Snowflake, Icicle, & Ice Cube

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White Filled Spun Glass Icicle Drop Ornament
Add a touch of wintry elegance to Christmas decor with this beautiful icicle! With a gracefully twisting form filled with tiny Styrofoam beads to resemble snow, our 6" tall white spun glass icicle drop ornament will make a n-ice addition to your tree!
6 Inch Silver Snowflake With Jingle Bells Ornament
Incorporating jingle bells with a sparkling snowflake design, this whimsical decoration will add wintry beauty to your holiday décor! Crafted of metal and coming ready to hang with a red velvet ribbon, our 6" tall silver snowflake with jingle bells ornament also makes a great accent for your favorite wreath!
Set Of 3 Silver Glass Icicle Ornaments
Textured with a frosty metallic ice crystal appearance, this dazzling set of 3 glass icicle ornaments will add opulent shine to your tree! Coming ready to hang on silver cords, these Icicles range in height from 5" tall to 6¾" tall.
Snowflake Tree With Ribbons Transparent Blue Glass Ornament
Perfect for the holiday season, this whimsical keepsake features a Christmas tree comprised entirely of shimmering snowflakes and sparkling bands of gracefully curling ribbons. Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our snowflake tree with ribbons transparent blue glass ornament measures 3" round and is sure to add a flurry of excitement to your celebrations!
Snowflake Festival Glass Ornament
A blizzard of snowflakes just for your tree is sure to turn the weather from frightful to delightful! Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, this stunning 3" frosted blue glass ornament features shimmering silver and sparkling white glitter snowflakes artfully printed around the surface of this eye-catching ornament. This unique ornament will make a wonderful gift for that special Christmas lover in your life!
Set of 3 Frosted Glass Icicles
Reg. $8.99 Sale $4.98
Crafted of frosted glass with an elegant pendulum design, each stunning icicle in this 3 piece set measures 7¾" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Silver Polar Icicle Glass Ornament
Forever frozen in time, this exquisite keepsake by Old World Christmas® is sure to add a touch of wintry whimsy to your tree! Our 5¼" tall silver polar icicle ornament is skillfully produced in glass with accents of shimmering, iridescent glitter. Topped with a sparkling cap of glistening white snow, this cool icicle is guaranteed never to melt away!
Gold Snowflake With Pearls Ornament
Add some "bling" to your Holidays with our glamorous snowflake ornament! Crafted of a light-weight metal glistening with gold glitter, this dazzling snowflake features a large amber gemstone at its center surrounded by a flurry of eye-catching pearls and sequins. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our 5½" round gold snowflake with pearls ornament will add that certain sparkle to your Christmas décor!
Snow Much Fun Owl Ornament
Reg. $7.99 Sale $5.48
You'll really get a hoot out of this wintry design! Standing guard atop a towering stack of glistening snowballs, our cute little owl is festively dressed in a colorful scarf and fur-lined cap. Artfully crafted of resin and coming ready to hang with a black cord, whooo can resist this charming 3" tall ornament?
Set Of 24 Glow In The Dark Spun Glass Icicle Ornaments
Add a bright twist to your holiday décor with this stunning set of glow in the dark icicles! Each graceful glass spiral in this 24 piece set measures 5¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Star Wreath With Snowflake Lace Ornament
Like the wonder of each intricately crafted snowflake by the hand of our loving creator, you'll find this delicate and intriguing star wreath with snowflake lace ornament! Fine thread is stitched and formed to create our 3" tall star wreath with snowflake white lace ornament. Our phenomenal keepsake was skillfully crafted in Germany. With a loop of thread that makes this ornament ready for immediate display on your tree or in a window, this stunning lace ornament is sure to fascinate friends and family for years to come with winter wonderment!
Snowflake Ornament With Blue Jewels
Dazzle family and friends with the brilliant beauty of this elegant snowflake ornament! Artfully crafted of silver-tone metal, this gorgeous snowflake is adorned with sparkling blue jewels in a variety of eye-catching shapes and sizes. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, our exquisite 5¼" tall snowflake is sure to cause a flurry of excitement this holiday season!
Snowmen On Clear Glass Ornament
Add a touch of winter wonder to your tree with this fun snowman ornament! Filled with tiny Styrofoam balls that resemble 'snow', our clear glass ornament measures 2¾" tall and features a pattern of whimsical snowmen and snowflakes. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this cool keepsake is sure to melt your heart for years to come!
S'Mores With Snowflake Ornament
Snug and warm in a red stocking cap, this sweet little S'more® is having a blast playing in the snow! Artfully detailed in resin and wire, our 2½" tall S'Mores® with snowflake ornament shimmers with accents of sparkling silver glitter and comes ready to hang with a twine cord. With its yummy appearance and charming holiday theme, your collector couldn't ask for s'more!
Cluster Of 3 Silver Icicle Ornaments With Carved Design
Add dimension to your holidays with this highly reflective ornament! Crafted of shatterproof plastic, this brilliant cluster measures 4¾" tall and features 3 silver icicles adorned with "carved" wave-like designs. Capturing the essence of winter's splendor, these sparkling beauties come ready to hang with a silver cord.
Snowflake White Lace Ornament With Diamond Tips
Add a flurry of enchantment to your tree or window pane with this gorgeous lace snowflake. Edged with intricate diamond tips, this extraordinary white lace snowflake ornament is skillfully stitched in Germany using fine thread. Coming ready to hang on a loop of matching thread, this beautiful 3½" tall keepsake is sure to add a homespun charm to your tree.
Just like nature's snowflakes, each one of our ornaments is special and unique in its own way. Our snowflakes, icicles and ice cubes shimmer and shine, creating a sparkling addition to your holiday tree.
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