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Glass Pencil Christmas Ornament
Make a point to remember your special student, artist or teacher with our whimsical Christmas pencil glass ornament. Masterfully handcrafted in Poland, this imaginative design features a bright red pencil with a hand-painted face shimmering with accents of iridescent glitter. Measuring 4¼" tall, this dazzling design has all the write stuff!
Cardinal On Branch Reflective Glass Ornament
Your bird enthusiast will be delighted to see this special keepsake land on his or her tree! Expertly mouth blown from glass in Poland, this 4¼" tall reflective silver ornament features masterfully hand-painted cardinal in flight landing on a tree branch with berries and leaves, kissed by a blanket of glittering snow. Our cardinal on branch reflective glass ornament is sure to look even more stunning nested in your Christmas décor for years to come!
Persian Cat Glass Ornament
You'll be pawsatively enamored with this fantastic feline! Artfully hand-painted with eye-catching gold and amber glazes, our 3" tall Persian cat glass ornament is expertly mouth-blown in Poland and makes a purrrrrfect gift for your special cat lover! (Legend of the Cat card included.)
Holy Sanctuary Christopher Radko Glass Ornament
Christmas bells are surely chiming in this delightful cathedral! Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this gorgeous Holy Sanctuary ornament features colorful stained glass windows, classic columns and elegant domes all topped with a shimmering crimson roof. Hand-painted with vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents this 5½" tall church is filled with all the charm and beauty you've come to love from the Christopher Radko® collection.
Mouth Blown Candy Cane Glass Ornament
Relive childhood dreams of candy canes and other sweet treats dancing in your head with our classic candy cane ornament! Deliciously-designed from expertly mouth-blown glass in Poland, our candy cane ornament features a beautiful clear glass cane with hand-painted red stripes and white stripes accented in shimmering iridescent glitter . Measuring approximately 5¼" tall, this tasty treat is sure to be real eye-candy on the Christmas tree for years to come!
Nutcracker Drop Glass Ornament
This enchanting nutcracker is sure to have attention from friends and family throughout the holiday season! Expertly mouth blown from glass in Poland and skillfully hand-painted, this 6¼" tall ornament features an elegant gold finish with a nutcracker soldier standing between a present and trumpet and golden stars all accented with subtle glittering accents. Our classic looking nutcracker drop ornament is sure to add a traditional appeal to your Christmas tree.
(Tradition of the Nutcracker card included.)
3 Inch Glass Skunk Ornament
There's nothing foul about this cute little critter! Expertly handcrafted in Poland with hand-painted accents in ebony and gray, our 3" tall glass skunk ornament shimmers with iridescent and is a natural choice for the animal lover on your Christmas list.
Strawberry Crepe Glass Ornament
Christmas morning will be especially sweet when you start the day with this luscious treat! Exquisitely hand-crafted in Poland, our strawberry crepe glass ornament measures 1½" tall and is realistically hand-painted with a variety of tempting glazes. You just may want to order a whole plate full!
Glass Meerkat Ornament
Not just another mere cat, this unique animal is actually part of the mongoose family! Skillfully crafted in Poland with a variety of hand-painted glazes, our glass meerkat ornament measures 3½" and makes an ideal gift for the animal lover on your Christmas list.
5 Inch Glass Lion Ornament
Our king of the beast comes roaring to life in this enchanting design! Masterfully mouth-blown in Poland with golden glazes and glistening glitter accents, our 5" glass lion is depicted in a contemplative pose you'll find pawsatively endearing! (Symbol of the Lion card included.)
Santa With Bag Glass Ornament
Here comes Santa Claus…….and his image is so life-like you can almost hear the ho-ho-ho-s! Meticulously hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this beautiful soft gold glass ornament depicts Santa with a bag filled with toys slung over one shoulder and a festively wrapped gift in hand. Artfully crafted in Poland, this superb keepsake is sure to be admired by friends and family for many holidays to come!
Blue Painted Egg Ornament With Flower Designs
Truly egg-ceptional, this gorgeous glass design is artfully hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. Masterfully crafted in Poland, our 3½" tall blue egg ornament with flower designs is simply egg-quisite!
Small Pretzel Glass Ornament
Deliciously detailed with golden brown glazes, iridescent glitter and a generous sprinkling of realistic looking "salt", our 2" tall pretzel ornament looks good enough to eat! Expertly hand-crafted of glass in Poland, this tempting treat is perfect for your food-themed tree!
(Tradition of the Pretzel card included.)
Forest Wanderer Christopher Radko Glass Ornament
Who is this enchanting Forest Wanderer? Why, it's St. Nick of course! Dressed in a splendid red cloak accented with sprigs of holly and pinecones, this gorgeous 6" tall Santa figure holds an elegant walking staff and a festively wrapped gift. Masterfully handcrafted of glass in Poland with a myriad of vibrant glazes and iridescent glitter accents, this delightful ornament has all the charm you've come to love from the Christopher Radko® collection.
Tree Frog On Bamboo Glass Ornament
Transform your tree by leaps and bounds with this charming tree frog ornament! Expertly crafted of glass in Poland, our bamboo-climbing cutie shimmers with hand-painted glazes and accents of shimmering glitter. Measuring 3½" tall, this fantastic frog is sure to add a little hop-iness to your holidays!
(Symbol of the Frog card included.)
Glistening Glass Polar Bear Ornament
Do you have a bear branch on your tree for this dazzling design? Exquisitely mouth-blown in Poland, our glistening glass polar bear ornament shimmers with hand-painted glazes and accents of iridescent glitter. Measuring 2½" tall, this stunning keepsake makes a great gift for the Arctic enthusiast on your Christmas list! (Symbol of the Polar Bear card included.)
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