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S'mores With Guitar Ornament
This whimsical S'mores® ornament will be a deliciously adorable addition to your collection! Crafted from resin and measuring 2½" tall, this guitar playing S'more® is sure to strum up some smiles from friends and family for seasons to come! Strike the right cord this year, and give a gift that is in tune with your special musician!
S'more Glass Ornament
We've cooked up S'more summer fun to help you celebrate in the Christmas season! Exclusively crafted from glass for Bronner's, our 3¾" tall S'more ornament features a luscious layer of "chocolate" smothered by a mmmmm-elty layer of gooey "marshmallow" sandwiched between two golden "graham crackers". If you love camping, campfires, or even just S'mores, then you're sure to be sweet on our deliciously detailed ornament that will never go to waist!
S'mores Wine Lover Ornament
Wine enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this sweet ornament complete with wine bottle and glass. Whimsically crafted from resin and wire to resemble a decadent marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treat, this adorable 2" tall S'mores® wine lover ornament comes ready to hang with a rope cord. Anyone building up a S'mores® collection will want to include this adorable ornament!
S'Mores Diva Ornament
It's all about the accessories for this dazzling diva! Adorned with sunglasses, designer scarf and a purse filled with a precious pooch, our 2¼" tall S'Mores® Diva ornament is artfully crafted of resin and wire with colorful hand-painted accents. Coming ready to hang with a twine cord, this cute keepsake is perfect for the sweet trendsetter on your Christmas list.
S'Mores What's Burning Ornament
You're sure to get a chuckle out of this amusing ornament! Artfully crafted of resin and wire, this sweet collectible depicts a slightly singed S'Mores™ figure with a "What is that burning smell?" thought balloon floating overhead. Coming ready to hang with a twine cord, this comical 4" tall ornament is sure to be the "toast" of the town!
Campfires Are S'more Fun Ornament
If you think campfires are s'more fun then you're sure to warm up to this toasty design! Hanging at approximately 3" tall on a twine cord, our resin ornament depicts the sentiment with a tiny campfire dangling beneath while the classic camping treat sits above two sticks with marshmallows accented in glitter. Your favorite camper or S'more enthusiast is sure to eat up all of this ornament's delicious details!
S'Mores Is It Warm In Here Ornament
This sweet ornament is sure to make you smile! Artfully crafted of resin and wire, this delectable collectible features a taste-fully singed S'Mores™ figure fanning her face with her hand. Complete with a "Is it warm in here, or am I having a HOT FLASH" thought balloon floating overhead, this 4" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
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