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Santa Bishop Glass Ornament
Dressed in symbolic Bishop attire, our resplendent Santa is portrayed in a flowing white tunic topped with a red cassock and a resplendent purple cloak. Shimmering with vibrant glazes and dazzling gold glitter accents, our regal St. Nicholas ornament measures 7" tall.
Life Is Precious Holy Family Glass Ornament
Sure to become a treasured keepsake, this beautiful glass ornament features the image of the Holy Family within a colorful flower border. Artfully crafted in Poland with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this 4" round ornament is decorated on the reverse side with a rosary encircled with gold stars and the sentiment Life Is Precious.
Frog On Lilly Pad Glass Ornament
Ribbbbit! A cheerful green frog suns himself contentedly atop a lily pad in this charming glass design expertly crafted in Poland. Shimmering with radiant green glazes and accents of dazzling glitter, this enchanting 3" tall ornament is sure to fill your tree with hop-iness and delight!
Symbol of the Frog card included.
Ballerina In Pink Dress Glass Ornament
Keep your ballet enthusiast on her toes with this gorgeous glass ornament! Twirling gracefully in a lovely pink tutu with a pretty leaf design, our blond ballerina exudes confidence with her expressive hand-painted face. Expertly crafted of glass in Poland, this beautiful 5¼" tall keepsake will have your ballet student, teacher, or enthusiast dancing with delight!
5 Inch Christmas Tree Glass Ornament
Full of Christian symbolism, the evergreen represents eternal life with its perpetual green branches and treetop pointing heavenward. A star on top signifies the special star that guided the wise men to Bethlehem while lights represent Christ, "the Light of the world." Shimmering with radiant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this spectacular 5" tall Christmas Tree ornament is masterfully hand-crafted in Poland and is sure to become a treasured family keepsake.
Symbol of the Christmas Tree card included.
4 Inch Polish Eagle Red Glass Ornament
Featuring the Polish national emblem on one side, and red and white flag-inspired ribbon on the reverse side, this beautiful 4" round glass ornament is masterfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland with a shimmering red satin surface. Adorned with a glittering white and gold eagle wearing a royal crown, this symbolic design is encircled with delicate gold beads in an artful filigree pattern. A great gift for friends and family of Polish decent!
Boy With Polish Star Glass Ornament
The star plays an important role in traditional Polish Christmas celebrations. On Christmas Eve, the first star of the night is named Gwiazda, meaning little star, in tribute to the star of Bethlehem. At the moment it appears, greetings and good wishes are exchanged and families partake of Wigilia the most carefully planned meal of the year. Exquisitely hand-crafted in Poland with vivid glazes and dazzling glitter accents, this gorgeous hand-painted ornament measures 6½" tall and depicts a young boy costumed in traditional Polish attire carrying a staff topped with an ornate white and red star.
Red And Gold Glass Ornament With Hearts
Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and just about every gift-giving occasion, this beautiful glass keepsake is simply lovely! Patterned across our shimmering red matte ornament is a cheerful heart and scrollwork design glistening with dazzling gold glitter and eye-catching red "gemstones." Expertly crafted of glass, this exquisite Polish made ornament measures 3¼" tall and is sure to become a treasured keepsake!
Glass Ornament With Snowman And Snowflake Designs
Central to this wintry design is an adorable snowman amidst a flurry of shimmering red snowflakes and polka-dots of white glitter. Expertly crafted of semi-transparent glass, this exquisite Polish made ornament measures 3¼" tall and is sure add delightful color and pattern to the tree!
Clear Glass Ornament With White And Silver Glitter Designs
A fascinating pattern of glittering white lines and sparkling silver accents curve and bend around the entire surface of this clear glass design. Expertly crafted in Poland, this stylish 3¼" tall ornament is sure to add visual interest to the tree!
Clear Glass Ornament With Gold Flowers And White Swirls
A band of glistening gold flowers and artful white swirls add visual interest to this beautiful clear glass design. Expertly crafted in Poland, this stylish 3¼" tall ornament is simply blooming with opulent charm!
Beer Boot Mug Glass Ornament
Your beer lover will get a kick out of this clever ornament design! Like the traditional boot shaped mugs popular in Europe since the 19th century, our 5" tall glass keepsake has a tempting golden hue just like your favorite ale and is spilling over with sparkling white foam. Mouth-blown and hand-painted in Poland, this charming keepsake makes a great gift for the beer aficionado amongst your friends and family.
4.5 Inch Blue Jay Bird Glass Ornament
Polish craftsmanship is evident in this breathtaking design expertly rendered in glass. Charmingly hand-painted with brilliant glazes and iridescent glitter accents, this resplendent blue jay ornament measures 4½" tall and is sure to catch your birdwatcher's eye!
Scottish Terrier Glass Ornament
Dressed in a jaunty red and white checked scarf, our adorable Scottish Terrier shimmers with ebony glazes and measures 2½" tall. Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this dog-gone cute ornament is sure to steal your heart!
Blue And Green Peacock Glass Ornament
Spread your decorating wings with this pretty peacock ornament! Hand-painted in brilliant hues of turquoise, blue, green and gold, our pretty glass bird is masterfully mouth-blown by skillful artists in Poland and measures 2¾" tall x 5½" wide. Highlighted with dazzling blue glitter accents, you'll be proud to display this gorgeous bird on your tree! Symbol of the Peacock card included.
Infant Jesus Of Prague Glass Ornament
Our unique Infant of Prague ornament depicts Jesus as a young child dressed in an ornate white tunic wearing a regal red robe and crown. Filled with symbolism, Jesus holds a miniature globe in his left hand signifying His word-wide reign while his right hand is extended in blessing with fingers and thumb positioned to represent the Holy Trinity. A reminder that God holds us in the palm of his hand, this beautiful 5" tall glass keepsake is skillfully hand-crafted in Poland with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents.
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