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Red Bicycle With Green Handlebars Glass Ornament
Who wouldn't want a shiny new bike for Christmas? With its spiffy red paint job and sparkling green handlebars your cyclist is sure to like this bike! Crafted of glass in Poland, this charming hand-painted ornament shimmers with dazzling glitter accents and measures 2½" tall x 4½" wide.
Avocado Half Glass Ornament
Isn't it time we celebrated the bumpy skinned fruit that makes everything from toast to guacamole to main dishes and desserts so delicious and nutritious? "Picked" at the peak of its season, our avocado half ornament is artfully crafted of glass in Poland and shimmers with a variety of vivid green hues. A great gift for your avo-lover, this 4" tall ornament will make a taste-ful addition to your food-themed tree!
Bronner #1200184.
Shrimp Glass Ornament
Our shrimp is so a-peel-ing that you just may be tempted to grab the cocktail sauce and start dipping! Crafted of glass from Poland and painted with realistic glazes, this 3" tall shrimp ornament will make a "tasty" gift for any seafood lover!
Bronner #1200197.
Koala Glass Ornament
Did you know that Koalas aren't really bears but rather marsupials that carry their young in their pouch? Living only in Australia, the koala can eat up to 2.5 pounds of eucalyptus leaves each day. In lieu of a eucalyptus branch, your Christmas tree will provide a safe haven for this 4" tall koala ornament artfully crafted of glass from Poland.
Bronner #1200192.
Sitting Orange Cat Glass Ornament
If you're open to adopting a stray, this purrrr-ty kitty won't cause a "lick" of trouble! Charmingly hand-painted with stunning glazes, our 3" tall orange tabby cat ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland. With his sweet little face and calm personality, this sitting orange cat ornament is paws-atively irresistible!
Bronner #1200065.
Camouflage Tank Glass Ornament
Army and Marine tank drivers, commanders, and gunners.....we salute your roll in the armed services! Hand-painted with an artful black and green camouflage pattern, our impressive tank is skillfully crafted in Poland and measures 1½" tall x 4" wide. Crafted of glass, our tank will make a great gift for military personnel or for the little ones who idolize them!
Sitting Gray Tabby Cat Glass Ornament
With her sweet little face and yellow eyes, our gray tabby cat is paws-atively irresistible! Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland with bright hand-painted glazes, this charming 3" tall sitting gray tabby cat ornament is the purr-fect accent for your cat lover's tree!
Bronner #1200462.
Forklift Glass Ornament
Elevate Christmas to a whole new level with our charming red forklift ornament! Shimmering with hand-painted glazes and flexible plastic glitter forks, our 3½" tall x 4¾" wide keepsake is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and will make an uplifting gift for your special forklift operator or warehouse worker.
Bronner #1199532.
Sweet Cherries Glass Ornament
Ripe for the picking, these sweet cherries will add a taste-ful dimension to your holiday décor! With sparkling glitter accents and brilliant glazes of red, brown, and green, our charming 2¾" tall sweet cherries ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland. This realistic ornament will make the perfect pick for your fruit or food-themed tree!
Bronner #1199910.
Alien Glass Ornament
"Take me to your leader!" Here on planet earth in search of intelligent life, this neon green alien stares unblinkingly with his huge eyes. Artfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this extraterrestrial alien ornament measures 4½" tall and will make a great gift for the sci-fi fan on your Christmas list.
Bronner #1199529.
BBQ Gas Grill Glass Ornament
Whether a pit master or everyday griller, this smokin' hot gift will flame his or her passion! Heaped high with tasty picnic foods and meats, our 3½" tall BBQ gas grill ornament is skillfully crafted of glass from Poland and shimmers with a variety of glazes and sparkling glitter accents.
Bronner #1199545.
Penguin With Gifts Glass Ornament
Do you need a cool gift for your penguin collector? In his best tux and Santa hat, this well-dressed bird can't wait to "play Santa" and pass out the gifts and treats! Shimmering with a myriad of brilliant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our adorable penguin with gifts ornament measures 4½" tall and is artfully crafted of glass from Poland.
Bronner #1200158.
Spool Of Red Thread Glass Ornament
Tie up those "loose ends" on your Christmas list with this fun silver needle and red thread ornament for your sewer or quilter. Hand-painted with vibrant glazes and a sparkling glitter accents, our charming 2¾" tall spool of thread ornament is skillfully crafted of glass in Poland and will look sew fantastic on your seamstress' or tailor's tree!
Bronner #1199909.
Xylophone Glass Ornament
Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti- Do! You're sure to strike the right note with this nostalgic xylophone ornament! Featuring seven colorful keys and a pair of percussion mallets, our 4" tall keepsake is hand-painted with a rainbow of vibrant hues and sparkling glitter accents. Skillfully crafted of glass in Poland, this fun keepsake will make a great gift for both the young and the "young at heart!"
Bronner #1200100.
SUV 4x4 Red Glass Ornament
Dreaming of a shiny new ride for Christmas? Gassed and ready to go, this stunning red 4x4 SUV is ready to travel the distance. Accented with eye-catching glitter, our impressive ornament measures approximately 2" tall x 3¼" wide and masterfully crafted in Poland. This shimmering SUV 4x4 red ornament will make a wheel-y cool addition to your tree!
Bronner #1199904.
Doghouse With Bone Glass Ornament
Your dog lover will be pleased with this dog-gone cute ornament! Decorated with a bone that reads WOOF, our 2½" tall glass doghouse is skillfully mouth-blown in Poland with a variety of shimmering glazes and sparkling glitter accents. No bones about it this dazzling keepsake is paws-atively adorable!
Hash Tag Glass Ornament
Remember when this symbol was known as the humble "pound sign?" Perfect for social media enthusiasts or the computer savvy amongst your family or friends, our unique hash tag ornament shimmers with ebony glazes and dazzling white glitter accents. This sparkling sign of the times is skillfully mouth-blown in Poland. #BestGiftEver!
Panda With Baby Glass Ornament
It may be a zoo out there, but this panda and her baby only have eyes for each other! Artfully detailed in hues of ebony and white, this beautiful hand-painted ornament shimmers with dazzling accents of iridescent glitter. Skillfully mouth-blown in Poland, this alluring glass keepsake measures 3¾" tall and is sure to appeal to the animal lover on your Christmas list.
(Legend of the Panda card included.)
Motorcycle Black And Silver Glass Ornament
Measuring just 1½" tall x 2¾" wide, some might call this motorcycle a "mini bike!" Masterfully crafted in Poland with a myriad of artful details, our shimmering black and silver motorcycle ornament will make a wonderful gift for the avid rider in your life. Vroom, vroom!
Tyrannosaurus Rex Glass Ornament
All teeth and smiles, this friendly T-Rex is back from the past for a prehistoric present your dinosaur enthusiast will roar about! With a hanging height of 6" and skillfully crafted of glass from Poland, our 5¼" tall Tyrannosaurus Rex ornament shimmers with vibrant glazes of green, gold, and brown with dazzling accents of glitter.
Bronner #1171781.
2017 Annual Form Santa With Fireplace Glass Ornament
Seated in his favorite chair under a cozy checkered quilt, Santa basks in the warmth of hearth and home beside a roaring fire. With festive Christmas stockings, candles, and a classic clock decorating the mantel, our Bronner's exclusive Santa with fireplace glass form ornament measures 5¼" tall x 4½" wide and is based on Bronner's 2017 annual design. Hand-painted with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this charming Santa and fireplace keepsake is masterfully crafted in Poland and is sure to be treasured for many special Christmases to come.
Bronner #1200460.
Roast Chicken Glass Ornament
Feast your eyes on this delectable roasted fowl served fresh for your holiday enjoyment! Carefully "basted" with golden brown glazes and glistening glitter accents, our juicy bird is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and measures 3½" tall. Taking artistic realism to a whole new level, this food-themed ornament looks good enough to eat!
Oktoberfest Beer, Pretzel And Brats Glass Ornament
Capturing the culinary delights of Oktoberfest, this special blown-glass ornament pairs a foaming mug of beer with a juicy brat and freshly baked salted pretzel. Adorned with a green ribbon emblazoned with Oktoberfest, this special keepsake is artfully crafted of glass in Poland and measures 4" tall. Cheers or in German, Prost!
Leaf Blower Glass Ornament
Our shiny red leaf blower doesn't belong in the shed but rather on the branches of the Christmas tree! Shimmering with luminescent glazes and accents of sparkling glitter, this beautiful mouth-blown ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and measures 2¼" tall by 4" wide. Makes a great gift for a handy homeowner or lawn maintenance crew!
Snow Blower Glass Ornament
Clear a path on your Christmas tree for this shiny red snow blower! "Fueled" with holiday spirit, this unique mouth-blown ornament shimmers with hand-painted glazes and dazzling glitter accents. Artfully rendered of glass in Poland, this hard-working keepsake has a hanging height of approximately 2¾" tall.
Wedding Carriage Glass Ornament
Capture special memories of your "fairy tale wedding" with this beautiful glass keepsake! Artfully rendered of glass in Poland, this dazzling mouth-blown ornament is artfully hand-painted with luminous white glazes and accents of iridescent glitter. Accented with pink flowers and topped with a circle of shimmering acrylic gems, our wedding carriage ornament will make a special keepsake for the happy bride and groom.
Hiking Boots Glass Ornament
These boots were made for walking on the branches of your Christmas tree! Shimmering in two-tone hues of brown, our hiking boots ornament is artfully rendered of glass in Poland and measures 3" tall. Accented with shimmering glitter, this special keepsake is sure to fit your outdoor enthusiast's style!
Cow Formed Glass Ornament
Flashing his imposing horns, this impressive bull is certainly outstanding in his field. Mouth-blown and hand-painted with vivid silver glazes and "spots" of dazzling black glitter, our glass cow ornament measures 2¾" tall x 4" wide and is artfully crafted in Poland. A great gift for your farmer, rancher or animal enthusiast, this beautiful bovine would surely win 1st place at the County fair!
(Symbol of the Cow card included.)
Glass Heart With Sculpted Baroque Patterns
A gift from the heart is always appreciated at Christmastime! Artfully sculpted with a flourish of sculpted baroque patterns, our 3" red glass heart shimmers with dazzling gold glitter and a smattering of emerald "gemstones." Masterfully mouth-blown in Poland, this stunning ornament is sure to be treasured for many Holiday seasons to come.
(Symbol of the Heart card included.)
Orca Whale Pair Glass Ornament
Emerging above the sparkling waves in a graceful arc, this orca whale pair is a wondrous sight to behold! Hand-painted in vivid hues of ebony, bright white and pale, blue, this spectacular glass ornament is accented with sparkling crystal beads. Masterfully crafted in Poland, this awe-inspiring keepsake is perfect for the whale watcher or aquatic animal lover on your Christmas list.
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