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3.5 Inch Peacock Blue Disk Glass Ornament
Often called "the bird with 100 eyes" because of the iridescent eye-like patterns of its plumage, the peacock is a brilliant sight to behold! Lavishly adorned with vibrant green jewels and glittering accents of turquoise, pink and gold, our 3½" blue disk ornament depicts a peacock spreading his tail feathers in all their resplendent glory. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this gorgeous keepsake is, literally, as pretty as a peacock!
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
3 Inch Blue And White Lighthouse Glass Ornament
With their bright beacons of light guiding ships from danger, lighthouses also remind us of the lightkeeper's legacy of courage and self-sacrifice for the welfare of others. Beaming with luminous glazes and dazzling glitter accents, our exquisite 3" tall blue and white striped lighthouse ornament is skillfully crafted of glass in Poland and is sure to add a cheerful glow to your holidays.
(Symbol of the Lighthouse card included.)
Red And White Mushroom Pair Glass Ornament
In Germany, mushrooms are often displayed on Christmas trees as symbols of good luck and to represent the people's reverence for nature. Sprouting from a bed of green moss, this charming pair of toadstools sport brilliant red caps adorned with white glitter spots. Skillfully rendered in glass, this enchanting 3¼" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
(Symbol of the Mushroom card included.)
Smiling Ladybug Glass Ornament
Simply crawling with charm, this 2½" wide spotted insect is a symbol of good luck for your tree. Shimmering with brilliant glazes and dots of dazzling black glitter, our Bronner's exclusive ladybug ornament is artfully crafted of glass and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
(Legend of the Ladybug card included.)
Bronner #1201106.
Lighthouse 4.5 Inch Glass Ornament
Sure to shine bright for many seasons to come, this radiant white lighthouse is artfully hand-painted with a myriad of colorful glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Our charming 4½" tall glass ornament is skillfully mouth-blown in Poland and is sure to add a touch of nautical whimsy to the tree!
(Symbol of the Lighthouse card included.)
5 Inch Red And White Lighthouse Glass Ornament
Guiding ships from danger with their bright beacons of light, lighthouses capture our imaginations with their unique architecture and fascinating histories. Artfully crafted of glass, our charming 5" red and white lighthouse ornament shimmers with vivid glazes and eye-catching glitter accents. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this spectacular keepsake is sure to shine bright for many holiday seasons to come!
(Symbol of the Lighthouse card included.)
Lion And Lamb Glass Ornament
Christian beliefs attribute the qualities of both the lion and the lamb to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Embodied within Christ are the lion's majesty and might, as well as the lamb's innocence and gentleness. Artfully crafted of glass, this meaningful glass ornament depicts a lion peacefully lying down with a lamb and is adorned with a star and dove. Hand-painted with vivid glazes and accents of sparkling glitter, this special CHRISTmas keepsake measures 3" tall x 4¼" wide and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Lion and the Lamb card included.)
Glittering Conch Shell Glass Ornament
Our beautiful shell looks so real, we should in good conch-ience, let you know that it's made of glass! Hand-painted in restful hues of white sand and coral, our conch shell ornament sparkles with iridescent glitter and measures 5¼" tall. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this beach-themed keepsake is shore to be a favorite for many sea-sons to come!
(Symbol of the Mexican Seashell card included.)
Owl With Santa Hat Glass Ornament
Christmas is a hoot with this adorable owl ornament! Featuring sparkling iridescent glitter accents, our charming bird is made in Poland of mouth-blown glass and hand-painted by skilled artisans. Measuring 3¼" tall, this owl with Santa hat ornament will make a special gift to your nature enthusiast!
(Symbol of the Owl card included.)
Panda With Baby Glass Ornament
It may be a zoo out there, but this panda and her baby only have eyes for each other! Artfully detailed in hues of ebony and white, this beautiful hand-painted ornament shimmers with dazzling accents of iridescent glitter. Skillfully mouth-blown in Poland, this alluring glass keepsake measures 3¾" tall and is sure to appeal to the animal lover on your Christmas list.
(Legend of the Panda card included.)
Smiling Pig Glass Ornament
Can you imagine this smiling little pig crying wee, wee, wee all the way to your tree?! Shimmering with brilliant pink glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our Bronner's exclusive glass pig ornament measures 2½" tall x 4" wide and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Pig card included.)
3.75 Inch Pickle Glass Ornament
According to German folklore, whoever finds the pickle ornament on the tree on Christmas morn will have good luck for the following year…..and maybe a bonus gift from Santa. Why not begin a Christmas pickle tradition with your family this year? Artfully crafted in Poland, our 3¾" glass pickle shimmers in a hue of deep green and is textured with bumps just like the vegetable we all know and love. (Tradition of the Pickle Ornament card included).
Poinsettia Glass Disc Ornament
You're sure to pick this blooming beauty for your holiday décor! Adorned with a trio of vibrant poinsettias in brilliant red and green, our 5" glass disc ornament shimmers with a glistening white pearl surface. Accented with glistening glitter and a sprinkling of "ruby" gems, this gorgeous ornament is sure to be a perennial favorite! (Legend of the Poinsettia card included).
Black And White Rooster Glass Ornament
Spanish and Latin American cultures call their mass on Christmas Eve "La Misa Del Gallo, (The Mass of the Rooster) because it is said that the only time that a rooster crowed at midnight was on the day Christ was born. Artfully crafted of glass and resin, our vibrant black and white rooster measures 4½" tall and shimmers with eye-catching glitter and beads. Ornament comes ready to hang on a silver cord. (Legend of the Rooster card included).
Pretzel, Brown Matte Glass Ornament
What pairs perfectly with your beer ornaments? This glass pretzel, of course! Shimmering with a reflective matte brown surface and a liberal sprinkling of "salt, our 3" pretzel shimmers on both sides with iridescent glitter accents and is masterfully hand-crafted in Germany. (Tradition of the Pretzel card included).
Mistletoe In Clear Glass Ornament
A sprig of festive "mistletoe" is encased inside this clear glass ball. Kissed with a cheery red bow, this beautiful 3¼" tall glass ornament surrounds a sprig of festive green and white "mistletoe." Symbolizing harmony and good will, this unique decoration is perfect for Christmas, the season of love! (Symbol of the Mistletoe card included).
Owl 4 Inch White And Silver Glass Ornament
In trending décor, owls are swooping into the mainstream….and unto the branches of Christmas trees everywhere. Ever watchful with his wide-eyed black gemstone stare, our handsome glass owl has a glossy white body adorned with sparkling silver glitter and white bead embellishments. Exuding shine and texture, this charming white owl ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
(Legend of the Owl card included).
Peacock On Ball 5 Inch Glass Ornament
Perched atop a dazzling globe, our gorgeous peacock proudly displays his magnificent feathers for all to see. Textured with dazzling crystal gemstones and colorful glitter accents, this beautiful 5" peacock on ball ornament has an enchanting 3-dimensional form rendered in glass and resin. Vibrantly patterned in eye-catching hues of aqua, green, gold and plum, this magnificent keepsake comes ready to hang on a gold cord and is sure to become a treasured favorite.
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
Mistletoe Cluster Acrylic Ornament
Kissing under the mistletoe is an old European tradition and a lovely custom to keep! Designed to catch the light and add faceted dimension to your tree, this sparkling ornament features a cluster of mistletoe, berries, and pine branches, all shimmering in glittering hues of green and crimson. Adorned with red jewel pendants that dangle with an eye-catching charm, this cheery 8" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a red gossamer ribbon and is crafted of acrylic and plastic.
Symbol of the Mistletoe card included.
Plastic Glittering Poinsettia Ornament
Layered with dimensional charm, this dazzling 5¼" tall poinsettia will look great in numerous displays! Depicting a brilliant red poinsettia flowering on a bed of glittering green leaves, this stunning ornament is crowned with a cluster of sparkling gold berries. Crafted of acrylic and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this impressive Christmas flower will usher in the holidays with a dramatic flair!
(Legend of the Poinsettia card included.)
Bronner #1202231.
Peanut Glass Ornament
The perfect gift to tell someone that you're absolutely nuts about them! Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this 3" tall peanut ornament features life-like peanut ridges with exquisite glittering accents.
(Symbol of the Peanut card included.)
Legend Of The Panda Glass Ornament
With so much charm, this ornament is sure to cause a little panda-monium amongst enthusiasts of the creature or endangered animals! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, this 3" tall enameled white ornament features a panda bear clutching a glittering green bamboo branch on the front, and the legend of the panda printed on the back. A must have for legend collectors and panda bear advocates!
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of this ornament.
Shelled Peanut Glass Ornament
You'll go nuts over this snack-size favorite! Artfully crafted from glass in Germany, this 3" tall peanut ornament will make an appetizing addition to your tree that is sure to satisfy your peanut lover for years to come.
(Symbol of the Peanut card included.)
5 Inch Pineapple Glass Ornament
Bring a tropical feel to your Christmas tree with our 5" pineapple ornament! With eye-catching glazes in glistening gold, amber, and green, this glass and resin beauty is accented with eye-catching glitter and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Tradition of the Pineapple card included.)
Small Pretzel Glass Ornament
Deliciously detailed with golden brown glazes, iridescent glitter and a generous sprinkling of realistic looking "salt", our 2" tall pretzel ornament looks good enough to eat! Expertly hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this tempting treat is perfect for your food-themed tree!
(Tradition of the Pretzel card included.)
Pickle Ornament
This crunchy pickle is sure to add a snap to your Christmas décor. 4" glass ornament. Handcrafted in Poland.
(Tradition of the Pickle card included.)
Large Shiny Pickle Glass Ornament
Are you in a pickle over your ornament collection? Why not add this darling 3¾" tall "gherkin" to your tree? Artfully crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's, this large shiny pickle ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Tradition of the Pickle card included.)
Bronner #1167796.
Set of 12 Christmas Traditions Ornaments
Include all of the traditions of Christmas on your tree with the help of this set of 12 festive ornaments! With sparkling glitter accents, each ornament in our holiday legend set is exquisitely crafted of glass and painted in vivid colors. Our Christmas traditions ornament set includes a 3¼" tall candle, 3" tall snowman, 2¾" tall rooster, 3" tall cardinal, 2¾" tall Christmas tree, 3" tall church, 2¾" tall candy cane, 2¾" tall pickle, 3" tall poinsettia, 3½" tall St. Nicholas, 3" tall Santa Claus, and 3½" tall Santa in a wreath. This set of 12 Christmas traditions ornaments will also make a fabulous gift for a new home owner or newlyweds!
Our Lady Of Czestochowa Ornament
Today the shrine of Jasna Gora in Czesochowa continues to attract millions of visitors annually who honor its miraculous image. This charming Madonna with baby ornament is 4" tall and crafted of glass from Poland.
(Our Lady of Czestochowa Story card included.)
Pomegranate Glass Ornament
Popular not only for its use in juices but also its medicinal uses, the pomegranate is a symbol of resurrection and everlasting life. Our exquisite ornament measures 3" tall and is artfully crafted of glass from Poland. Beautifully replicated, this ornament is sure to be in good taste on your tree for years to come!
(Symbol of the Pomegranate card included.)
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