Old World Christmas Ornaments

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Scales Of Justice Glass Ornament
The perfect balance of symbolism and beauty, our 3¾" tall Scales of Justice ornament is artfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. Hand-painted with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this representation of equality in justice makes a great gift for law students, professors, or attorneys!
Celtic Trinity Knot Glass Ornament
Connect to your Celtic roots with this spectacular Trinity Knot ornament! Skillfully produced of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 2¾" tall triquetra is artfully hand-painted with glazes of vibrant green and gold. Shimmering with eye-catching glitter accents, this handsome Irish keepsake recalls the three-leafed shamrock St. Patrick used to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Mr. Bones Skeleton Glass Ornament
The foot bone's connected to the leg bone, the leg bone's connected to the knee bone…..Oh mercy how they scare! Artfully crafted of glass with ebony glazes and glittery white accents, this 5" tall fright-fully charming Mr. Bones Skeleton by Old World Christmas® is a spook-tacular keepsake you're sure to enjoy for many years to come. No bones about it!
Shepherds With Sheep Glass Ornament
This gorgeous keepsake by Old Word Christmas® is masterfully crafted of glass with vibrant hand-painted glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Depicting a pair of awestruck shepherds with their sheep, this reverent 4¼" tall Shepherds with Sheep ornament is a poignant reminder of Christ's humble birth.
Bronner #1177560.
University Of Arkansas Glass Stocking Ornament
Christmas is the perfect time to display your team spirit with this beautiful University Of Arkansas® glass stocking ornament. Expertly mouth-blown and hand-painted by the masters at Old World Christmas®, this dazzling red keepsake measures 5" tall and features an attractive knit-like texture, a sparkling white cuff, and the distinctive Razorbacks® insignia. This officially licensed collegiate product will make a great gift for any University of Arkansas® student, alumni, or dedicated fan!
Three Wise Men Glass Ornament
This wise keepsake by Old World Christmas® is artfully crafted of glass with vibrant hand-painted glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Depicting the magi as they present their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn King, this striking 4¾" tall Three Wise Men ornament is a great way to celebrate Epiphany, also known as Three King's Day.
Bronner #1177559.
Christmas Pixie Glass Clip-On Ornament
This 4" tall Christmas Pixie has a sparkling personality you're sure to appreciate! Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this merry and sometimes mischievous helper of the elves is painted with vibrant glazes and a sprinkling of shimmering pixie dust and comes complete with a gold clip-on base that attaches easily to any branch of your tree.
Brown Bear With Cubs Glass Ornament
This year, decorate a bare branch with this charming trio of bears! Expertly hand-crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this exquisite 3" tall by 4¼" wide ornament shimmers with eye-catching glitter and depicts a mother brown bear standing protectively with her cubs. How un-bear-ably cute!
Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Glass Ornament
You're Cuckoo clock enthusiast is sure to get all wound up in the charm of this clever keepsake! Expertly crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® and masterfully painted with shimmering glitter accents, this 3¾" tall Black Forest Cuckoo clock ornament is sure to make a time-less addition to your tree.
(Tradition of the Cuckoo Clock card included.)
Sleepy Owl Glass Ornament Clip On
This adorable sleepy owl is sure to be a hoot in your décor! Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 3" tall owl ornament securely attaches to a branch of your tree with a clip. Shimmering glitter beautifully accents the expertly applied paint. Our adorable owl clip on ornament makes the perfect gift for the wise bird in your life!
Candle Clip-On Ornament
Ordinary ornaments can't hold a candle to this beautiful design! Expertly crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 3½" tall white satin candle ornament is festively accented with a sprig of holly. Glittering accents enlighten the design of this clip-on ornament with an extra touch of charm you are sure to love for seasons to come!
(Tradition of the Candle card included.)
Nostalgic Santa Face Glass Ornament
Don't face another Christmas without this nostalgic Santa smiling at you from the branches of your tree! Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 4¼" tall Santa face ornament is charmingly painted with shimmering glitter accents that add a whimsical appeal. With his Santa hat and a sprig of holly, this Santa face is sure to make your ho-ho-ho-lidays merry and bright!
Jesus Good Shepherd Glass Ornament
The Lion of Judah, Lamb of God and our Good Shepherd –Jesus is celebrated in this special ornament! Inspired by Psalm 23 and expertly crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 4½" tall good shepherd ornament is beautifully painted with shimmering glitter accents that add a divine appeal you'll appreciate for years to come.
Dancing Couple With Star Glass Ornament
With a star in their eyes and a song in their hearts, this Ballroom dancing couple will happily sway all season long! Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this 4¼" tall dancing couple ornament will make a gift that is sure to score a "perfect 10" with your enthusiast whether they prefer to tango, samba, rhumba, strut, step, boogie or foxtrot!
Love Birds Glass Ornament
If you are looking to share your lovey-dovey affections with someone special, look no further! With a pair of sweet doves cuddled up on a vine of bleeding heart flowers, this 4" tall glass ornament showcases the beautiful workmanship Old World Christmas® is well known for! Beautifully painted with lovely glittering accents, this remarkable dove couple ornament is perfect for your special love bird.
Alligator Glass Ornament
This lovely alligator is one you'll want to see now, not later! Masterfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® with impeccable detail and vibrant glazes accented by shimmering glitter, this alligator ornament measures 1¼" tall by 5" wide. Members of the crocodile family, alligators are noted for their cleverness and ability to learn quickly making this 'gator keepsake one smart gift for your favorite enthusiast or brainiac!
Glass Christmas ornaments are a beautiful addition to any tree. They give the tree a vibrant touch of shine and color. The line of Old World Christmas® Ornaments produces high quality glass ornaments with a high attention to detail. Tim and Beth Merck founded the company in 1979. The concept was to create beautiful, authentic Christmas collectibles that reflect the traditions and values of Christmases past, while creating a line of products that are high in quality and in craftsmanship. The variety of the Old World Christmas® ornaments ranges from traditional Santa Clauses and angels, to birds, fruits, animals, and symbols. Each piece is high in shine and is painted with the highest quality paints. They are hand blown, just like the traditional methods of ornament making used in the 1800’s. Then, a liquid silver solution is poured inside of the ornament to give it a beautiful shine. After each piece is painted by hand, glitter is added to give the piece a final shine and sparkle. Because of the meticulous process of creating each ornament, the Old World Christmas® ornaments have become a highly valued collector’s item. New lines are constantly being produced to offer customers new varieties and decorating ideas. Intricate and lovely Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way to add life to your holiday tree. They also make wonderful keepsakes for those you love and can become a family tradition in your household.
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