturned pumpkin pail our adorable mouse has discovered that the best part of trick-or-treating is sampling all of the candy! Titled "You are so full of sweetness" this enchanting 2¾" tall figure is skillfully detailed in resin with a myriad of colorful glazes and makes a great addition to your Charming Tails® collection or Halloween-themed décor.
Mouse In Mushroom Charming Tails Ornament
Waving cheerfully from her festive mushroom "home" this darling mouse wishes all "A Holiday hello from my little house to yours." Colorfully crafted from resin with a variety of brilliant glazes, this delightful Charming Tails® ornament measures 2¾" tall and is a splendid way to send warm Christmas greetings to friends and family across the road or across the miles!
Jack O Lantern Charming Tails Figure
Reg. $25.00 Sale $19.98
When you're decorating for Halloween, don't forget to add this adorable Charming Tails® figure to the mix! Sitting tall on a pile of jack-o-lanterns our cheerful little mouse lights up the room with his joyful grin. Colorfully crafted of resin, this winsome 3" tall figure is titled "Your smile tops all the rest" and makes a great gift for a special friend or family member.
You Are The Best Charming Tails Figure
Express your appreciation for a thoughtful friend or family member with this heart-warming gift. Artfully hand-painted with a variety of vivid glazes, our adorable mouse holds an impressive blue ribbon adorned with #1. This enchanting Charming Tails® figure measures 3" tall and is a unique way to tell a special someone ..."You are the best!"
Together On A Sea Of Love Charming Tails Figure
Floating merrily in an upturned leaf, this darling mouse couple sails happily "Together on a sea of love." Crafted of resin with a myriad of vibrant glazes, our delightful Charming Tails® figure measures 2¾" tall and makes a great gift for the happy couple you know and love.
Mushroom Train Charming Tails Figure
Reg. $27.50 Sale $19.98
"All aboard the pinecone express!" Come join this darling little mouse as he rides the rails in a train made of mushrooms and pinecones. Colorfully crafted of resin, this whimsical figure measures approximately 3" tall x 4" wide and is sure to move your Charming Tails® collection in an exciting new direction!
Mice In Stockings 1st Christmas Charming Tails Ornament
Celebrating "Our first Christmas together" two adorable mice share a kiss inside a pair of festive Christmas stockings. Crafted of resin with vibrant hand-painted glazes, this delightful 3" Charming Tails® ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is perfect for the loving couple you know.
Mouse Sleeping On Santa Hat Charming Tails Ornament
Taking "A little holiday cap nap" a precious little mouse sleeps on the soft brim of Santa's hat. Artfully crafted of resin with vivid hand-painted glazes, this darling 2¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to be an adorable addition to your Charming Tails® collection.
Charming Tails Candle Night Light
'Twas the night before Christmas and not even this mouse is stirring as he is nestled against a candle's warm glow! Adorned with a sprig of holly and accents of red and green, this beautiful mouse sleeping on a white candle night light is artfully crafted of resin and measures 7½" tall. This flickering Charming Tails candle nightlight includes an on/off switch in base and a 360 degree swivel plug which plugs into any standard 120v outlet.
Bronner #1197168.
Artist Dean Griff has a love for animals, and this love is reflected in his line of small sculptures called Charming Tails. Dean grew up in a rural area of New York, where his family worked on a farm. This helped to encourage his love for animals, and inspired many murals that he once painted on the side of the family’s barn. The joy of nature inspired Dean to create his own unique artwork and small sculptures. The sculptures are usually woodland animals, and he most commonly uses mice. The collection first began in 1993 and was first named The Woodland Collection. When the company Fitz and Floyd took over the collection, it changed the name to Charming Tails which has stuck ever since. The beauty of the Charming Tails lies in their detail. The figurines are usually made of resin, and consist of bright colors, pearly paints, and plastic pieces that give the sculptures depth and detail. Over the years, Charming Tails have become more and more intricate, inspiring new collectors every day. The mice are wonderful and whimsical, and his use of other animals together with the mice makes it a terrific gift for any animal lover. As with most collectible items, the Charming Tails figurines are usually produced in limited quantities, and have been known to have a high resale value. Charming Tails has their own collector’s club, called the Leaf and Acorn Club. Fans join together worldwide to discuss the latest collections, and swap pieces. Special members-only pieces are also available once you join. Dean Griff has named the town where his little animals live Squashville, so the collector’s newsletter is entitled the Squashville Gazette. The Charming Tails collection is a wonderful, whimsical way to add cuteness and joy to any home.
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