Santa Claus

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Santa With Toy Sled Glass Ornament
Here comes Santa Claus! Leaving Vixen and Blitzen behind, this Santa pulls his own sleigh full of tantalizing toys for good girls and boys! Skillfully crafted of glass and resin from Old World Christmas®, our 4¾" tall Santa with toy sled ornament is hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and sparking glitter accents. Perfect for anyone on your "nice" list this year!
Glistening Golden Santa Glass Ornament
Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® with a myriad of colorful glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our glistening golden Santa is depicted wearing a Victorian-inspired floor-length crimson robe adorned with a gleaming gold pattern of poinsettias and snowflakes and holding a festive fir tree. This extraordinary 4¾" tall keepsake is sure to impress the Santa collector on your Christmas list!
Santa Driving Golf Cart Glitter Ornament
Golf enthusiasts are sure to go fore this whimsical Santa driving golf cart ornament! Artfully crafted of metal, our 3¼" tall Santa driving golf cart ornament depicts St. Nick waving from the driver's seat while a handful of festive candy canes peek out from his golf bag. Shimmering with prismatic glitter in hues of turquoise, gold, red, pink, and green, this fun keepsake comes ready to hang with a clear monofilament line.
Father Christmas Glass Ornament
Holding a staff and a festively wrapped gift, our 5½" tall Father Christmas ornament is costumed in a full-length midnight blue robe adorned with a majestic fir tree pattern. Glistening with sparkling glitter and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, our Victorian-inspired Santa will add shimmering interest to your tree!
Dutch Santa Jim Shore Ornament
Rich with color and pattern, this vibrant 4½" tall Santa ornament by artist Jim Shore celebrates the culture of windmills, wooden shoes, and all things Dutch! Exquisitely hand-crafted of stone resin with a "carved wood" appeal, this charming Dutch Santa ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is sure to become a treasured collectible.
Santa's Magic Key Ornament
No chimney? No problem! Santa can use this special key to open your door and leave all the goodies behind. Artfully crafted from resin and metal, Santa's Magic Key ornament measures 4¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a red ribbon.
(Story of Santa's Magic Key card included.)
Bronner #1171017.
French Santa Jim Shore Ornament
Joyeux Noel! This charming ornament by folk artist Jim Shore© depicts a French Santa wearing a jaunty beret and dressed in a robe depicting a colorful Eiffel Tower scene. Hand-crafted of stone resin for a "carved wood" appeal, this beautiful 4½" tall Santa ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is a great reminder of the rich culture and traditions of France!
2.5 Inch Red Santa Glass Ornament
With his broad face and little round belly, this whimsical St. Nick looks as if he stepped off the pages of a storybook! Impeccably crafted in the Czech Republic with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this charming keepsake is a must-have for the Santa collector on your Christmas list!
Personalized Santa Belt Glass Ornament
Hold on to your belt buckle, it's going to be an amazing Christmas! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall Santa belt buckle ornament features a revolutionary interior coating of sparkling red glitter that shines through the clear glass with all the magic of the holiday season! Never out of season, these trousers are sure to be the perfect fit for your Santa enthusiast's Christmas tree year after year! Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to hand-paint a personalized touch in white paint at no additional charge.
Bronner #1171998.

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Santa On Pinata Glass Ornament
With his festive steed, Santa is on his way to celebrate a colorful Christmas fiesta! Exquisitely crafted from glass with glittering accents, this Santa on piñata ornament's vibrant colors are sure to be an eye-catching treat you'll love for years to come. Measuring 4½" tall and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this irresistible ornament is a smashing gift idea for your favorite fiesta enthusiast at Christmas or any time of the year!
(Tradition of the Piñata card included.)
Hot Air Balloon Santa Glass Ornament
Santa is all set to deliver Christmas presents around the world with his new stylish hot air balloon! Exquisitely crafted in Poland, this 6¾" tall glass hot air balloon Santa ornament shimmers in vivid red and white glazes, while sparkling glitter accents add a whimsical appeal. We're not just full of hot air when we say this ornament is sure to be a favorite amongst your loved ones this holiday season!
Personalized Santa Train Glass Ornament
Choo-choo-se a special keepsake that will be right on track with your train enthusiast's passion regardless of age! Exclusively crafted from glass in Hungary for Bronner's, this 3" tall ornament features a train conducted by Santa in red along a smooth two-tone green and white-satin surface. Allow one of our professional Bronner's artists to add a personal touch with a red paint pen at no additional charge. Please select the alternate image for a view of this personalized Santa train glass ornament without personalization.
Mr. And Mrs. Claus Mistletoe Glass Ornament
Santa steals a sweet little kiss from his beloved miss beneath the mistletoe! Exclusively crafted from glass in Hungary for Bronner's, this 3" glass ornament shimmers with a smooth pearl finish and merry illustration of Mr. & Mrs. Claus. This ornament will make a great addition to your classic Christmas décor for years to come!
Santa With Poinsettias Glass Ornament
Resplendent in an elegant crimson robe, our Victorian-inspired Santa holds a sack filled with bright red poinsettia blooms. Skillfully crafted of glass in Poland and hand-painted with a myriad of colorful glazes, this exquisite 6¾" tall Santa with poinsettias ornament will brighten your holidays for many years to come.
Bronner #1180215.
Santa With Reindeer Red And White Glass Glitter Ornament
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen!..... Like a comet streaking through the night sky, Santa's sleigh blazes across this sparkling 3" round ornament in dazzling detail! Meticulously crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our Santa with reindeer red and white glass glitter ornament is uniquely coated on both the inside and out with shimmering bands of iridescent glitter your whole family is sure to take a shine to!
Woodland Santa Glass Ornament
True to nature, our benevolent Santa is surrounded by his furry and feathered friends of the forest. Dressed in a resplendent crimson robe, this exquisite 6½" tall Santa is crafted of glass in Poland and hand-painted with a myriad of colorful glazes and shimmering gold accents. This delightful keepsake is sure to brighten your holidays for many years to come!
Bronner #1180223.
Santa With Camper And Reindeer Glass Ornament
How does Santa "recharge his batteries?" He loves to go camping with his deer-est friend! Santa's home away from home is charmingly decorated with a string of colorful holiday lights and measures 3¼" tall x 4" wide. Artfully detailed in glass with colorful hand-painted and glittered accents, our whimsical Santa with camper and reindeer ornament is sure to be a welcome site for friends and family who love to camp!
Personalized Santa With List Ornament
How do the kids know if they've earned a spot on Santa's "nice" list? It's all right here in black and white! Artfully crafted of resin with amazing hand-painted detail, our 5¼" tall personalized Santa with list ornament features a large blank space just waiting for the name of your good little boy or girl. Simply supply a name and one of our talented Bronner's artists will add a personal-alized® touch with a black paint pen at no additional charge. So, go ahead and acknowledge their good behavior with a customized keepsake they're sure to cherish for many years to come!
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Bronner #1177587.

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Santa Ringing Bell Glass Ornament
Artfully crafted of glass by the masters at Old World Christmas®, this handsome keepsake depicts the loving good will ambassador with a basket of gifts ringing a Christmas bell. Shimmering with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this incredi-bell keepsake will add a festive element to any tree!
Irish Santa With Pot Of Gold Glass Ornament
At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold….guarded by this pipe-smoking Irish Santa! Meticulously crafted in glass and resin, our lucky keepsake measures 5¾" tall and glistens with hand-painted glazes in vivid emerald green and gold. Twinkling with eye-catching glitter accents, our Irish Santa with pot of gold ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is perfect for your favorite Irishman or Santa collector!
(Legend of the Leprechaun with his Pot of Gold card included.)
Santa On Horse With Covered Wagon Glass Ornament
Add an "Old West" flair to your holidays with this unique design! Artfully crafted of glass and resin, this vibrant design depicts Santa riding a horse and pulling a festively decorated covered wagon. Shimmering with a myriad of colorful glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this special keepsake measures 3½" tall x 4" wide and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
S'Mores Santa With Bear Ornament Dated 2015
Celebrate another sweet year with this special S'Mores Santa with bear ornament dated with the year 2015. Whimsically crafted from resin and wire to resemble a decadent marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker treat, our S'mores Santa figure measures 2½" tall and comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
Santa in Golf Cart Ornament
Santa wants to explore the golf greens of your tree in his special white and red golf cart! Artfully crafted from resin, this 3¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a monofilament cord. Makes a wonderful gift for your special golfer!
Personalized Santa Hat Glass Ornament
Santa will happily lend his classic red and white cap for your Christmas! Artfully crafted from glass with shimmering glazes and “fuzzy" white details, this 3" tall ornament is a Bronner's exclusive! Our talented Bronner's artists hand-paint your choice of name in eye-catching white at no additional charge.
Bronner #1095275.

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Dear Santa Ornament
Do I really have to be good this year? Cute phrases surround our exclusive ornament capturing a child's curiosity as to whether Santa is really watching. 3" diameter and made of glass from Hungary.
Personalized Motorcycle Santa Ornament
Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree this year with this adorable Santa ornament! Personalized with a black paint pen by our professional Bronner's artists at no additional charge, this 3½" tall resin ornament features Santa riding on a glittering red bike. Coming ready to hang with a red ribbon, this unique motorcycle Santa ornament will make a wonderful gift for that special biker enthusiast in your life.
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Motorcycle Santa Glass Ornament
Mr. and Mrs. Claus are ready for a cruise around your tree on their holiday hog! Crafted from glass, this 4" by 5¼" ornament makes the perfect gift for the motorcyclists in your life! Comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Kneeling Santa With Verse Ornament
That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow
Philippians 2:10

Brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence, Santa gazes at the Christ child and whispers a silent prayer. Beautifully blending the religious and secular aspects of Christmas, this heartwarming resin ornament features amazing, lifelike details. This 3½" kneeling Santa with verse ornament will make a wonderful addition to your celebrations!
Large Colorful Hot Air Balloon Ornament
With bows, swags, and blooms, this hot air balloon gives Santa a lift for a special Christmas delivery! Made in Poland, our whimsical 12½" tall glass ornament features St. Nick dangling in a basket full of Christmas goodies below a beautiful hot air balloon. Dazzling glitter accents and vibrant colors will make this balloon ornament stand out amongst the branches of your tree. This large and colorful air balloon ornament will make a treasured keepsake for all ages!
Santa Winemaker Glass Ornament
A wine connoisseur among many other things, Santa concludes that this wine is a very good year! Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this Santa winemaker ornament is colorfully detailed in eye-catching glazes and glistening glitter accents. Making the perfect gift for your wine enthusiast at Christmas time or any time of the year, our 5" Santa winemaker ornament is sure to get sweeter with time!
Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas this year with our creative and colorful Santa ornaments, each designed to deliver holiday cheer! Our special selection of traditional and whimsical Santa Claus ornaments will definitely put you on his nice list.
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