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Burnt Orange Maple Leaf Ornament
You may be surprised to learn that this marvelous ornament was crafted by preserving a real maple leaf! Hand-selected and coated with lacquer to keep its natural color and veins visible, this gorgeous burnt orange leaf was created by skilled artisans in a delicate process that takes at least 7 days from start to finish. With edges dipped in precious 24 karat gold, this exquisite ornament comes ready to hang on a striped green ribbon and is grown and hand-crafted in the USA. Whether you decorate a windowpane for autumn or display it on your Christmas tree, you're sure to rake in a pile of compliments with this timelessly preserved treasure! Ranging in height from 3” to 3½” tall, no two are exactly alike!
Victorian Wire Carriage Ornament
Add a fairytale flair to your holiday decor with this enchanting carriage ornament! Imaginatively crafted of wire and pretty lilac tulle fabric, our whimsical carriage shimmers with a myriad of dazzling embellishments including iridescent beads, sparkling sequins, glistening gold glitter, and elegant "pearls." Topped with a celadon ribbon and dazzling gold "jewel", this extraordinary 4" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to add a magical element to the tree!
Comic Word Actions Glass Ornament
Super-hero comic book fans are sure to get a bang out of this Bronner's exclusive design! Decorated with the "sound effects" KABOOM!, POW!, BANG!, BOOM! and Whoosh! in captions of blue and red, this bright two-tone yellow and white ornament is artfully crafted of glass in Hungary and measures 3" round. Our fun comic word actions ornament is sure to add a visual punch to your tree!

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. We expect new supplies in late August, 2016. If you wish to backorder now, you may do so by calling 1-800-361-6736.

Rowboat Resin Ornament
Row, row, row this boat gently down the tree! A perfect addition to your nautical or beach-themed décor, our rowboat ornament is charmingly crafted of resin to resemble sun-bleached wood. Hand-painted in a sea-worthy hue of turquoise, this charming 1½" tall x 3¼" wide ornament is accented with two white metal paddles and comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
S'Mores Enough With The Christmas Music Already Ornament
If you've ever listened to Christmas music while shopping for Halloween candy, you're sure to relate to this not-so-sweet sentiment! "Enough with the Christmas music, already!" is the thought balloon floating above this slightly singed S'Mores™ figure depicted with hands clamped over his ears in frustration. Whimsically crafted of resin and wire, this comical ornament measures 4" tall and comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
S'Mores I Am Smoking Hot Ornament
Self-confidence is not a problem for this sweet little guy! Hands on hips in a puffed-up pose, this slightly singed S'Mores™ figure features a thought balloon that reads: "I Am SMOKIN' HOT!" Whimsically crafted of resin and wire, our amusing 4" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
Joy, Peace And Christmas Cheer In Here Precious Moments 1st Annual Elf Ornament
Delivering a special holiday card addressed from Me to You, this adorable Precious Moments© elf makes a great holiday gift! Skillfully crafted from smooth ivory bisque with colorful hand-painted accents, our endearing "Joy, Peace And Christmas Cheer In Here" ornament measures 3½" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Precious Moments© #161037
1st in Annual Elf Ornament Series
2015 Introduction
Dump Truck Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
Give your spirits a lift with this dump truck ornament that is buckets full of fun! Beautifully crafted of glass and painted in yellow and brown hues, this attractive 2" tall miniature dump truck ornament shimmers with glittering accents and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Set of 12 Christmas Traditions Ornaments
Include all of the traditions of Christmas on your tree with the help of this set of 12 festive ornaments! With sparkling glitter accents, each ornament in our holiday legend set is exquisitely crafted of glass and painted in vivid colors. Our Christmas traditions ornament set includes a 3¼" tall candle, 3" tall snowman, 2¾" tall rooster, 3" tall cardinal, 2¾" tall Christmas tree, 3" tall church, 2¾" tall candy cane, 2¾" tall pickle, 3" tall poinsettia, 3½" tall St. Nicholas, 3" tall Santa Claus, and 3½" tall Santa in a wreath. This set of 12 Christmas traditions ornaments will also make a fabulous gift for a new home owner or newlyweds!
Old Fashioned Record Player Glass Ornament
For the record, this ornament will be right in tune with memories of days gone by! Artfully crafted from glass, our old fashioned record player is painted with typical colors of the era while glittering accents add a nostalgic appeal. This fun ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and hangs at approximately 4" tall. Take a spin back into time with every detail of our unique keepsake.
Leprechaun With Pot Of Gold Round Glass Ornament
Reg. $10.99 Sale $5.98
Folklore tells us the wee Irish folk called leprechauns stash their gold in a pot at the end of the rainbow. If you catch one and can keep him in sight, he must take you to his treasure. If the leprechaun can trick you into looking away, he will vanish along with your hopes for finding his loot! Our exclusive 3¼" tall ornament features a colorful imp with his golden treasure. Skillfully crafted of glass proudly produced in the USA, our leprechaun with pot of gold ornament includes a synopsis of the legend which can be read on the reverse side.
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Moose With Lights In Antlers Ornament
This forest friend is all caught up in the Christ-moose spirit! Crafted of glass and resin, this festive creature's antlers are tangled in plastic Christmas lights. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our moose with lights in his antlers ornament is 6" tall and 5" wide. Your special outdoors enthusiast will be de-light-ed to receive this whimsical moose ornament this year!
Bacon Strip Spun Glass Ornament
If you're "ach'n" for bacon, then our exclusive strip of succulence will make your tree sizzle for seasons to come! Our 4½" tall spun glass bacon slice ornament is masterfully crafted and finished in two shades of perfectly golden and crispy brown. This particular piece of pork comes ready to hang with a silver cord!
Bronner #1166253.
Betty Boop In Pink Dress Glass Ornament
Reg. $15.99 Sale $11.98
From black and white to full color, the queen of the screen keeps all her Boop-A-Doop™ flair in this soft pink flowing gown trimmed in soft white feathers! Styled after traditional European mouth blown ornaments, this handcrafted ornament is intricately hand-painted with glittering accents that add to her glamorous appeal. Measuring 5¼" tall, our Betty Boop™ in pink dress glass ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord. The silver screen starlet is sure to make a big premier on your Betty Boop™ enthusiast's tree this holiday season!
Nacho Platter Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
This is nacho typical Christmas ornament! Artfully crafted of glass, our 3½" tall nacho platter ornament is piled high with cheese and your favorite toppings for a spicy hot treat for your tree!
Frame Ornament With Red Bow
Personal-ized with a picture, this festive ornament is sure to have any loved one in the right frame of mind this holiday season! Artfully crafted from resin, this 3¾" tall frame ornament with bow comes ready to hang with a red ribbon and is perfect for hanging on the tree.
An alligator dressed in a big red bow, jolly St. Nick playing in the snow and a shiny ornament which reads, Ho, Ho, Ho, are just a few of the wonderfully clever and colorful ornaments available at Bronner's sure to bring back memories of your childhood enthusiasm and love for the holiday season!
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