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3.25 Inch Red And Silver Mushroom Ornament
In many cultures, finding a mushroom in the woods is considered to be a symbol of good luck and a harbinger of prosperity. Masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our beautiful toadstool has a vivid white stalk topped with a vibrant red cap dotted with white glitter polka-dots. Naturally appealing, this enchanting mushroom ornament measures 3¼" tall.
Legend of the Mushroom card included.
5 Inch Glass Carrot Ornament
If you carrot all for garden or food-themed ornaments you're going to love this organic design! Expertly crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our 5" tall carrot glistens with vibrant orange glazes and is an a-peel-ing decoration for the tree!
Legend of the Carrot card included.
Red Star With Silver Glitter Snowflake Design
Friends and family are sure to be star-struck when you display this special keepsake on the tree! Adorned on both sides with a shimmering silver snowflake, our 2¾" tall red transparent star is hand-crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and is sure to shine bright for years to come!
Symbol of the Star card included.
Transparent Gold And Silver Glass Star
Let this exquisite ornament play a star-ring roll on your tree! Expertly crafted in the Czech Republic, our 3½" transparent glass star is beautifully hand-painted with lustrous gold glazes and sparkling silver glitter accents that will add a radiant shine to your holiday décor!
Twisted Glass Icicle Ornament
Add timeless elegance to your tree with this exquisite glass icicle! Masterfully crafted in the Czech Republic, our 6¾" tall transparent icicle has a delightfully twisted shape accented with a curving white stripe adorned with prismatic glitter. Its charm will never melt away!
Red And Gold Twisted Glass Bell Ornament
Fill your tree with the incredi-bell style of this vibrant glass ornament! Exquisitely hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our 2¼" tall bell has a delightfully twisted appearance hand-painted with cheerful red glazes and waves of glistening gold glitter. A festive way to b-ring in the holiday season year after wonderful year!
Frosted Reflector Ball With Glass Beads Ornament
Add nostalgic brilliance to your tree with this classic reflector design! Masterfully hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our frosted pearl ball features an eye-catching silver center that reflects light with a dazzling shine. Encircled with glass beads in an artful zig-zagging pattern, this extraordinary ornament is sure to become a treasured keepsake!
White Frosted Glass Ornament With Flower Pattern
Encircled with delicate white Christmas flowers accented with glittering red centers, our white frosted ball will add a festive vibe to your holidays! Masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this enchanting ornament measures 2¾" tall.
Clear Glass Ornament With Holly Design
Add brilliant color and pattern to your tree with this festive holly design! Masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our clear glass ornament shimmers with patterns of prismatic glitter in dazzling hues of red, white, and green and measures 3" tall.
Legend of the Holly card included.
Bird In Nest Gold Glass Ornament
Perched in the center of this golden orb is a wide-eyed cardinal in a gossamer nest. Skillfully produced in the Czech Republic, this exquisite hand-blown ornament sparkles with iridescent accents of copper and metallic gold and measures 3½" tall.
Symbol of the Bird Nest card included.
White Star Lacy Glass Ornament
Twinkling with sparkling white glitter and edged with a lacy border, this clear glass star is sure to shine bright for years to come. Accented with a dazzling crystal gemstone, this elegant 3-dimensional ornament measures 2½" tall and is masterfully crafted in the Czech Republic.
Symbol of the Star included.
Dachshund With Santa Hat Ornament
Dachshund lovers are sure to be impressed with this dog-gone cute ornament! Hand-painted with glossy brown glazes and dressed in a sparkling red Santa hat, our 3" tall wiener dog is expertly crafted of glass in the Czech Republic.
5 Inch Chimney Sweep Glass Ornament
Santa's not the only man who's familiar with a chimney! Reminiscent of days gone by, our charming ornament depicts an old fashioned chimney sweep holding a coil of rope with a ladder on his back. Expertly crafted of glass in the Czech Republic with ebony glazes and accents of glittering gold, this charming 5" tall ornament is sure to sweep you off your feet! Legend of the Chimney Sweep card included.
Nutcracker King Glass Ornament
This handsome nutcracker makes a suite holiday gift for friends and family! Dressed in his best red and blue uniform with a crown of sparkling glitter jewels, our 5¾" tall nutcracker king ornament is delightfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and is sure to command your attention for many seasons to come!
3" Wavy Stripes Beaded Glass Ornament
Expertly crafted from glass in the Czech Republic, this 3" tall clear ornament features frosted stripes and wavy lines accented with glistening mirror beads. Our elegant ornament is sure to add a touch of class wherever it's displayed.
Cat Face Hand Blown Glass Ornament
Cat lovers are sure to appreciate this purrrrrr-fectly precious ornament! Masterfully hand blown in the Czech Republic, our 3½" tall glass cat face ornament is whimsically hand-painted with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. A great way to wish family and friends a Meowy Christmas!
(Legend of the Cat card included.)
Czech and Slovak ornaments reflect beautiful old-world artisanry. Glass ornaments from the Czech Republic and Slovakia go back many years in heritage. Czech glass ornaments are well-known.
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