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5 Inch Glass Carrot Ornament
If you carrot all for garden or food-themed ornaments you're going to love this organic design! Expertly crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our 5" tall carrot glistens with vibrant orange glazes and is an a-peel-ing decoration for the tree!
(Symbol of the Carrot card included.)
Gold Cat Blown Glass Ornament
A breed apart from the rest, this whimsical blown glass cat ornament is expertly crafted in the Czech Republic. Shimmering with gorgeous gold glazes and dazzling copper glitter accents, this fancy feline has a charming hand-painted face adorned with a heart-shaped nose and measures 4¼" tall. Sporting an artful white bow, this purr-fectly adorable ornament will look amazing on your cat lover's tree!
(Legend of the Cat card included.)
Glass Hops Cluster Ornament
Flavor your beer-themed tree with our zesty hops cluster ornament! Expertly crafted of glass exclusively for Bronner's from the Czech Republic, each hop in this cluster measures 2" tall and is artfully painted with lustrous green glazes and accented with shimmering green glitter. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this hops cone trio ornament has a hanging height of approximately 6" tall.
(Tradition of Beer card included.)
Modern Christmas Tree Glass Ornament
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, your branches are so stylish! Hand-painted with glistening green glazes, our 4¼" tall glass Christmas tree is artfully crafted in the Czech Republic with a festive pattern of red dots and sparkling gold stars. There's no better place than your tree for this splash of wit and whimsy!
(Symbol of the Christmas Tree card included.)
Dachshund With Santa Hat Ornament
Dachshund lovers are sure to be impressed with this dog-gone cute ornament! Hand-painted with glossy brown glazes and dressed in a sparkling red Santa hat, our 3" tall wiener dog is expertly crafted of glass in the Czech Republic.
Silver And Red Reflector 2.5 Inch Glass Ornament
Vertical lines of gleaming white mingle with broad swatches of red glitter to give this shimmering silver ornament its dazzling appeal. Accented with four light-catching reflectors, this eye-catching glass design measures 2½" and is skillfully hand-crafted in the Czech Republic.
Baby Jesus In Manger Formed Glass Ornament
Not a bed or cradle, not a pillow deep, but a lowly manger was his place to sleep. Aglow with radiant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this heart-warming Bronner's exclusive ornament is the ideal decoration for CHRISTmas. Hand-crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, our baby Jesus in manger formed ornament measures 3" tall and is sure to remind friends and family of the true "Reason for the Season".
Red Apple Half Glass Ornament
Be the apple of your loved one's eye when you give him or her this special Christmas treat! "Sliced" crosswise to reveal its seeded star within, our shimmering red apple half ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and measures 3¼" tall x 3¼" wide. Hand-painted with brilliant glazes and accents of dazzling glitter, this charming apple keepsake is fabulous to the core!
(Legend of the Apple card included.)
Teapot With Flowers Blown Glass Ornament
The brewing of tea in a pot dates back nearly 5,000 years to ancient China. In many parts of the world, brewing and serving tea involves great ceremony and is symbolic of hospitality. Hand-blown in clear glass, our teapot with flowers ornament is skillfully crafted in Romania and is artfully hand-painted with a variety of colorful blooms. With sparkling glitter accents, this gorgeous 3½" tall floral teapot ornament is sure to hold a place of honor on your tree for years to come.
(Symbol of the Teapot card included.)
Cat Metallic Gold Glass Ornament
All you need is love and a cat! Portraying a good little kitty sitting peacefully on her haunches, this adorable ornament shimmers delightfully with metallic gold glazes and accents of sparkling glitter. Expertly rendered of glass in the Czech Republic, this 3½" tall ornament is perfect for the cat lover on your Christmas list!
Gold Moon On Medallion Glass Ornament
Flashing his beaming crescent-shaped profile, the man in the moon grins with delight as stars gather around. Shimmering with reflective glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our magical gold moon on translucent medallion ornament is artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic and measures 2½" tall.
Sun Disc Glass Ornament
Depicting the sun with human features ringed with a fringe of sunny rays, this disc shaped ornament is sure to shine brightly for years to come. Shimmering with reflective gold glazes and dazzling glitter accents, this beguiling keepsake is artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic.
Golden Pineapple Glass Ornament
Symbolizing friendship and hospitality, this charming pineapple makes an ideal gift! Hand-painted with reflective glazes of vivid gold, brown and green, our 3½" tall ornament shimmers with accents of eye catching glitter. Crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this alluring keepsake will also make a fruit-ful addition to a food-themed tree!
(Tradition of the Pineapple card included.)
Forest Design Blue Glass Ornament
Encircled with an enchanted forest of bare trees and glistening pines, this charming design captures the allure of winter's awesome beauty. Masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this semi-transparent blue ornament shimmers with accents of iridescent gold glitter and measures 2¾" tall.
Holly And Berries On Transparent Glass Ornament
A head-turner with its large Christmas blooms, this beautiful design is perfect for the holly-days! Artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this gorgeous 3" transparent ornament is encircled with hand-painted holly and berries shimmering with green glazes and eye-catching glitter accents of white, gold and red.
(Legend of the Holly card included.)
Gray Portly Elephant Glass Ornament
Whimsically designed, this portly gray elephant glass ornament will add an element of unexpected humor to your tree! Crafted by skilled artisans in the Czech Republic, our endearing 2½" tall elephant is hand-painted with charming attention to detail. They say an elephant never forgets…. this ornament is a great reminder that the holiday season should be filled with laughter and joy!
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(Symbol of the Elephant card included.)
Cat Face Hand Blown Glass Ornament
Cat lovers are sure to appreciate this purrrrrr-fectly precious ornament! Masterfully hand blown in the Czech Republic, our 3½" tall glass cat face ornament is whimsically hand-painted with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. A great way to wish family and friends a Meowy Christmas!
(Legend of the Cat card included.)
Hand-Blown Glass Owl Face Ornament
Reg. $10.99 Sale $7.98
Owl eyes will be on the tree when you add this whimsical character to your tree! Masterfully crafted in the Czech Republic, our hand-blown glass owl face ornament features large reflective eyes and pointy ears shimmering with accents of sparkling glitter. Measuring 3¼" tall, this eye-catching ornament is certain to be a wise choice for the holidays!
(Symbol of the Owl card included.)
2.5 Inch Red Santa Glass Ornament
With his broad face and little round belly, this whimsical St. Nick looks as if he stepped off the pages of a storybook! Impeccably crafted in the Czech Republic with vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents, this charming keepsake is a must-have for the Santa collector on your Christmas list!
Glass Ornament With Swirl And Snowflake Design
Snowflakes band together on currents of frosted ribbons to create this wintry masterpiece! Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our sparkling 3" clear glass ornament with snowflake design is brilliantly accented with prismatic white glitter to create flurries of excitement for many seasons to come!
Jellyfish Glass Ornament With Tinsel Accents
We've explored the depths of the ocean to bring you this dazzling beauty! Expertly hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, our whimsical jellyfish ornament features a 2" glass orb with trailing tinsel tentacles and measures approximately 5" tall. Shimmering with iridescent glitter accents, this sea-sonal keepsake is sure to enchant family and friends for many seasons to come!
Czech and Slovak ornaments reflect beautiful old-world artisanry. Glass ornaments from the Czech Republic and Slovakia go back many years in heritage. Czech glass ornaments are well-known.
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