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Grapes With Green Leaves Ornament
Our grape ornament is for those with good taste! Crafted from plastic, this lustrous ornament features a plump bunch of purple grapes dangling beneath leaves from the grapevine and is entirely covered in a shimmering coat of glitter for an intoxicating appeal. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this grapes with green leaves ornament measures approximately 4¼" tall and will make a healthy addition to your fruit lover's tree.
Symbol Of The Cherry Blossoms Glass Ornament
Symbolic of good fortune, love and affection, cherry blossoms are appreciated around the world as an early sign of spring. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, this 3" round shimmering white ornament depicts a branch with a vibrant pink cherry blossom. Printed on the reverse side of this gorgeous keepsake is the Symbol of the Cherry Blossoms which details the colorful legends associated with this perennial favorite.
Hummingbird On Trumpet Flower Glass Ornament
Attracted by a showy pink trumpet flower, a tiny green hummingbird hovers delightfully as it sips on sweet nectar. Awash with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this exquisite keepsake is amazingly detailed in glass and gleams with soft accents of iridescent glitter. Sure to attract your gardener or birdwatcher's eye, our exquisite 3½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Hummingbird card included.)
Edelweiss Bloom Glass Ornament
Whether displayed as a symbol of love or a declaration of bravery, this 2½" glass ornament will bloom with beauty on your tree for seasons to come! Artfully crafted of glass from Germany, this edelweiss bloom ornament is beautifully colored in satin finishes, while glittering accents add an eye-catching and mythical appeal.
(Legend of the Edelweiss card included.)
Edelweiss Legend Light Blue Glass Ornament
In the German language, "edelweiss" means "noble and white" and is an apt description of this beloved alpine perennial! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round light blue enameled ornament depicts an edelweiss plant sprouting from the ground with vibrant white flowers and green leaves. Printed on the reverse side is a paragraph outlining the fascinating Legend of the Edelweiss.
Lily Of The Valley With Legend Ivory Glass Ornament
A perennial favorite, lilies of the valley symbolize sweetness and purity. Legend claims that when Mary cried at the crucifixion of Jesus, her tears fell softly to the ground and turned into these delicate, bell-shaped flowers, sometimes called "Mary's tears". Our exclusive 3¼" tall lily of the valley ornament is artfully crafted of glass and hand-painted with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents. The legend of the lily of the valley is printed on the reverse side of this attractive ornament. Made in the USA.
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Legend Of The Dogwood Glass Ornament
Reg. $9.99 Sale $6.98
Blossoming near Easter, dogwood flowers serve as a beautiful reminder of the loving and selfless sacrifice Christ made long ago, both in each "nail stained" petal and as its blooms gently take the form of the cross. Carefully crafted of glass in the USA exclusively for Bronner's, this 3¼" tall ornament features the tranquil artwork of a dogwood cross by staff artist Connie V. Larsen on a smooth white surface and the heart-felt legend printed in crimson on the reverse side. This legend of the dogwood ornament will make a great gift at Christmas, Easter, or any time of the year for your Pastor or loved ones!
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Santa Driving Tractor Ornament
Santa doesn't need his team of reindeers to haul his fresh cut tree--he's using the "horsepower" of his favorite green tractor! Crafted of resin with a variety of vibrant hand-painted glazes, this whimsical 3¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
Indented Flowers Glass Ornament
It's clear to see what makes this unique decoration so special! With its cascading pattern of indented flowers which appear to bloom from its center, our 3½" glass ornament is hand-painted in vivid hues of pink and green. Masterfully crafted in Romania with accents of iridescent glitter, this exquisite design is sure to blossom happily for many years to come!
Organic Good For Nature Good For You Glass Ornament
'Tis the season to think green! Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our attractive 3" round ornament has a brilliant two-tone green and white pearl surface artfully embellished with leaf designs and the sentiment,
Good For Nature
Good For You
. This unique organic food ornament will make a great gift for that special farmer, food connoisseur, or nature lover on your Christmas list.
Personalized Bless This Farm Glass Ornament
Looking to wish a bounty of blessings to celebrate your favorite farmer? Then plant this memento on his or her tree! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round ornament decorates an earthy beige finish with a farmhouse and classic red barn on a glittery blanket of snow and the sentiment "Bless This Farm". Allow one of Bronner's talented artists to add a personalized touch with a black paint pen at no additional charge.
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Personalized John Deere Tractor Resin Ornament
Your John Deere™ fan will have a "field day" with this unique personalized ornament! Artfully crafted of resin, our vibrant John Deere™ tractor ornament is painted in an unmistakable shade of green with vivid accents of yellow and black. Measuring approximately 3" tall by 3½" wide and coming ready to hang with a red ribbon, this farm-themed keepsake features a vivid white banner to showcase the name of your special John Deere™ fan. Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch with a black paint pen at no additional charge.
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Distressed Red Barn Glass Ornament
Outstanding in its field, our quaint red barn has a rustic, aged appearance and features a charming cupola on the roof with a silo nearby. Accented with a dusting of glittering "snow", this alluring 4¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and will make a great accent for your farm or country themed tree!
Truck With Tree Scene On LED Lit Glass Ornament
A fresh cut pine stands in the bed of a quaint red farm truck in this enchanting holiday scene. Adorned with shimmering glitter accents, our clear glass disc ornament is lit from within with a glowing LED which softly illuminates the scene when the switch at the top of cap is activated. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this beautiful Christmas keepsake measures approximately 5" tall.
5 Inch Winter Sleigh Glass Disk Ornament
This beautiful winter sleigh design is sure to deliver loads of Christmas cheer! Packed full of colorfully wrapped gifts, our vibrant red sleigh has attracted the attention of a brilliant cardinal who rests on a charming, country quilt. Depicting a picturesque barn in the distance, our 5" glass disc ornament is accented with sparkling glitter and comes ready to hang with a silver cord. You're sure to cherish this snowy scene for many seasons to come!
Piggy In Puddle Glass Ornament
Wearing a bright red neckerchief, this little piggy is happy just wallowing in the mud! Crafted of glass by the skilled artisans of Old World Christmas®, our piggy in puddle ornament measures approximately 3" tall and shimmers with vibrant glazes and touches of iridescent glitter. Wee, wee we think you'll enjoy this little oinker for many years to come!
Rubber Boots Glass Ornament
Spotted with polka-dots, these adorable "rubber boots" are reminiscent of warm, spring rains and time spent lovingly tending vegetable gardens and flower beds! Artfully hand-painted with shimmering black and white glazes and eye-catching red glitter accents, our enchanting rubber boots ornament is expertly crafted of glass by Old World Christmas® and measures 3" tall.
Succulent Glass Teardrop Ornament
Beautiful "desert" plants inhabit this clear glass terrarium imparting a bouquet of southwest charm! A sunny display for your window or Christmas tree, our 4½" tall glass teardrop ornament is filled with plastic succulents and tiny sand-hued pebbles and comes ready to hang with a twine cord.
Egg Carton Glass Ornament
Some breakfast foods are not what they're cracked up to be, but eggs always "pan out"! All lined up in a carton in tidy rows, these "farm fresh" brown chicken eggs await their fate--will they be scrambled, boiled, poached, or fried? Skillfully hand-crafted in Poland with vivid glazes and dazzling glitter accents, this egg-straordinary egg carton glass ornament measures approximately 1" tall x 3" wide and makes a great gift for anyone who knows his or her way around the kitchen!

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. We expect new supplies in early July, 2020. If you wish to backorder now, you may do so by calling 1-800-361-6736.

Hen Brown And White Glass Ornament
We may be counting our chickens before they're hatched, but we think you're going to love this brown and white hen glass ornament! Depicted laying eggs, our 3¼" tall mother hen shimmers with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents and is crafted of glass from Poland. This charming hen brown and white ornament is sure to be an egg-straordinary addition to your animal or farm-themed tree!
Corn On The Cob 4.5 Inch Glass Ornament
Capturing the flavor of a fun summer picnic, this organic design is naturally a-maize-ing! Complete with pat of butter, our 4½" tall corn on the cob ornament is beautifully produce-ed in glass with hand-painted glazes of gold, orange, and green. Shimmering with touches of iridescent glitter, this mouth-watering ear of corn will look tasty on your food-themed tree!
Nectar Hummingbird Art Spun Glass Ornament
The allure of a morning glory proves irresistible to our graceful hummingbird as he hovers beneath the orange flower extracting nectar with its long, spiny beak. Crafted with a beautiful mix of clear and frosted art glass, this amazing nectar hummingbird ornament comes ready to hang with a clear monofilament line with a hanging height of approximately 3¾" tall. Your spun glass collector will think of you every time she gazes upon this little beauty!
Cow Black And White Glass Ornament
Queen of the pasture in her pink collar and cowbell, this spotted cow is udder-ly captivating! Skillfully crafted of glass with vibrant glazes and dazzling glitter accents, our black and white cow ornament measures approximately 2" tall by 3¼" wide.
(Symbol of the Cow card included.)
Rooster Clip-On Glass Ornament
Cock-a-doodle-doo! With his bead and sequined wings and exquisite feathered tail, this rooster is sure to be the talk of the barnyard. Adored with painted glazes of gold, orange, and red, this handsome rooster clip-on glass ornament measures approximately 4¼" tall x 6" wide and shimmers with glittering accents. A bright gift for bird lovers and country or farm-themed trees, our rooster ornament features an attached metal clip for perfect placement on branches or other displays.
Personalized Barn Resin Ornament
Make hay while the sun shines and grab this great personalized gift for your farmer! Standing tall beside a shimmering silver silo, our exclusive red barn stands out in the field with its classic white trim and a gleaming green roof. Coming ready to hang on a red ribbon, our 3" barn ornament is artfully crafted of resin with a myriad of hand-painted glazes. We wouldn't want to bet the farm, but we're guessing your favorite farmer would be pleased to own this barn when you allow one of our talented artists to "fill it" with unique personalization at no additional charge!

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Red Rose Clip-On Glass Ornament
Everything's coming up roses with this dazzling Christmas flower. Thorn-free, our bloom's rosy red petals have a long lasting beauty that will never wilt away. Shimmering with red glitter accents and crafted of glass from Poland, our exquisite red rose clip-on ornament measures 3" tall and has an attached gold metal clip allowing for perfect placement on your tree or other displays. A splendid gift for a gardener, florist or anyone who loves roses!
(Legend of the Christmas Rose card included.)
Water Lily Glass Ornament
No "garden variety decoration", this pink lotus flower blooms with iridescent glitter accents and a variety of eye-catching sequins and beads. Symbolizing growth and determination, our 2½" tall water lily ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and makes a great gift for your special yoga enthusiast!
Roses On White 4 Inch Glass Ornament
A rose garden in elegant pink and gold blooms in glistening splendor all around this stunning 4" white ornament. Crafted of glass in Poland with vibrant hand-painted glazes, our sophisticated and stylish decoration sparkles with shimmering glitter, iridescent sequins, and eye-catching gold beads. Holding the promise of summer, this flower themed design is sure to be a treasured keepsake for many seasons to come!
Pink Succulent Flower Glass Terrarium Ornament
A succulent blooms with showy pink flowers within this beautiful glass terrarium. Filled with tiny sand-hued pebbles and its bright plastic plant, our 2¾" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a twine cord and makes a sunny display for your window or Christmas tree!
Christmas Rose With Legend Glass Ornament
Rose ornaments on a Christmas tree are symbolic of beauty and are believed to be an expression of affection and love. Our Legend of the Christmas Rose glass ornament depicts a rosebush blooming with vivid pink petals and bright green leaves and shimmers with eye-catching accents of glitter. Crafted of glass with a gleaming white surface, this beautiful keepsake measures 3¼" tall and makes a wonderful Christmas gift! Printed on the reverse side of this Bronner's exclusive ornament is a fascinating paragraph detailing the legend of the Christmas Rose.
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