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Yule Log Glass Clip-On Ornament
Keep the home fires burning this Christmas with our traditional yule log design. Complete with candle, plaid ribbon, pinecones, and berries, our 4" tall yule log ornament is crafted by skilled glass artisans in Poland with vivid glazes and touches of sparkling glitter. This elegant yule log glass clip-on ornament is sure to warm the hearts of friends and family this Yuletide season and for many years to come!
(Tradition of the Yule Log card included.)
Motorcycle With Snowman Glass Ornament
There's snow other way to travel for this snowman cyclist! Our whimsical 4½" tall motorcycle with snowman glass ornament is artfully crafted in Poland and skillfully painted with a myriad of vivid glazes and shimmering glitter accents. In fact, this whimsical ornament is likely to hog all the attention on your Christmas tree!
2012 Annual Nativity Window Transparent Glass Ornament
The holy family is serenely depicted in this peaceful stained glass-inspired design that honors the significance of Christ's birth. Designed by Bronner's staff artist Connie V. Larsen, our 4" tall formed nativity window ornament was crafted by skilled glass artisans in Poland and hand-painted with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Our extraordinary 2012 annual nativity transparent glass ornament is sure to become a special reminder of the true meaning of the CHRISTmas season!
Kneeling Santa Glass Ornament
Brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence, Santa whispers a silent prayer! Beautifully blending the religious and secular aspects of Christmas, this 4¾" tall kneeling Santa glass ornament is skillfully crafted in Poland. Artfully painted with vivid glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this beloved figure is a great way to celebrate a Merry CHRISTmas!
Bronner #1164487.
Ducky Stuffed Toy Glass Ornament
Everything's just ducky with this delightful character! Artfully crafted in Poland with a vibrant blend of colorful glazes and shimmering glitter accents, our 3" tall ducky stuffed toy ornament will add nostalgic charm to your tree! Also makes a great gift for the family celebrating the birth of a new addition!
Mammoth Glass Ornament
An elephant quite distinct soon became extinct! Celebrate the life of this unique animal with our 3¾" tall by 4¾" wide mammoth glass ornament. Skillfully hand-crafted of glass and resin in Poland with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this unique keepsake will have an impact of mammoth proportions when you hang it from the branches of your tree!
Poinsettia In Pot Glass Ornament
Mexican legend tells of a boy who had no gift to put by the figure of baby Jesus in church on Christmas Eve. On his way to church, he heard an angel tell him to pick some dried weeds for his gift. As he laid them at the statue's feet, the weeds miraculously turned into brilliant red flowers. Our lovely 3" tall by 4" wide poinsettia in pot ornament is artfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland and features vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. This exquisitely detailed poinsettia in basket ornament will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones this year!
(Legend of the Poinsettia card included.)
Bronner #1171762.
Ice Skating Santa Glass Ornament
Gliding gracefully on figure skates, this Victorian-inspired Santa totes a sack filled with festively wrapped gifts. Skillfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, our 6½" tall ice skating Santa ornament will add a touch of nostalgic charm to your tree!
Growler With Hoppy Christmas Glass Ornament
Artfully hand-crafted in Poland with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this 3¾" tall beer growler features a decorative label with the sentiment Hoppy Christmas! Perfect for the beer connoisseur on your Christmas list!
(Tradition of Beer card included.)
Bronner #1172752.
Glass Egg Ornament With Pink And Purple Flowers
Artfully hand-crafted in Poland, this gorgeous clear glass egg is embellished with fabric, beads, and glitter in a pink and purple flower motif. Elegant and colorful, this glass egg ornament with pink and purple flowers will make a stunning keepsake for years to come! Measurements vary in size from 4¼" to 5" tall by 3¼" to 3¾" wide.
(Tradition of the Painted Egg card included.)
Miniature Frog Glass Ornament
You're Holidays will be hoppy indeed when you add this charming miniature frog glass ornament to your tree! Artfully crafted in Poland, this enchanting ornament is hand-painted with shimmering emerald glazes and sparkling glitter accents and measures a petite 1¼" tall.
Half Moon With Santa Hat Glass Ornament
You'll be over the moon with this whimsical design! Artfully crafted in Poland with a myriad of vibrant glazes, our 3" tall half-moon with Santa hat ornament features an exquisite hand-painted face complete with the eye-catching details you're sure to love!
Ice Cream Scoop Glass Ornament
Scoop up a double dip of temptation for your tree this holiday season! Artfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, our sweet 4½" tall ice cream scoop ornament is sugared with sparkling glitter accents that look scooper-duper good enough to eat!
Snowman With Gift And Birdhouse Formed Glass Ornament
Artfully crafted from Poland in the tradition of mouth-blown glass, this charming snowman with gift and birdhouse ornament was inspired by an original design by Bronner artist Connie V. Larsen. Featuring a snowman holding a gift box flanked by a pine tree and birdfeeder, this charming 4½" tall ornament is hand-painted with vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Our snowman with gift, tree, and birdhouse ornament is a must-have for your collection!
(Tradition of the Snowman card included.)
Bronner #1173190.
Chicago Shopping Bag Glass Ornament
A magnificent collage of Chicago's famous attractions fits neatly into this unique souvenir bag! Beautifully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, our 5½" tall Chicago Shopping Bag ornament is filled to overflowing with stylish details including vivid glazes and shimmering glitter accents.
Oyster Glass Ornament
We're sure you'll enjoy shell-ebrating the holiday seas-on with this unique oyster glass ornament! Artfully crafted in Poland, this extraordinary 3" tall ornament is hand-painted with a myriad of shimmering glazes and sparkling glitter accents. The world is your oyster when you add this special keepsake to your tree!
Bronner #1170795.
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