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Teaching is a Work of Heart Round Ornament
Teaching is a work of heart, so surprise a teacher with this exclusive work of art! This cute, unique 3" teaching is a work of heart round glass ornament shows touching appreciation for the caring efforts of teachers. Made in Hungary.
Happy Retirement Ornament
Celebrate the special retiree in your life with this charming Hungarian made ornament! Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, this unique 3" glass ornament features a heartwarming Retirement sentiment printed along a three-tone blue, pearl, and green surface. Sentiment reads:
Happy Retirement!
Remember the past with fondness…
Look to the future with eagerness…
Live each moment to the fullest!
Holy Family Gold Silhouette Ornament
This stunning holy family ornament is sure to add just the right touch to your Christmas tree this Holiday Season! This unique ornament with glittering accents is 3" tall and crafted from glass from Hungary.
Italian Prayer Glass Ornament
"May your soul rest in God. He is your Saviour; your hope and your glory." (Italian version on the front, English version on reverse.) 3" diameter and made of glass from Hungary.
Personalized Candy Cane Hearts Ornament
Celebrate your family with a candy cane circle of love! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from Hungary, this 3" glass ornament features a chain of five candy cane hearts artfully printed in red enamel along a shimmering pearl surface. Our talented Bronner's artists will hand-letter five of your family member's names in each heart with a green paint pen at no additional charge.

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Eiffel Tower Glass Ornament
No need to visit Paris to see this famous architectural wonder. Now the Eiffel Tower is just a glance away on the branches of your tree! Artfully crafted in Poland, this 5¼" Eiffel Tower glass ornament features shimmering glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Très magnifique!
Holland Christmas Custom Ornament
This 3" tall satin glass ornament tells the story of the Christmas customs of Holland. Made in Hungary.
Please select the inset image to view the custom that is printed on the back of the ornament.
Bronner #1000605.
Caregivers Are A Blessing Ornament
With invaluable services and incomparable skills, caregivers deserve recognition for their dedication. Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from Hungary, this 3" glass ornament depicts the phrase, Caregivers are a Blessing and a glittery holly design artfully printed along a pearl surface. This caregivers are a blessing ornament will make a wonderful gift for your special caregiver this year!
Personalized Veterinarians Two-Tone Glass Ornament
A shimmering brown veterinarian sentiment and outlined symbols of the occupation artfully wrap the two-tone brown and pearl surface of this 3" personalized Bronner's exclusive ornament. Made in Hungary.
Sentiment reads:
Veterinarians are a special breed!
Whether personalized with a black paint pen by our professional Bronner's artists at no additional charge or plain, this charming veterinarians ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake with your loved one for years to come!
Please select the alternate image for a view of this ornament without personalization.
School Bus Drivers Make Special Deliveries Ornament
Need a great gift idea for that special bus driver? Well we have just the right ornament for you! Crafted exclusively for Bronner's, this charming double-sided ornament features a picture of a school bus and the phrase, School Bus Drivers make "special" deliveries!, printed in black along the smooth yellow surface. This school bus drivers ornament is 3" tall and crafted of glass from Hungary.
Bless This Farm Ornament
Show your friends and family how much your farm means to you with this charming ornament! Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, our unique 3" glass ornament features a heartwarming sentiment and winter farm scene printed in eye-catching white along a shiny red surface. The sentiment reads:
This Bless The Farm ornament will also make a wonderful gift for your special farmer this Christmas!
Firefighter's Prayer Ornament
Our beautiful firefighter's prayer ornament will give that special fireman in your life those little words of encouragement when they are called to duty. The prayer reads: When I am called to duty, God whenever flames may rage; Give me strength to save some life, whatever be its age. Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently to put the fire out.This inspiring firefigher's prayer ornament is 3" tall and crafted of glass from Hungary.
Mexico Christmas Custom Ornament
This 3" tall satin glass ornament tells the story of the Christmas customs of Mexico. Made in Hungary.
Please select the inset image to view the custom that is printed on the back of the ornament.
Bronner #1000602.
London Guard Glass Ornament
You'll have fun making playful faces at this soldier, but it won't crack his smile! Ready to guard your tree this Christmas, our 5" London Guard ornament is artfully crafted of glass from Poland and will add the perfect touch of England's culture to your tree for years to come!
Yule Log Glass Clip-On Ornament
Reg. $19.99 Sale $13.98
Keep the home fires burning this Christmas with our traditional yule log design. Complete with candle, plaid ribbon, pinecones, and berries, our 4" tall yule log ornament is crafted by skilled glass artisans in Poland with vivid glazes and touches of sparkling glitter. This elegant yule log glass clip-on ornament is sure to warm the hearts of friends and family this Yuletide season and for many years to come!
(Tradition of the Yule Log card included.)
Blue Michigan Glass Ornament
Whether resident or tourist, you'll love our blue Michigan ornament residing in your tree! Exclusively hand-crafted from glass in Hungary for Bronner's, our 3" tall ornament features a deep blue finish as beautiful as the Great Lakes surrounding the mitten state. Silhouettes of the state, flower, bird, mammal, and tree are accompanied by the state name, Michigan, in vivid white enamel. As a souvenir and keepsake, you're sure to cherish our blue Michigan glass ornament for years to come.
State flower: Apple Blossom
State bird: Robin
State mammal: White-tailed Deer
State Tree: White Pine
Bronner's continues to offer a global selection of ornaments made in Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Far East. Whether you prefer the traditional style of European glass, or you're looking for ornaments made in USA, Bronner's buyers continue to shop for you around the globe to offer a wide selection and assortment of styles and prices so you can show off your ethnic pride!
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