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Squirt Gun Glass Ornament
Take aim at holiday fun with this playful little water pistol! Crafted of glass by Old World Christmas®, our squirt gun ornament is skillfully hand-painted in brilliant hues of yellow, green, blue, and orange. Shimmering with eye-catching glitter accents, this vivid design measures approximately 2" tall x 4" wide.
3.25 Inch Coconut Glass Ornament
Chocolate candy bars, crunchy macaroons, deep fried shrimp……everything tastes better with coconut! Hand-painted with gleaming white glazes and touches of iridescent glitter, our realistic coconut half glass ornament features a husk textured with life-like fibers. A natural choice for your food-themed tree, this charming 3¼" tall ornament is skillfully mouth-blown and hand-painted in Poland.
Gold Pineapple Glass Ornament
A classic symbol of hospitality and friendship, our glistening gold pineapple ornament is a refreshing way to welcome in the holidays! Accented with dazzling glitter and a crown of green fabric "leaves", this beautiful 3½" tall glass keepsake comes ready to hang with a gold cord and will make a fruit-ful addition to any tree!
(Tradition of the Pineapple card included.)
Seahorse With Sand Glass Ornament
Completely covered in sparkling sand, this enchanting seahorse captures the allure of the ocean and beach. Striped with dazzling golden sequins and sparkling gold yarn, this stunning glass keepsake is sure to catch your eye for many sea-sons to come! This 5¾" ornament comes ready to display with a gold cord.
(Tradition of the Sea Horse card included.)
5 Inch Kayak Resin Ornament
Add a splash of color to your tree with this brilliant orange and yellow kayak! Reflecting your love for the unique water sport, our 5" tall kayak ornament is artfully detailed in resin and comes ready to hang with a red ribbon. Whether you're into whitewater thrills or a relaxing paddle along the river or lake, this fun keepsake is sure to float your boat!
Blue Dolphin Blown Glass Ornament
Waving her enchanting fin and tail, this whimsical blue dolphin is sure to swim her way into your heart! Carefully mouth-blown in Italy, our charming 2" tall x 4" wide glass ornament is artfully hand-painted with vivid glazes and accents of iridescent white glitter.
Blue Sting Ray Blown Glass Ornament
This stunning sea creature would love to swim the depths of your tree! Crafted of blown glass in Italy, our impressive blue sting ray is dotted with glittering white spots and measures 5" long from his charming hand-painted face to the end of his prominent stinger.
S'More Mermaid Ornament
This sweet little mermaid will add a splash of whimsy to your S'mores™ collection! Wearing a pink seashell bikini top that matches her colorfully striped tail, our maiden of the sea sits upon her decadent chocolate and graham cracker throne. Coming ready to hang with a twine cord, this enchanting 2¼" tall ornament is artfully crafted of resin and wire.
Starfish With Shell Resin Ornament
Catch a wave of excitement with this beach-themed beauty! Hand-painted in sandy hues of tan and coral, this charming resin starfish ornament is adorned with a colorful seashell and a trio of pearl beads. The perfect complement to tropical or nautical trees, this stunning sea star comes ready to display on a twine cord.
(Symbol of the Starfish card included.)
Turquoise Sea Turtle Glass Ornament
Glistening sequins and glitter accents adorn the shell of this alluring ornament. Crafted of glass and resin and swimming in hues of turquoise blue, our sea turtle comes ready to hang with a silver cord and measures 2½" tall x 5" wide. This charming turquoise sea turtle ornament is sure to be a hit this holiday sea-son!
(Symbol of the Turtle card included.)
Pirate With Parrot And Treasure Glass Ornament
Yo ho ho! You won't need a map to find this holiday treasure. Fiercely guarding his loot with one foot atop the treasure chest, our swashbuckling pirate is dressed in a long, blue tailcoat and three-corner hat with red trousers and gleaming black boots. Shimmering in a wealth of rich glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our 5¼ tall pirate ornament is skillfully detailed in glass and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Sailors and landlubbers alike will enjoy displaying this whimsical keepsake for many sea-sons to come.
Life Is Better At The Lake 3 Tone Glass Ornament
You're sure to agree with this ornament's message: Life is better at the Lake! Picturing two crossed canoe paddles and a rugged wooded shoreline in the distance, this tranquil Bronner's exclusive design will have you dreaming of your summer getaway, even if the lake is covered in a blanket of snow and ice! Crafted of glass in Hungary, our 3" round ornament features a 3-tone enamel surface in vibrant hues of green, cyan blue and sapphire.
Santa With Pineapple Drink Ornament
With bucket in hand, Santa sands his best wishes from somewhere warm and tropical! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's, our playful 4¾" tall Santa with pineapple drink ornament is dressed in a Christmas red Hawaiian shirt with striped-blue swimming trunks and festive flip-flops but still dons his iconic Santa hat. This charming ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Flamingo With Palm Trees On Glass Drop Ornament
Add a touch of whimsy to your tree with this colorful, tropical scene. Draped in bright Christmas lights, a flamingo, in a striped knit hat, sips a fruity cocktail between two sparkling palm trees. Crafted of glass with a stunning pearl white surface, this unique glass drop ornament measures approximately 5½" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Blue Flip Flop Spun Glass Ornament
No matter wear you hang it, this charming blue spun glass flip-flop is a vivid reminder of summer, sandy beaches, and relaxing vacations in the sun! Shimmering in vivid hues of blue and white with a charming yellow daisy accent, this whimsical 3" spun glass ornament is a perfect fit for your tropical-themed tree!
Clownfish With Glitter Glass Ornament
Dazzling in orange and black, our striped clownfish shimmers with splashes of glitter and waves of eye-catching sequins! Crafted of glass and coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this charming hand-painted ornament measures approximately 3" tall x 5¼" wide and will make a great gift for your aquatic animal lover whether he enjoys viewing clownfish in an aquarium, or in the ocean snorkeling or scuba diving!
(Symbol of the Fish card included.)
Pink Flamingo With Feather Tail Ornament
Soft feathers add a playful flair to this fun and fantastic flamingo! Shimmering with vivid glazes and touches of sparkling glitter, this vibrant bird is sure to make a splash on your tropical or animal themed tree. Crafted of resin, our 4½" pink flamingo ornament comes ready to display on a silver cord.
Shark Jaw Resin Ornament
Take a bite out of the holidays with this unique decoration for the tree! Crafted of resin in realistic detail, our aquatic themed keepsake replicates a shark's jaw with its double row of pointy teeth. Coming ready to display on a gold cord, our unique shark jaw ornament measures approximately 1¾" tall x 3¼" wide.
Jellyfish Pink With Beads Glass Ornament
You'll enjoy this dazzling jellyfish ornament for many sea-sons to come! With a body of pink transparent glass adorned with rows of "pearls" and "diamonds", this unique ocean creature boasts a long, shimmering tail of opalescent plastic ribbons and beads. The glass portion of our pink jellyfish ornament measures 2½" tall with whimsical tail bringing the total height to approximately 12½".
Flamingo Design 4 Inch Glass Ornament
Flamingos, in festive Santa hats and holidays scarves encircle this whimsical design in a parade of colorful patterns. Accented with glittering, gold "sand", our 4" round flamingo design will add a flamboyance of tropical charm to your beach or tropical themed tree!
Lighthouse With Stripes White Opal Glass Ornament
In this bright, summer scene, a sailboat sails peacefully in the shadow of a striking white and black striped lighthouse as seagulls soar above. Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, this beautiful 3" white opal ornament with lighthouse design makes a great gift for the lake, beach and lighthouse admirers on your Christmas list!
(Symbol of the Lighthouse card included.)
Swordfish Cozumel Ornament
Inspired by the unique underwater creatures of the Caribbean Island of Cozumel, this beautiful swordfish is a spectacular sight to sea! Awash in speckled hues of blue and sand, our stunning Cozumel swordfish ornament is artfully crafted of resin and measures approximately 6" from sword to tail with a hanging height of approximately 3½". Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this extraordinary nautical keepsake is perfect for your tropical or beach-themed tree and also makes a great gift for your aquatic animal lover!
(Symbol of the Fish card included.)
Swimmers Make A Splash White Opal Glass Ornament
Dive into the holidays with this sporting gift for your swimmer! Accompanying the vivid blue sentiment on this gleaming, white opal ornament is a black outline of a swimmer breaking through the waves with skillful strokes. Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, this beautiful 3" round ornament features the sentiment: Swimmers make a splash! Makes a wonderful gift for your swimmer whether they swim competitively or simply enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool or lake!
Water Skiing Figure Ornament
Don't miss the boat on this fun gift for your water sports lover! Wearing a vivid yellow life vest and red swim trunks, our male water skier skillfully sails across the waves on one ski while keeping a strong grip on the tow rope. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this unique water skiing figure ornament measures 4½" tall and is sure to make a splash on your water skiers tree!
Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone Glass Ornament
If you love ice cream, you've got to try this triple scoop of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry! Accented with colorful, glass bead "sprinkles", our chocolate-dipped ice cream cone measures 6½" tall and shimmers with mouthwatering glazes and iridescent glitter accents. Skillfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this sweet treat will never melt away!
Narwhal Coast Pearl Bay Ornament
Adorned with oceans of shimmering blue beads and iridescent glitter, this narwhal is a rare sight indeed! Expertly crafted of glass and resin, this sensational narwhal coast pearl bay ornament measures 7" from sparkling tusk to tailfin and has a hanging height of approximately 3". Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this unique spun glass keepsake will make a great gift for your aquatic animal enthusiast and also will fit well with sea, beach and tropical themes.
Palm Tree Coast Island Cove Spun Glass Ornament
Not everyone dreams of a white Christmas. Some of us would prefer a relaxing holiday at the beach! Festively decorated with dazzling gold jingle bells, this enchanting palm tree evokes sunny seas side vacations by the ocean, gulf, and beach. Skillfully crafted of spun glass, our Coast Island Cove palm tree ornament features a textured amber trunk topped with a canopy of glittering green palm branches. Measuring 4" tall, this enchanting spun glass keepsake comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is a great way to add a tropical touch to your tree!
Coastal Santa Ornament Blue Resin With Crystals
Add a nautical flair to your Santa collection with this beautiful figurine. Artfully crafted of resin, our coastal Santa ornament depicts St. Nick in a sea-blue cap and cloak shimmering with sparkling crystals. This beachcombing Santa holds a starfish in his hand while toting a sack tied together with a fishing net and seashells. Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, this charming 4¼" tall ornament is shore to make a stunning statement on the tree for many holiday seas-sons to come!
Jellyfish Blue Glass Ornament With White And Gold Accents
Relying on currents to transition through the water, jellyfishes symbolize, peace, tranquility and the ability to adapt. Splashes of white glass beads and sparkling gold glitter add sparkling allure to our blue jellyfish ornament. Featuring a 2" tall glass body with trailing tentacles of ribbon and "pearls", this sea-sonal keepsake has an overall height of approximately 8" and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Makes a stunning accent for tropical, ocean and beach-themed trees!
Mermaid On Turtle Resin Ornament
A mermaid riding a tortoise? Now that's a sight to sea! Our fair haired maiden smiles coyly while sailing the depths of the ocean on the back of a splendid sea turtle. Artfully detailed in resin with a myriad of hand-painted and glitter accents, our mermaid on turtle ornament will make a spectacular gift for your mermaid lover! This 2¾" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
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