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Brown Glass Acorn Ornament
Early German Christmas trees were decorated with pinecones, cookies and nuts— Most notably the acorn, a symbol of good luck. Our glistening glass version is expertly rendered in Germany and depicts a larger than life acorn with a light brown patina and a textured burgundy cap accented with shimmering silver glitter. Measuring 2½" tall, this beautiful acorn is a reminder that great results can be born of humble beginnings.
(Symbol of the Acorn card included.)
Plaid Bagpipe Ornament
No matter your heritage, you are sure to have a piping good time with this plaid bagpipe ornament! Our unique bagpipe ornament is both colorful and pitch-perfect with its red plaid fabric and gold fringe. Crafted of fabric with plastic and wood accents, this vibrant 5½" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a red ribbon and is sure to add lively interest to your multi-cultural or musical-themed tree!
(Tradition of the Bagpipes card included.)
Bees On Honeycomb Round Glass Ornament
We could mind our own beeswax, but we think you'll really like this new Bronner's exclusive design. Crafted of semi-transparent glass in a warm honey hue with a crystalized finish within, our 3" round ornament is buzzing with a swarm of honey bees busily tending their honeycomb. Shimmering with touches of iridescent glitter, you're sure to bee impressed with this sweet design expertly crafted in Hungary.
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
New Creation In Christ Glass Ornament
God gives us beautiful parallels to illustrate in the physical realm what we cannot see in the spiritual. Just as "anyone [who] is in Christ is a new creation" -2 Corinthians 5:17, so is the transformation of a caterpillar to a vibrant and freely-fluttering butterfly. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round three-tone gold, white and purple ornament depicts this humbling scripture beside a beautiful butterfly with glittering accents hovering over a violet flower. Celebrate the daily process of justification through Christ Jesus our Lord with our thought-inspiring keepsake!
(Symbol of the Butterfly card included.)
Gray Cat With Santa Hat And Yarn Ball Glass Ornament
Innocently playing with a ball of yarn this sweet little kitty wouldn't dream of batting all of the ornaments off the Christmas tree! With one ear poking adorably out of his Santa hat, our charming gray cat is masterfully rendered of glass in Poland and measures 4" tall. Hand-painted with skilled brush strokes and iridescent glitter accents, this fine feline is paws-atively precious!
(Legend of the Cat card included.)
Red And Gold Twisted Glass Bell Ornament
Fill your tree with the incredi-bell style of this vibrant glass ornament! Exquisitely hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our 2¼" tall bell has a delightfully twisted appearance hand-painted with cheerful red glazes and waves of glistening gold glitter. A festive way to b-ring in the holiday season year after wonderful year!
(Legend of the Christmas Bells card included.)
Red Glass Bell Ornament With Silver Net Design
Ring in the holidays with this striking glass ornament masterfully hand-crafted in Germany. With an artful net design shimmering with iridescent silver glitter, our gorgeous red matte bell measures 2¾" tall and comes complete with a glass bead clapper attached with a loop of wire.
(Legend of the Christmas Bells card included.)
Red, White, And Green Glass Bell
Ding-dong-ding-dong…Christmas bells are ringing! Hand-painted with a festive plaid pattern in red, white and green, our exquisite glass bell is topped with a red bow and measures 4¾" tall. Shimmering with accents of eye-catching glitter this incredi-bell ornament comes ready to hang on a gold cord.
(Legend of the Christmas Bells card included.)
Red Rose Shiny Glass Clip On Ornament
Reminiscent of a shimmering garden after a summer rain, this sparkling rose bud glistens with iridescent white glitter and leaves of glittering gold. Skillfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our exquisite 3" shiny red rose ornament features a metal clip-on attachment for precise placement on your tree.
(Legend of the Christmas Rose card included.)
Red And Green Glass Stocking Ornament With Jingle Bells
Reg. $10.99 Sale $7.98
Don't hang this pretty red stocking on the mantel....it's meant for the tree! Resplendent in shimmering hues of red and green, our dazzling 5" glass stocking ornament is accented with glistening glitter and gold jingle bells. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this 5" tall keepsake is sure to hold your interest for many years to come!
(Legend of the Christmas Stocking card included.)
Colorful Cross Glass Ornament
Your CHRISTmas tree is the perfect place to display this colorful glass cross. Its shimmering silver surface is embellished on both sides with glistening glazes of gold, green, pink, and turquoise. Enhanced with glitter and striking patterns of dazzling gemstones, this stunning 4½" tall cross ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord and is sure to inspire family and friends for many seasons to come.
(Symbol of the Cross card included.)
Dolphin Cozumel Ornament
If you've visited the tropical Island of Cozumel, perhaps you've been lucky enough to glimpse a dolphin or two. A great gift for your aquatic animal lover, our beautiful stone-resin dolphin ornament shimmers in dappled hues of light blue and gray and comes ready to display on a silver cord. A unique reminder to appreciate all of God's special creatures, this unique sea-sonal keepsake measures 4" wide with a hanging height of approximately 3" tall.
(Symbol of the Dolphin card included.)
Kecia Purple And White African American Glass Angel
"Kecia" means "great joy" and is an apt name for this angelic creature! Robed in a stunning purple and white gown, our jubilant African American angel is depicted with praying hands and magnificent wings sparkling with iridescent glitter. Skillfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this beautiful ornament measures 5½" tall.
(Guardian Angels card included.)
Lady Of Guadalupe Glass Ornament
In tribute of the 1531 miracle, allow this Virgin Mary to appear on your tree! Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this beautiful 4¾" tall ornament with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents is a wonderful way to honor Mexico's patron saint, the Lady of Guadalupe.
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of this ornament.
(Our Lady of Guadalupe card included.)
Glass Heart With Sculpted Baroque Patterns
A gift from the heart is always appreciated at Christmastime! Artfully sculpted with a flourish of sculpted baroque patterns, our 3" red glass heart shimmers with dazzling gold glitter and a smattering of emerald "gemstones." Masterfully mouth-blown in Poland, this stunning ornament is sure to be treasured for many Holiday seasons to come.
(Symbol of the Heart card included.)
Hedgehog Love You Ornament
Who could resist this lovable design? Arms raised for a hug, our 2" tall ornament is charmingly hand-crafted of resin with the sentiment ♥ U.
(Symbol of the Hedgehog card included.)
Set Of 20 Spun Glass Icicle Ornaments
Add a bright twist to your holiday décor with this stunning set of clear glass icicles! Each graceful 5" tall spiral in this 20 piece set comes ready to hang with a silver cord for an eye-catching appeal that will never melt away!
(Legend of the Icicle card included.)
Set Of 24 Glass Icicles In 3.5 Inch And 5.5 Inch Lengths
Clear-ly beautiful, these transparent icicles will add sparkling dimension to your holiday décor. Shimmering in lengths of 3½" and 5½", each spiral-shaped icicle in this boxed set of 24 comes ready to hang on a silver cord.
(Legend of the Icicle card included.)
Irish Pot Of Gold Glass Ornament
Reg. $12.99 Sale $8.98
Flaunt your Irish heritage with this lucky design! Depicting a vibrant rainbow leading from a shamrock to a pot of gold, this fabulous 4" tall x 3¾" wide design comes complete with the sentiment IRISH and an upside-down horse shoe to "catch all the luck." Resplendent with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our Irish pot of gold glass ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Legend of the Irish Pot of Gold card included.)
Irish Wreath With Pot Of Gold
Reg. $6.99 Sale $4.98
Flaunt your Irish heritage at Christmastime with this lucky ornament! Artfully detailed in resin, our vibrant 3½" tall wreath has a charming Celtic knot design accented with shamrocks and a dangling pot of gold. Hand-painted in bright hues of white, green and gold, and coming ready to hang with red cord, this special keepsake makes a great gift for Irish friends and family!
(Legend of the Irish Pot of Gold card included.)
Pot Of Gold With Top Hat Glass Ornament
Folklore tells us wee Irish folk called leprechauns stash their gold in a pot at the end of every rainbow. Adorned with a shimmering green top hat, our pot of gold ornament is filled to the brim with sparkling gold coins and synched with a striped ribbon in bright hues of Ireland’s flag. Artfully crafted of glass and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this charming 4½" tall pot of gold with top hat ornament will make a great gift for your Irish friends and family or any who could use a little good luck!
(Legend of the Irish Pot of Gold card included.)
Green and White Claddagh Ring Ornament
The famous Claddagh ring symbol is masterfully depicted in white glaze on the smooth emerald-color surface of this Bronner's exclusive 3" tall glass ornament. The symbol of the Claddagh ring is printed in white on the back. Back text: The hand represents friendship, the crown royalty and the heart love. Because of its history and unique design the Claddagh ring is being used internationally as a token of great love and friendship. This unique Claddagh ring ornament will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones this Christmas! Made in Hungary.
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of this ornament.
Beer Mug Glass Ornament
What pairs perfectly with your food-themed ornaments? Our glass beer stein, of course! Overflowing with a frothy, white foam, our mouth-watering beer mug is hand-painted with golden glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Masterfully crafted in Germany, this 4¼ tall ornament is sure to lift your sprits! (Tradition of Beer card included).
Blue And Green Dragonfly Glass Ornament With Beaded Tail
Sparkling like gems in the sunlight, the jewel-like tones of the dragonfly symbolizes joy and renewal. Awash in brilliant hues of blue, green, and gold, this gorgeous glass dragonfly is accented with dazzling glitter and a whimsical tail of glass beads. Skillfully mouth-blown in Germany, this beautiful ornament measures approximately 3¾" tall. (Symbol of the Dragonfly card included).
Dove In Bell Glass Ornament
Universal symbols of peace and love, dove ornaments have long been used to decorate Christmas trees. This lovely clear glass bell features a charming white dove clapper glistening with iridescent accents and crystal gemstones. Sparkling snowflakes decorate the exterior of the bell along with a beautiful, white gossamer bow. Coming ready to hang on a white ribbon, this enchanting 3¼" tall Christmas ornament would also be perfect for a winter wedding!
Symbol of the Dove card included.
Cowboy Boots With Star Ornament
Symbolizing the free spirit of the American west, these charming red, white, and blue cowboy boots are sure to fit your style. Artfully detailed in resin with eye-catching star embellishments, this delightful 2" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a leather cord.
Tradition of the Cowboy Boot card included.
Carved Wooden Eagle On Branch Ornament
Artfully carved of wood, this beautiful eagle is depicted swooping down upon a tree branch with majestic wings beating the air. Sure to be an uplifting sight on your Christmas tree, this charming ornament comes ready to hang on a twine cord with an approximate hanging height of 5".
Symbol of the Eagle card included.
Stack Of Cowboy Hats Ornament
Symbolizing the rugged spirit of the American west, the cowboy hat was created by John B. Stetson in 1865 and soon became a necessity for cowboys working trail drives. Its wide brim could whip a horse; fan a fire; and protect the cowboy from the wind, rain, and sun. Stacked up in a colorful pile, our charming cowboy hats ornament is artfully detailed in resin with bright hand-painted accents and comes ready to hang with a red cord. Complete with dangling brown tassel, this cap-tivating ornament has an overall height of 6" and is sure to fit your unique country style.
Tradition of the Cowboy Hat card included.
Patriotic Eagle Glass Ornament
Adopted as USA's national emblem in 1782, the majestic eagle has come to represent the freedom and bravery of Americans. Shimmering in vibrant hues of red, white and blue, this patriotic eagle ornament is artfully crafted of glass and features the sentiment GOD BLESS AMERICA. Accented with touches of iridescent glitter, this uplifting keepsake comes ready to hang with a silver cord and makes a great gift for veteran and military families and everyone who loves our great country!
Symbol of the Eagle card included.
2.25 Inch Glass Stocking Ornament
Have you heard the legend of the Christmas stocking? Long ago, a father was unable to provide his three daughters with a dowry. Hearing of their misfortune and wishing to help, St. Nicholas dropped three bags of gold coins down the chimney where they fell into each of the daughters' stockings hanging by the fire to dry, providing a sufficient dowry. Since then, stockings hung by the fireplace are a traditional part of Christmas gift giving. Stuffed with a festive present, this adorable red stocking is trimmed with gold flowers and pearls and shimmers with iridescent glitter accents. Hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this darling little 2¼" stocking holds big wishes for a Merry Christmas!
Legend of the Christmas Stocking card included.
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