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Whale And Baby Glass Ornament
Whales, gentle giants of the oceans, spend a great deal of time nursing their young, and teaching them to navigate their way around the sea. Beautifully crafted of glass in Poland, this gorgeous blue whale and baby glass ornament depicts a majestic cow and calf swimming through sparkling blue waves. Shimmering with iridescent glitter accents, this exceptional keepsake measures approximately 2½" tall x 6" wide and will make a spectacular addition to a nautical or ocean themed tree as well as a fantastic gift for the marine animal lover on your Christmas list!
Santa's Sleigh With Dolphins Glass Ornament
On dasher, on dancer….or is it "splasher" and "flipper"? In our magical water world, St. Nick's sleigh cruises through the waves harnessed to a pod of leaping dolphins. Hand-painted in colorful detail, this vibrant 3-tone aqua ornament is artfully crafted of glass and measures approximately 4" round. Coming ready to display on a silver cord, our Santa's sleigh with dolphins ornament makes a great sea-sonal keepsake for your special aquatic animal lover!
Merman On Seahorse Resin Ornament
Holding a gleaming bronze trident, our merman sails below the ocean on an enchanted seahorse with his long beard and tail trailing behind. Sparkling with dazzling glitter, sequins and pearls this imaginative resin ornament is decorated with a variety of colorful hand-painted accents. Coming ready to hang on a gold cord, our merman on seahorse ornament has a hanging height of approximately 5½" tall and makes a great companion piece for your special mermaid ornaments!
Pineapple Swim Float Resin Ornament
Add a splash of fun to the tree with our pineapple swim float ornament! Awash in vibrant hues of gold, brown and green with accents of iridescent glitter, this 3¼ tall resin ornament is a bright reminder of carefree summer days at the beach, swimming pool or lake. Coming ready to hang on a gold cord, our whimsical pineapple ring makes a refreshing statement on tropical, nautical and vacation themed trees!
Unicorn Swim Float Resin Ornament
Add a splash of fun to the tree with our unicorn swim float ornament! With a mane and tail awash in colorful rainbow hues, our white unicorn swim float is artfully crafted of resin and shimmers with sparkling, glitter accents. A bright reminder of carefree summer days at the beach, swimming pool, or lake, this whimsical unicorn float makes a magical statement on nautical, vacation and kids' themed trees!
Hermit Crab Resin Ornament
No one likes a "crab" at Christmas, so this charming little guy works doubly hard to be fun and festive for the holidays! Trading in his shell for a pine tree decorated with lights, our jolly hermit crab holds a candy cane in one claw while waving cheerfully with the other. Crafted of resin with vivid hand-painted and glittered accents, our whimsical 1½" tall x 3" wide ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and will be right at home on nautical, ocean, and beach-themed trees!
Twig Ball Blue Plastic Ornament
Add a pop of brilliant color to the tree with this unique decoration! Crafted of plastic, our 4½" round twig ball ornament features a myriad of curving blue branches shimmering with iridescent silver glitter. Coming ready to hang on a silver cord, this spectacular ball is sure to enhance your holiday décor.
Mermaid On Narwhal Resin Ornament
A narwhal toting a mermaid? Now, that's a sight to sea! Using her charms along with a string of pearls to lure the adorable sea creature, our fair haired maiden sails through the waves snaring starfish in her long hair. Artfully detailed in resin with a myriad of hand-painted and glitter accents, our mermaid on narwhal ornament is perfect for your mermaid lover and will also add enchantment to tropical, ocean and nautical themed trees. Coming ready to hang on a gold cord, ornament measures approximately 2½" tall x 4" wide.
Sea Turtle With Beads Glass Ornament
A myriad of eye-catching sequins and glitter give this tropical tortoise his "sparkling personality!" Shimmering with waves of vibrant green glazes, our 1½" tall x 4" wide sea turtle with beads ornament is artfully crafted of glass and resin and comes ready to display on a gold cord. Taking their homes with them wherever they go, turtles remind us to remember our roots while still welcoming new places and phases in life.
(Symbol of the Turtle card included.)
Lighthouse And Pines In Sunset Glass Ornament
A gleaming white and red lighthouse towers high above the pines on a rocky shore as the sun sets on a beautiful summer's day. Dotting the sea and inland waterways across the world, lighthouses boast a rich history of providing navigational aid to maritime pilots with their bright beacons of light. Symbolizing guidance through life's rocky shores, our lighthouse and pines in sunset ornament is beautifully crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's and measures 3" tall.
(Symbol of the Lighthouse card included.)
Be Fabulous Flamingo Glass Ornament
You are uniquely your own person, so go ahead and Be Fabulous! Featuring a shocking pink flamingo perched on one leg, this 3" white glass ornament has a tropical flair with its artful wreath of vibrant glowers and palm fronds. Crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our "Be Fabulous" flamingo ornament makes a great gift for anyone who could use a little pick-me-up or encouragement!
Santa Riding Flamingo Glass Ornament
Santa, where's your sleigh? St. Nick would never trade in his reindeer, but this flashy ride is a fun change of pace. Shimmering with iridescent glitter, our amusing Santa riding flamingo ornament is artfully crafted of glass and resin and is sure to add a touch of whimsy to the tree! 5¾" ornament comes ready to hang on a gold cord.
Orange Seahorse 2.75 Glass Ornament
Enchanting, almost magical in appearance, the sea horse has long inspired myths and legends. In Greek mythology, the sea horse pulled the chariot of Poseidon, god of the seas. Shimmering with eye-catching glazes and dazzling gold glitter accents, our 2¾" orange seahorse ornament is artfully handmade of glass in Germany and is perfect for nautical or ocean themed trees as well as a great gift for your aquatic animal lover!
(Tradition of the Sea Horse card included.)
Starfish Glass Ornament With Beads
According to legend, starfish are reflections of stars in the sky inhabiting the ocean floor. Awash in vivid coral glazes, our elegant glass starfish ornament shimmers with "waves" of dazzling glitter, beads, and "pearls" and measures 4½" tall. Sure to be treasured for many sea-sons to come, this charming ocean inspired keepsake comes ready to hang on a gold cord and is an ideal accent for nautical or tropical decor!
(Symbol of the Starfish card included.)
Flamingos On 4" Glass Ornament
If you're looking for a flashy tropical theme, these pink birds are sure to fit the bill! Flamingos dance playfully about this platinum silver ball amongst a forest of green palms and ferns. Artfully crafted in Poland, this 4" glass ornament with flamingo design shimmers with a myriad of sparkling sequins, glitter and beads and is perfect for a beach themed tree. Also makes a great gift for the "snowbirds" on your Christmas list who winter in warm Southern climes!
Mermaid With Starfish Glass Ornament
Can you resist the allure of this enchanting sea beauty? A vision of maritime myths and legends, our mermaid's lovely hand-painted face features large gray-blue eyes, ruby red lips and waves of long auburn hair. Spryly plucking a starfish from the sea, our mermaid's seashell top and curving fishtail shimmer delightfully in a hue of aqua blue with twinkling, iridescent glitter accents. Artfully detailed in glass and resin and coming ready to hang on a gold cord, our 7¼" tall mermaid with starfish ornament makes a fantastic addition to your nautical themed tree or fun gift for your mermaid enthusiast!
Deck The Palms Glass Ornament
You don't need snow and pine trees to have a Merry Christmas! Picturing a cheerful palm tree decorated from top to bottom with colorful lights, this whimsical ornament features the sentiment Deck the Palms. With a unique interior coating of iridescent glitter that shines in lustrous tones through the three-tone blue, white, and teal glass, this beautiful 3" round Bronner's exclusive ornament is expertly crafted in Hungary.
Flamingos Kissing Resin Ornament
It's holiday time and these vibrant lovebirds are busy necking on the beach! Bundled up in colorful scarves, hats, and boots, our flamingo couple smooch beneath a dangling mistletoe with their necks forming a heart. Crafted of resin and wire with vivid hand-painted hues of pink, purple, red and green, our whimsical flamingos kissing ornament shimmers with glitter accents and measures approximately 5¼" tall. Coming ready to hang on a red cord, this eye-catching keepsake is perfect for a tropical theme or the happy couples on your Christmas list!
Paddle Board Resin Ornament
Life is all about balance and if you're into paddle boarding, you know how to stand up to a challenge! Crafted of resin, this unique ornament is adorned with the word PADDLE BOARD and depicts a surfboard and paddle splashing through the waves of a lake or ocean. This fun 4¼" tall ornament sports hand-painted hues of blue, red, and yellow and comes ready to hang on a silver cord.
Mermaid With Blue Feather Tail 8" Glass Ornament
Quick as a seabird, an enchanting mermaid plucks a starfish from the ocean swishing her fabulous blue feather tail. Artfully crafted of glass and resin, our 8" mermaid ornament features wide blue eyes, ruby red lips, and long auburn hair and shimmers delightfully with aquamarine sequins and dazzling glitter accents. A fantastic gift for your mermaid enthusiast or nautical themed tree!
5.5 Inch Glass Flamingo Ornament With Fuchsia Pink Feathers
When you've got it, flaunt it! Accented with bright fuchsia pink feathers, our 5½" tall x 8" wide flamingo ornament has a shapely glass body lavishly accented with sparkling sequins and beads. Complete with dangling wire legs, this flashy bird comes ready to hang on a gold cord and is perfect for a tropical themed tree!
Fish With Sailor Hat Glass Ornament
Can you "sea" this adorable fish clowning about on the branches of the Christmas tree? Wearing a jaunty little sailor hat, our clownfish shimmers with bright orange, black, and white stripes and splashes of sparkling glitter. Crafted of glass and resin and coming ready to hang on a gold cord, this unique 3¾" tall ornament makes a fun gift for boating enthusiasts as well as aquatic animal lovers!
Tropical Fish 3 Inch Glass Ornament
In a brilliant flash of orange and yellow, two tropical fish dart through a coral reef deep below the sea. Beautifully crafted of glass and resin, our tropical fish ornament measures 3" tall x 5" wide and comes ready to hang on a gold cord. Hand-painted with vivid glazes and oceans of dazzling glitter, this sea-sonal keepsake is sure to add a splash of shimmering interest to the tree!
Pineapple With Sunglasses Clay Dough Ornament
Hello sunshine! Mellow in yellow, our happy pineapple is decked out for the season in heart shaped sunglasses and a beaming smile. Colorfully crafted of clay dough, this adorable ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord and is sure to add a bright, tropical flair to the tree!
Sand Dollar Glass Ornament With Clear Gemstones
Rich in texture and brilliance, this beach themed decoration is shore to be a favorite for many sea-sons to come! Crafted of glass, our sand dollar is embellished with a wealth of pearls, clear gemstones, and dazzling gold glitter. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this unique 3¼" tall keepsake pairs well tropical and vacation themes!
(Legend of the Sand Dollar card included.)
Flamingo With Flower Spun Glass Ornament
Adorned with a tropical flower and artful swirls of pink and white, this spun glass flamingo is a rare bird indeed! Sure to brighten your holidays for years to come, our whimsical art glass ornament measures approximately 3" tall and comes ready to hang on a clear monofilament line. Makes a great accent for your animal themed tree!
Flamingo With Wire Legs Glass Ornament
A vision in pink, this tropical bird is sure to make a splash on your animal lover's tree! Sporting a long graceful neck and two wire legs, our flamingo ornament is carefully crafted of glass and resin and comes ready to hang on a gold cord. Hand-painted with shimmering glazes and dazzling gold glitter accents, this eye-catching bird measures approximately 5½" tall.
Palm Tree Spun Glass Ornament With Lights
Oh Christmas tree….your branches are so palm-y! Why not enjoy a tropical holiday this year with this beautiful spun glass palm tree strung with colorful holiday lights. Shimmering in transparent hues of amber and green, this unique Christmas palm tree ornament comes ready to display on a clear monofilament line with a hanging height of approximately 3½".
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