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Irish Pot Of Gold Glass Ornament
Reg. $12.99 Sale $8.98
Flaunt your Irish heritage with this lucky design! Depicting a vibrant rainbow leading from a shamrock to a pot of gold, this fabulous 4" tall x 3¾" wide design comes complete with the sentiment IRISH and an upside-down horse shoe to "catch all the luck." Resplendent with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our Irish pot of gold glass ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Legend of the Irish Pot of Gold card included.)
Shamrock With Top Hat Glass Ornament
Pay tribute to your Irish heritage or cap off a special visit to the Isle with our whimsical shamrock with top hat ornament! Charmingly crafted of glass, this 4½" tall keepsake shimmers with vibrant emerald glazes and accents of shimmering glitter and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Shamrock card included.)
Glass Pretzel Ornament
Golden brown with a liberal sprinkling of "salt", our exclusive 2¾" tall x 3½" wide glass pretzel shimmers with accents of iridescent glitter and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. A tempting treat for your tree!
(Tradition of the Pretzel card included.)
Standing Hedgehog Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
A sparkling personality makes this little 4½" critter shine! Our standing hedgehog ornament is hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Hedgehog card included.)
Owl On Branch 4 Inch Glass Disk
Hand-painted with an artful depiction of a wide-eyed owl on a snowy bare branch, this gorgeous 4" glass disk is filled with accents of glistening white "snow." Shimmering with opalescent glazes and iridescent glitter accents, this beautiful ornament is topped with a pretty white bow and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
(Symbol of the Owl card included.)
Blue Egg With Flowers Glass Ornament
Eye-catching embellishments in brilliant hues of crimson, ebony, and metallic gold make this gorgeous decoration an egg-cellent choice for the tree! Crafted of glass with glistening glitter accents, our 3" tall blue egg with flowers ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Tradition of the Painted Egg card included.)
Hedgehog Love You Ornament
Who could resist this lovable design? Arms raised for a hug, our 2" tall ornament is charmingly hand-crafted of resin with the sentiment ♥ U.
(Symbol of the Hedgehog card included.)
Scarlet Red Glass Cardinal Ornament
Attract your special bird watcher to the tree with this vibrant glass cardinal symbolizing the beauty and cheer of the holiday season. Shimmering in hues of scarlet and persimmon, our brilliant 2½" tall x 5¾" wide" cardinal shimmers with dazzling red glitter accents and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Cardinal card included.)
Dove In Bell Glass Ornament
Universal symbols of peace and love, dove ornaments have long been used to decorate Christmas trees. This lovely clear glass bell features a charming white dove clapper glistening with iridescent accents and crystal gemstones. Sparkling snowflakes decorate the exterior of the bell along with a beautiful, white gossamer bow. Coming ready to hang on a white ribbon, this enchanting 3¼" tall Christmas ornament would also be perfect for a winter wedding!
Symbol of the Dove card included.
Clear Glass Ornament With Poinsettias And Swirls
Hand-painted with vibrant poinsettias and swirls of red and green, this elegant clear glass finial will add a festive flair to your tree. Accented with dazzling gold glitter and twinkling acrylic "gemstones", this gorgeous ornament is masterfully crafted in Romania and measures 5½" tall.
(Legend of the Poinsettia card included.)
Teapot With Roses Glass Ornament
I'm a little teapot short and stout! Complete with handle and spout, our gorgeous keepsake is skillfully crafted of glass with opalescent glazes and a pretty pink and green rose motif. Measuring 3" tall and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this beau-tea-ful ornament is sure to serve you well for many seasons to come!
(Symbol of the Teapot card included.)
Lion Silhouette Glass Ornament
Vibrantly hand-painted with striking silhouettes of lions roaming the African savannah, this captivating glass ornament is awash in brilliant hues of orange, gold and vivid ebony. Expertly mouth-blown in Poland, our gorgeous 4" tall keepsake shimmers with eye-catching gold accents and is sure to infuse your holidays with an exotic flair!
(Symbol of the Lion card included.)
Frog On Lily Pad Glass Ornament
You're sure to have a hop-py holiday with this whimsical frog ornament! Crafted of glass and resin, our shimmering green frog sits on a vibrant felt lily pad shimmering with dazzling sequins. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this fantastic 3¼" tall keepsake is sure transform your tree by leaps and bounds!
(Symbol of the Frog card included.)
Pot Of Gold With Top Hat Glass Ornament
Folklore tells us wee Irish folk called leprechauns stash their gold in a pot at the end of every rainbow. Adorned with a shimmering green top hat, our pot of gold ornament is filled to the brim with sparkling gold coins and synched with a striped ribbon in bright hues of Ireland’s flag. Artfully crafted of glass and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this charming 4½" tall pot of gold with top hat ornament will make a great gift for your Irish friends and family or any who could use a little good luck!
(Legend of the Irish Pot of Gold card included.)
Teapot With Flowers And Gold Accents Glass Ornament
Brew up a special holiday with this unique tea-themed keepsake! Masterfully crafted of glass from Romania, this lovely teapot with flowers and gold accents features a charming handle and spout shimmering with metallic brass glazes. Hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes, this beau-tea-ful 3¼" tall keepsake is sure to serve you well for many seasons to come!
(Symbol of the Teapot card included.)
Gold Cat Blown Glass Ornament
A breed apart from the rest, this whimsical blown glass cat ornament is expertly crafted in the Czech Republic. Shimmering with gorgeous gold glazes and dazzling copper glitter accents, this fancy feline has a charming hand-painted face adorned with a heart-shaped nose and measures 4¼" tall. Sporting an artful white bow, this purr-fectly adorable ornament will look amazing on your cat lover's tree!
(Legend of the Cat card included.)
Large Elephant Glass Ornament
Elephants have long been symbols of strength, fidelity, wisdom, and prosperity. Trunk up to symbolize good luck, our 3½" tall x 4¾" wide elephant ornament is artfully hand-painted with shimmering glazes and accents of sparkling glitter. Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this majestic creature will make a wild addition to your animal or safari-themed tree!
(Symbol of the Elephant card included.)
Glass Hops Cluster Ornament
Flavor your beer-themed tree with our zesty hops cluster ornament! Expertly crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's from the Czech Republic, each hop in this cluster measures 2" tall and is artfully painted with lustrous green glazes and accented with shimmering green glitter. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this hops cone trio ornament has a hanging height of approximately 6" tall.
(Tradition of Beer card included.)
Bronner #1194151.
Red And Gold Candle Clip On Ornament
Reg. $12.99 Sale $8.98
Beaming in shimmering glazes of red and gold, this beautiful candle has a lasting shine! Accented with iridescent white glitter, sparkling sequins and yellow gemstones, this radiant glass ornament measures 5" tall and features a clip-on attachment or precise placement on the tree.
(Tradition of the Candle card included.)
Dove Symbol 3 Tone Blue Glass Ornament
A universal symbol of peace and love, doves make wonderful CHRISTmas decorations! Shimmering with a brilliant 3 tone purple, blue and turquoise surface our 3" round ornament is exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary. Depicting a dove in flight with an olive branch in his beak, this beautiful ornament is printed on the reverse side with a paragraph outlining the fascinating Symbol of the Dove.
Symbol Of The Dragonfly Glass Ornament
Glittering like a jewel in the sunlight, a dragonfly gracefully skims an indigo pond blooming with vibrant pink water lilies. This serene scene is artfully depicted on our lustrous white ornament in a myriad of vibrant glazes and iridescent glitter accents. Expertly crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, this two-sided keepsake measures 3" round and is printed on the reverse side with a charming paragraph detailing the fascinating Symbol of the Dragonfly.
Ladybug With Flowers Glass Ornament
Measuring 1½" tall by 2¾" wide and expertly hand-blown in Poland, this cute ladybug with flowers glass ornament is just crawling with charm! Adorned with a myriad of colorfully glittered flowers, this harbinger of good fortune is sure to bring you luck for many seasons to come.
(Legend of the Ladybug card included.)
Star Of Bethlehem Silver And Gold Glass Ornament
Reg. $14.99 Sale $9.98
A symbol of the guiding light that led the magi to the Christ-child, the star has been used as a decoration on Christmas trees for centuries. Shimmering in reflective tones of silver and gold, our brilliant star of Bethlehem glass ornament is accented with dazzling rays of silver glitter and an eye-catching gemstone center. Topped with a gold metal bow embellished with twinkling jewels, this stunning 6" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a silver cord.
(Symbol of the Star of Bethlehem card included.)
Honeycomb With Bees Glass Ornament
You're sure to bee pleased with this sweet honeycomb ornament! Made of glass in Poland, our 3¾" tall hive of activity is crafted of amber glazes and accented with iridescent glitter and clear beads. This honeycomb with bees ornament is sure to cause a buzz of excitement with the beekeeper or honey lover on your Christmas list!
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
Bronner #1193834.
3.75 Glass Peacock Ornament
Pretty as, well, a peacock, this dazzling bird shows off his brilliant plumage adorned with sapphire "jewels" and gold glitter accents. Shown in a regal profile our blue and green glass peacock ornament is artfully rendered in glass and resin and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Sure to catch the eye of bird watchers and animal lovers alike, this fabulous decoration measures 3¾" tall.
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
Clip On Candle Glass Ornament
Reg. $16.99 Sale $11.98
Add a touch of brilliance to your tree with this exquisite clip-on candle ornament. Expertly hand-blown in Poland, our 5" tall candle is adorned with a festive bell and holly motif that's sure to brighten your holidays for many seasons to come.
(Tradition of the Candle card included.)
Mistletoe Symbol On Frosted Glass Ornament
It's time to hang the mistletoe and let the holiday celebrations begin! Crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's with glitter accents, this 3" round mistletoe symbol glass ornament has a lovely frosted surface with an artful image of mistletoe tied with a festive red ribbon. Printed on the reverse side is the Symbol of the Mistletoe, which details the customs associated with the Scandinavian tradition of kissing beneath it at Christmastime.
Bronner #1195779.
Wreath Symbol Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $4.98
Whether you love beautifully decorated wreaths or symbolism, you're sure to love how this wreath symbol ornament spruces up your tree! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round white enamled ornament features a bright Christmas wreath on one side and the Symbol of the Wreath printed on the reverse side.
Bronner #1195802.
Modern Christmas Tree Glass Ornament
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, your branches are so stylish! Hand-painted with glistening green glazes, our 4¼" tall glass Christmas tree is artfully crafted in the Czech Republic with a festive pattern of red dots and sparkling gold stars. There's no better place than your tree for this splash of wit and whimsy!
(Symbol of the Christmas Tree card included.)
Edelweiss Legend Light Blue Glass Ornament
In the German language, "edelweiss" means "noble and white" and is an apt description of this beloved alpine perennial! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round light blue enameled ornament depicts an edelweiss plant sprouting from the ground with vibrant white flowers and green leaves. Printed on the reverse side is a paragraph outlining the fascinating Legend of the Edelweiss.
Bronner #1195850.
Perfectly illustrating a legend, symbol, or tradition, each ornament in these sections has been chosen by Bronner's as a symbol for the story it represents. Each section has its own special story that adds depth and enjoyment to the beauty of the ornaments. Enjoy these special traditions that will bring meaning and enjoyment to your Christmas for years to come!
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    Buffalo (1)
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    Celtic Cross (2)
    Cherry Blossom (1)
    Chili Pepper (2)
    Chocolate Chip Cookie (1)
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    Donkey's Cross (2)
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    Dragonfly (5)
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    Drummer Boy (1)
    Eagle (2)
    Edelweiss (1)
    Elephant (5)
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    Garlic (1)
    Guardian Angel (4)
    Guardian Angel Feather (2)
    Heart (2)
    Hedgehog (3)
    Holly (3)
    Hummingbird (7)
    Icicle (2)
    Irish Pot Of Gold (2)
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    Ladybug (6)
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    Lily of the Valley (1)
    Lion (2)
    Mexican Seashell (1)
    Mistletoe (2)
    Mushroom (5)
    Nutcracker (1)
    Owl (4)
    Painted Egg (4)
    Panda (3)
    Peacock (4)
    Pickle (2)
    Pig (4)
    Pinata (1)
    Pineapple (4)
    Poinsettia (6)
    Polar Bear (2)
    Polish Star (1)
    Pomegranate (1)
    Pretzel (2)
    Rainbow (2)
    Robin (2)
    Rooster (3)
    Saint Anthony (1)
    Saint Christopher (1)
    Saint Francis of Assisi (1)
    Saint Nick to Santa Claus (4)
    Sand Dollar (2)
    Seahorse (3)
    Shamrock (1)
    Snowman (6)
    Star (1)
    Star of Bethlehem (1)
    Starfish (3)
    Stork (2)
    Sunflower (1)
    Tabby Cat (2)
    Teapot (6)
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