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Oktoberfest Beer, Pretzel And Brats Glass Ornament
Capturing the culinary delights of Oktoberfest, this special blown-glass ornament pairs a foaming mug of beer with a juicy brat and freshly baked salted pretzel. Adorned with a green ribbon emblazoned with Oktoberfest, this special keepsake is artfully crafted of glass in Poland and measures 4" tall. Cheers or in German, Prost!
Leaf Blower Glass Ornament
Our shiny red leaf blower doesn't belong in the shed but rather on the branches of the Christmas tree! Shimmering with luminescent glazes and accents of sparkling glitter, this beautiful mouth-blown ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and measures 2¼" tall by 4" wide. Makes a great gift for a handy homeowner or lawn maintenance crew!
Snow Blower Glass Ornament
Clear a path on your Christmas tree for this shiny red snow blower! "Fueled" with holiday spirit, this unique mouth-blown ornament shimmers with hand-painted glazes and dazzling glitter accents. Artfully rendered of glass in Poland, this hard-working keepsake has a hanging height of approximately 2¾" tall.
Wedding Carriage Glass Ornament
Capture special memories of your "fairy tale wedding" with this beautiful glass keepsake! Artfully rendered of glass in Poland, this dazzling mouth-blown ornament is artfully hand-painted with luminous white glazes and accents of iridescent glitter. Accented with pink flowers and topped with a circle of shimmering acrylic gems, our wedding carriage ornament will make a special keepsake for the happy bride and groom.
Hiking Boots Glass Ornament
These boots were made for walking on the branches of your Christmas tree! Shimmering in two-tone hues of brown, our hiking boots ornament is artfully rendered of glass in Poland and measures 3" tall. Accented with shimmering glitter, this special keepsake is sure to fit your outdoor enthusiast's style!
Cow Formed Glass Ornament
Flashing his imposing horns, this impressive bull is certainly outstanding in his field. Mouth-blown and hand-painted with vivid silver glazes and "spots" of dazzling black glitter, our glass cow ornament measures 2¾" tall x 4" wide and is artfully crafted in Poland. A great gift for your farmer, rancher or animal enthusiast, this beautiful bovine would surely win 1st place at the County fair!
(Symbol of the Cow card included.)
Orca Whale Pair Glass Ornament
Emerging above the sparkling waves in a graceful arc, this orca whale pair is a wondrous sight to behold! Hand-painted in vivid hues of ebony, bright white and pale, blue, this spectacular glass ornament is accented with sparkling crystal beads. Masterfully crafted in Poland, this awe-inspiring keepsake is perfect for the whale watcher or aquatic animal lover on your Christmas list.
Gold Flowers On Pale Gold Glass Ornament
Elegant, dazzling, enchanting….all are apt descriptions for this gorgeous glass orb! Patterned with glittering gold lines and sparkling flowers dotted with eye-catching amber "jewels", our pale gold ornament is artfully crafted in Poland and measures 3¼" tall. This elegant ornament just might become the gold standard for all others!
Blue Glass Ornament With Deer And Sleigh
Add an enchanting touch to the tree with this simply stunning glass keepsake! In a delightful contrast of glittering white, a fanciful pattern of reindeer, sleighs and holly sprigs dance across deep blue glazes. Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this whimsical 4" tall ornament is sure to become a holiday favorite.
Snowflakes On Aqua Blue Glass Ornament
A single snowflake embellished with white glitter and crystal "jewels" radiates its perfect symmetry on both sides of this exquisite orb. Shimmering with resplendent, light-reflecting aqua glazes, this exquisite glass ornament is masterfully crafted in Poland.
White Glass Ornament With Poinsettias And Silver Glitter
Capture the allure of the holiday season with this extraordinary glass decoration! Expertly crafted in Poland, our 4" round ornament is masterfully hand-painted with brilliant red poinsettias framed within a lattice arbor of sparkling silver glitter. An exquisite choice for the tree!
Clear And Frosted Onion With White Glitter Glass Ornament
In a playful mix of clear and frosted glass, this lovely onion shaped ornament shimmers with white glitter in cascading patterns of waves and lines with scrolling leaves and vines in its center. Expertly crafted of glass in Poland, this gorgeous 4½" tall keepsake will add stunning elegance to your tree!
Bumble Bee Glass Ornament
Buzzing with charm, this imaginative glass bumble bee is skillfully mouth blown in Poland with eye-catching stripes of sparkling black and yellow glitter. Accented with whimsical plastic wings and six coated wire legs, this bee-utiful keepsake measures 4½" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
Heart With Poinsettia And Christmas Bells Glass Ornament
Symbolic of love, sincerity and devotion, hearts are ideal decorations for the Christmas tree. Masterfully crafted in Poland with rich hand-painted glazes of red, green, and gold, this festive 3½" glass heart ornament is adorned with a gorgeous poinsettia and Christmas bell design on both sides.
(Symbol of the Heart card included).
Cat With Pirate Hat, Boots And Coat Glass Ornament
Dressed as a pirate in a vivid blue hat, boots and red coat, this adventurous little kitty is one cool cat! Masterfully rendered of glass in Poland and shimmering with bright hand-painted glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this 4¾" tall keepsake is the cat's meow!
Green And Yellow Dragon Glass Ornament
Shyly keeping his impressive wings and fire-breathing talents to himself, this darling little dragon promises to be on his best behavior! Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland with bright glazes and shimmering glitter accents, our enchanting green and yellow dragon ornament measures 4½" tall and will add a bit of fairy tale fun to the tree!
Santa With US Flag Glass Ornament
As the military band strikes up "The Stars and Stripes Forever our patriotic Santa leads the parade displaying a replica of Lady Liberty and waving an American flag. Dressed in a red and white striped hat and star-studded blue trousers, St. Nick is honored to represent the "Land of the Free." Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland with a myriad of brilliant hand-painted and glittered accents, this 7" Santa with U.S. flag ornament will make a great gift for your Santa collector or proud patriot!
Igloo With Penguins Glass Ornament
All around enchanting, this shapely glass ornament depicts a family of penguins decorating their igloo with a festive tree and gifts while the reverse side reveals a pair of skis and a sled awaiting winter fun. Expertly mouth-blown in Poland, our charming 3" tall x 3¾" wide ornament is artfully hand-painted with bright glazes and sparkling glitter accents. This adorable igloo with penguins ornament is sure to add a cool vibe to your tree!
Bronner #1193735.
Blueberry Scone Glass Ornament
Traditionally served with jam and clotted cream, we won't judge if you like to dunk your scones in your tea or coffee cup! "Baked" to a perfect golden brown, our blueberry scone is bursting with fresh fruit and artfully drizzled with crisscrosses of sparkling white "icing." Expertly crafted in Poland, this charming 3¾" tall blueberry scone ornament is perfect for your food-themed tree!
Bronner #1193766.

Love a good scone recipe? Find our Blueberry Scones recipe on the blog from Bronner's Flavorful Favorites cookbook in our London: Libka Girls Cup Of Tea post!
Elephant With Grass Glass Ornament
Some say that an elephant raising its trunk is a symbol of good luck, fortune and optimism. Portrayed with trunk held high, our cheerful 3½" tall x 4¼" wide elephant with grass ornament is skillfully crafted of glass in Poland with lustrous hand-painted glazes and shimmering accents of glitter.
Bronner #1200465.
Frog Glass Form Ornament
Every year can be a "leap year" with this this hoppy frog on the tree! Resting on two webbed feet while basking in the sunshine, our smiling frog glows resplendently in glazes of green and gold. Skillfully crafted of glass in Poland, this charming frog formed ornament measures 2¼" tall.
(Symbol of the Frog card included.)
Bronner #1206251.
Gray Tabby Cat Lying Glass Ornament
Peacefully lying all curled up with tail to chin, our gray tabby cat looks purr-fectly content. Exquisitely hand-painted with an expressive face with yellow eyes and a bright pink nose, this adorable gray tabby cat lying ornament is crafted of glass from Poland and measures 1¾" tall x 3¼" wide.
Bronner #1206266.
Orange Tabby Cat Lying Glass Ornament
Peacefully lying all curled up with tail to chin, our gray tabby cat looks purr-fectly content. Exquisitely hand-painted with an expressive face with yellow eyes and a bright pink nose, this adorable orange tabby cat lying ornament is crafted of glass from Poland and measures 1¾" tall x 3¼" wide.
Bronner #1206267.
Pink Unicorn Glass Ornament
Mysterious and untamed, unicorns are believed to roam forests and fields careful to stay unseen from human eyes. Capturing the magic of the legend, our prancing pink unicorn ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and features a glittery gold horn made of wire. With her flowing mane and tail sparkling with iridescent glitter accents, this 5" tall pink unicorn glass ornament is magical indeed!
Bronner #1206272.
Cheesecake With Strawberries Glass Ornament
Topped with whipped cream and fruit, our strawberry cheesecake slice looks berry delectable! Layered with dense and creamy filling on a yummy graham cracker crust, this scrumptious dessert is garnished with three plump and juicy strawberries and a sweet and gooey glaze. Skillfully rendered of glass in Poland with glitter accents, this 4" tall cheesecake with strawberries ornament is perfect for a food-themed tree.
Bronner #1206254.
I Love Hockey Puck Glass Ornament
You'll want to score this great I love hockey puck ornament for your special hockey player or fan! Skillfully crafted of glass from Poland, our 2¼" tall disc hockey puck ornament has a black satin surface adorned with sparkling glitter and the sentiment I HOCKEY.
Bronner #1206427.
Silver Set Of Dice Glass Ornament
You'll really be on a roll this Christmas with these fun dice on the tree! Delightfully cast in glass with stunning silver glazes and vivid black glitter dots, our 1½" dice ornaments hang diagonally from a silver cord with a hanging height of approximately 2½" tall. Crafted in Poland.
Sydney Opera House Glass Ornament
Add an international flair to your tree with our Sydney Opera House glass ornament! Depicting the popular Australia landmark with its distinctive pointed arches, this unique 2½" tall x 4" wide ornament is hand-crafted in Poland with lustrous white and brown glazes and dazzling glitter accents and reflects the unique culture of the Land Down Under!
Bronner #1205940.
Cuckoo Clock Red Glass Ornament
You're sure to have a grand old time with this beautiful cuckoo clock on the tree! Adorned with an alpine flower and snowcapped Christmas tree, our red glass cuckoo clock ornament features a pair of dangling pine cone weights and has an overall height of 8½" tall. Hand-painted with lustrous glazes and a dazzling glitter accents, this striking ornament is masterfully crafted in Poland.
Tarantula Spider Glass Ornament
Do you appreciate all of God's special creatures? Even the creepy-crawly ones? Adorned with dazzling black and brown tinsel glitter accents and sparkling green rhinestone eyes, our stunning tarantula spider ornament measures 3½" tall is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland.
Bronner #1205958.
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