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Personalized Great-Grandma Glass Ornament
Cherish the blessing of being able to celebrate the Great-Grandma in your life with this special keepsake! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall ornament embellishes the two-tone purple and white satin surface with glittering red hearts and a title printed in purple that any woman would be proud to hold, Great-Grandma. Allow one of our professional Bronner's artists to commemorate generations of love with a personalized touch with a red paint pen at no additional charge.
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Wishing I Was Fishing Glass Ornament
This ornament is sure to hook your special fisherman that spends his or her days wishing he or she were fishing! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall ornament is designed as a bobber with a radiant red and white finish and a shared sentiment in black that reads:
Wishing I Was Fishing!
Fisherman alike are sure to cast their eyes on this Christmas ornament year after year, hook, line, and sinker!
Bronner #1150409.
Cardinal And Trees On Blue Semi Transparent Glass Ornament
Winter encircles this beautiful ornament with a striking pattern of bare white trees and sparkling red cardinals. Crafted of blue transparent glass with interior "flurries" of textured glitter, this beautiful 3" Bronner's exclusive design is skillfully produced in Hungary and will add a serene touch to your holiday décor.
Dove And Peace Clear Glass Ornament
Wish your loved ones Peace on Earth year after year with this charming dove ornament! Extraordinarily hand-painted in Italy, this 4" tall mouth-blown glass ornament features a stunning blue and white dove flying through subtle silver swirls. On the opposite side of this beautiful dove and peace clear ornament, the words "Peace on Earth" are painted in shimmering white with iridescent glitter accents.
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(Symbol of the Dove card included.)
Ein Posit Beer And Pretzel Glass Ornament
Celebrate your love for beer with this vibrant Bavarian keepsake! Serving up a tall frosty mug of our best pilsner along with a fresh hot pretzel, this special design features the German phrase "Ein Prosit!" which means in English, "A Toast!" Accented with a blue and white diamond motif reminiscent of the flag of Bavaria, this 3" Bronner's exclusive design is expertly crafted of glass in Hungary and makes a great gift for your beer connoisseur or friends and family of German descent!
Malty Christmas & Hoppy New Year Glass Ornament
They say that laughter is good for what ales you… we'd like to wish you a very Malty Christmas & Hoppy New Year! This fun Bronner's exclusive design depicts a smiling barley stalk dressed in a red bow tie while his hop-py friend grins in a festive Santa hat. Expertly crafted of glass with a two-tone pearl and amber finish, this whimsical 3" round ornament makes a cheerful gift for your beer lover, craft brewer, bar owner, or best drinking p-ale.
Boxing Gloves Glass Ornament
Are you looking for a keepsake for your boxer or boxing fan that really packs a punch? Artfully hand-crafted of glass in Poland, our striking boxing gloves ornament measures 4" tall and shimmers with luminous red and white glazes and accents of iridescent glitter. When it comes to a great gift ideas, this one's the undisputed champ!
New Creation In Christ Glass Ornament
God gives us beautiful parallels to illustrate in the physical realm what we cannot see in the spiritual. Just as "anyone [who] is in Christ is a new creation" -2 Corinthians 5:17, so is the transformation of a caterpillar to a vibrant and freely-fluttering butterfly. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round three-tone gold, white and purple ornament depicts this humbling scripture beside a beautiful butterfly with glittering accents hovering over a violet flower. Celebrate the daily process of justification through Christ Jesus our Lord with our thought-inspiring keepsake!
Little Cookie In The Oven Glass Ornament
Baby shower coming up? Mothers-to-be will get a chuckle out of this half-baked notion! Our two-tone white and bronze ornament depicts an expecting gingerbread mom along with the sentiment "Little COOKIE in the Oven!" Crafted of glass in Hungary, this amusing 3" round design is sure to bring smiles whether she's expecting her first or "half dozen"-th!
Bronner #1186205.
You Hold The Key To My Heart Glass Ornament
You Hold the Key to My Heart is the loving sentiment expressed on this shimmering silver ornament. Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary, this unique 3" round Bronner's exclusive design depicts an old-fashioned key and a heart-shaped lock resplendent in a vibrant hue of crimson.
Personalized Yellow Baby's First Christmas Giraffe Glass Ornament
Commemorating baby's first Christmas is a tall task, and this adorable keepsake is up for the special occasion! Skillfully crafted of glass in Hungary, our 3" round ornament has a shimmering two-tone yellow and white surface adorned with a darling baby giraffe resting in glittering green blades of grass. Featuring the sentiment Baby's First Christmas, this special keepsake can be personalized by one of our talented Bronner's artists using a green paint pen at no additional charge.

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Blue Country Snowman Ornament
Return to the simplicity of the winter season with this charming blue snowman ornament. Constructed of blue glass, the ornament displays a cute snowman on a snowy winter's evening. Our merry snowman is holding a birdhouse and is accompanied by a friendly bunny as he stands amid the floating snowflakes. Simple and pretty, our 3" round blue snowman ornament should appeal to all tastes. Made in Hungary.
Bronner #1149593.
Bread Basket Glass Ornament
Who can resist our tempting bread basket ornament? Overflowing with a mouth-watering assortment of golden baguettes, buttery rolls and traditional hot-crossed buns, this charming keepsake is skillfully crafted in Poland and hand-painted with glistening golden glazes and a dusting of iridescent glitter. Charmingly accented with a red and white checked fabric, this 3" tall keepsake is sure to add wholesome goodness to your holiday celebrations!
Garlic Bunch Glass Ornament
Skillfully produce-ed in Poland, these fresh-looking garlic cloves make an a-peel-ing gift for your favorite cook, chef, or garlic lover! Artfully detailed in glass with realistic glazes and subtle touches of glitter, our 4½" tall garlic bunch ornament is a natural choice for a garden or food-themed tree.
Personalized Princess Purple Sparkle Glass Ornament
Crown your princess' ornament collection with this magnificent jewel! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall ornament features a revolutionary interior coating of purple glitter that shines through the clear glass like an infinite number of stars. Embellished with the royal title PRINCESS and a glittering crown surrounded by stars, this resplendent keepsake will showcase your special lady's personal-ity™ when you allow one of our professional Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch with a white paint pen at no additional charge.
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Multi Color Brooch Glass Ornament
Twinkling "gemstones" in brilliant hues of sapphire, ruby, emerald and gold add an opulent shine to this elegant glass keepsake. Like jewelry for your tree, our exquisite 3" tall multi-color brooch ornament shimmers delightfully with golden glazes and gold glitter accents and is masterfully hand-crafted in Poland.
Bronner's continues to offer a global selection of ornaments made in Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Far East. Whether you prefer the traditional style of European glass, or you're looking for ornaments made in USA, Bronner's buyers continue to shop for you around the globe to offer a wide selection and assortment of styles and prices so you can show off your ethnic pride!
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