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Budapest Skyline 3 Tone Glass Ornament
Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Danube", Budapest is known for its vibrant and rich heritage and classical European culture. Adorned with the name Budapest along with a charming silhouette of the city's spectacular cathedrals and castles linked by the famous Chain Bridge, our 3 tone red, white and green Budapest skyline ornament measures 3" round and is exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary. Makes an ideal gift for friends and family of Hungarian descent or for anyone who has visited or hopes to visit Hungary.
5.25 Inch Irish Santa Glass Ornament
Top of the mornin' to ya! Looking more like a leprechaun than St. Nick, our 5¼" tall Irish Santa holds a golden Celtic-inspired cross along with a shimmering shamrock. Skillfully crafted of glass and hand-painted with a variety of green glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this charming 5¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Makes a great gift for those who are Irish, or simply wish to be!
5.5 Inch Scottish Santa Glass Ornament
"You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road, And I'll be in Scotland afore you….." Playing a spirited tune on his bagpipe, this Scottish Santa would love to wish you and yours a very Nollaig Chridheil! Crafted of glass and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our 5½" ornament is artfully hand-painted with a myriad of bright glazes and glistening glitter accents. Makes a great gift for those who are Scottish, or simply wish to be!
Paris Shield With Eiffel Tower Glass Ornament
Add a dash of culture to your tree with this twinkling tribute to the "City of Lights." Crafted of glass with glitter accents, our colorful montage depicts the Eiffel tower in glistening pearl and gold as well as colorful flags of France, and a golden shield marked PARIS. Embellished with a fleur-de-lis and cluster of purple grapes, this unique 5¼" tall ornament comes ready to display on a gold cord and makes a perfect gift for the world-class traveler on your Christmas list! Reverse side of ornament is shaped like a heart.
Eiffel Tower Clear Glass Form With Gold Beads
A monument to style in clear glass and dazzling gold, The Iron Lady (La Dame de Fer) has never looked more spectacular! Adorned with metallic glazes and beads of glistening gold, this beautiful 6½" tall ornament makes a wonderful memento of your exciting trip to Paris!
Irish Mermaid Ornament
Ancient folklore states that Merrows (Irish sea maiden) were said to be beautiful, modest, gentle, and affectionate with a propensity to seek mates on land. Artfully crafted of resin, our charming Irish mermaid ornament depicts the mythical creature playing a golden harp with a Celtic trefoil design on her fin. Resplendent in hues of green with sparkling gold glitter accents, this whimsical 3¾" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a gold cord.
Golden Lucky Cat Glass Ornament
Do you recognize this Japanese symbol of good luck? Our golden lucky cat ornament is fashioned after the maneki-neko ("beckoning cat") figure commonly displayed at the entrance to shops and restaurants. Shimmering with golden glazes and dazzling red and green glitter accents, our 2¾" tall ornament is expertly mouth blown and hand-painted in Poland and just may bring good fortune to its lucky recipient!
Jim Shore British Santa Ornament
Rich with color and pattern, this extraordinary Jim Shore® ornament celebrates the unique culture and traditions of England. Toting a teacup and staff topped with a replica of Big Ben, our British Santa wears a handsome gown adorned with the flag of the United Kingdom as well as depictions of the London Bridge, a double decker bus and an iconic red telephone booth. Hand-painted with a myriad of vivid glazes and quilt-inspired patterns, this regal 4½" tall ornament is masterfully crafted of stone resin and comes ready to hang with a twine cord. Enesco #6001509
Jim Shore Danish Santa Ornament
Depicting Jelemanden the Danish equivalent of Santa, this charming St. Nick holds a traditional Yule heart decoration as well as a long handled spoon to scoop up the puddings and sweet treats left for Santa and his julenisser (elves) by children on Christmas Eve. Masterfully crafted of stone resin and coming ready to hang on a twine cord, this beautiful 4¾" tall ornament is artfully hand-painted with a variety of colorful glazes and the magnificent quilt-inspired patterns unique to folk artist Jim Shore. Item # 6001510
Menorah, Silver, Blue, Gold, Glass Ornament
Artfully crafted of glass, this shimmering silver, blue and gold menorah ornament is sure to be a stunning addition to your Hanukkah décor! Featuring 8 glittering blue candles and the Hebrew "Star of David" at its base, this dazzling candelabra ornament measures 4½" tall comes ready to hang on a silver cord.
Cuckoo Clock With Blue Bird Ornament
A blue bird announces the hour in timely chirps as the Holidays fast approach. Gleaming with a variety of colorful hand-painted glazes, this captivating cuckoo clock ornament is adorned with a charming Bavarian motif and features two dangling pinecone "weights." Artfully crafted of glass and resin, this handsome 6½" tall keepsake has an up-to-the-minute charm you're sure to treasure for years to come!
Beefeater Nutcracker Glass Ornament
Allow this royal guard to stand watch on your Christmas tree! Wearing an impressive red uniform with a gold crown insignia, our beefeater nutcracker holds a ceremonial spear adorned with gold fringe. Artfully crafted of glass, this 6" tall ornament is sure to infuse your holidays with the charm of jolly old England.
You Might Be From Canada If Sayings Ornament
Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, this 3" red and white glass ornament features whimsical Canada-themed sayings as well as the phrase You might be from Canada if… printed alongside a red maple leaf. Every letter on this "You Might Be From Canada If" ornament is artfully printed in shimmering red enamel.
Phrases include:
The local paper requires six pages for hockey
"Eh?" is an important part of your vocabulary
You know what a "loonie" and a "toonie" are
You call the last letter of the alphabet "Zed"
You find -20C a "little chilly"
You have taken a snowmobile to the store…in May.
This charming Canada ornament is a wonderful way to celebrate—(as well as have a little fun with)—your special Canadian loved one!
Scottish Bagpipe Playing Santa Glass Ornament
This Scottish Santa wishes you and yours a very Nollaig Chridheil by playing a spirited bagpipe solo! Artfully crafted of glass from Poland and painted plaid with glittering accents, this 5½" tall ornament will add a touch of Scotland's enchanting charm to your tree.
(Tradition of the Bagpipes card included.)
Dreidel Glass Ornament
Exquisitely hand-crafted of glass, this dreidel ornament will be a stunning addition to your Hanukkah décor! Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our 4½" tall dreidel ornament is artfully colored in eye-catching gold and blue paint with sparkling gold glitter accents. The Hebrew symbols nun, gimmel, heh, and shin are painted in a vivid gold color on this Jewish dreidel ornament.
German Flag Glass Ornament
As if blowing in a gentle breeze, this glass replica of the German flag gracefully waves the tradition colors of black, red and yellow. This charming German flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
Ireland Flag Glass Ornament
Waving brilliantly over the Emerald Isle is the tricolor flag of Ireland in green, white and orange. A symbol of pride for many, this glass replica allows you to display your patriotic heritage all year-round. This charming Ireland flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
Irish Cross Porcelain Ornament
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind always be at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you In the palm of his hand.

Your special Irish family will love this cross porcelain ornament! Measuring 4¾" tall by 3¼" wide, this Irish cross ornament is masterfully crafted of porcelain and trimmed with shining gold paint. The popular Irish Blessing is printed in green on the cross with a large shamrock in the center. Our beautiful Irish cross porcelain ornament will make a great conversation piece in your home!
(Legend of the Celtic Cross card included.)
Highland Santa Glass Ornament
Our Santa will take the highland in hopes you'll be together on Christmas morning! With eye-catching glazes and glittering accents, this Highland Santa ornament is 5" tall and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. Celebrating your heritage or the love for Scotland, this bagpipe player will make a great cultural addition and family heirloom for years to come.
Greece Glass Ornament
There's only one thing to say about this marvelous ornament… "it's all Greek to us!" This exclusive, blown-glass Greece ornament cleverly captures the shape and flag making it sure to be a land-mark attraction on your tree for years to come. Measuring 4" tall, our masterfully crafted ornament displays the flag colors and country name "Greece" on the front with a picture of the Greek Parthenon on the back. A perfect gift to commemorate your love of Greece and Greek heritage!
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of this ornament.
Clock Tower Wooden Ornament
This extraordinary clock tower is sure to make a timeless addition in your ornament collection! Exquisitely hand-crafted from wood in the USA by artist Glenn A. Crider, this 6" tall clock tower ornament is intricately detailed inside and out. The unique piece from his collection of ginger cottages is specially designed to accommodate a standard mini bulb in the base, which when inserted, illuminates an exhilarating holiday surprise hidden within! Coming ready to hang with a rich plum cord and accented with a blanket of fresh glittering snow and a signature gingerbread man inside, this clock tower wooden ornament is sure to be a prized acquisition for any clock collector, especially since it is proudly made in the USA!
German Customs Christmas Greeting Ornament
Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, this unique 3" customs glass ornament features the German phrase Fröhliche Weihnachten (Merry Christmas) printed above the design of a softly glowing Christmas candle.
Please select the inset image to view the Christmas Customs of Germany sentiment that is printed on this ornament's reverse side.
Canadian Santa Jim Shore Ornament
Dressed in a beautiful quilted robe trimmed with a maple leaf motif, this charming Canadian Santa by beloved folk artist Jim Shore is portrayed holding a Canadian goose with a festive red bow around his neck. Crafted of stone resin to resemble carved wood, this exquisite 4½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is sure to become a treasured collectible.
I Love Pierogi Glass Ornament
This unique Pierogi ornament is as cute as a dumpling! Artfully crafted of glass from Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our 3" tall keepsake features the sentiment I ♥ Pierogi prominently printed in brown and accented with sparkling gold glitter while plump Pierogi fill the circumference. A taste-ful addition to any tree!
St. Patrick Cross Ornament
Our stunning St. Patrick cross ornament is skillfully crafted of resin and features the image of the benevolent bishop and the shamrocks he used to teach the Trinity. Artfully embellished with an attractive copper-tone finish and shimmering gold "gemstones", this striking 3¼" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is attractively packaged for convenient gift giving.
Polish Eagle Crest On Red Disc Glass Ornament
Celebrate your unique heritage with this distinctive ornament depicting Poland's National Crest. Artfully crafted by skilled glass artisans in Poland, our distinctive 3¼" tall ornament features a stylized white eagle with golden crown, beak and talons. This unique Polish eagle crest on red disc glass ornament makes a great gift for friends and family of Polish descent.
Dutch Santa Jim Shore Ornament
Rich with color and pattern, this vibrant 4½" tall Santa ornament by artist Jim Shore celebrates the culture of windmills, wooden shoes, and all things Dutch! Exquisitely hand-crafted of stone resin with a "carved wood" appeal, this charming Dutch Santa ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is sure to become a treasured collectible.
Jim Shore Australian Santa Ornament
A charming tribute to the Land Down Under, this special Australian Santa ornament is artfully crafted from stone resin with a carved wood appearance. Holding a staff occupied by an adorable koala, this vibrant Santa is costumed in a robe with a serene desert scene complete with a kangaroo and stars representing the country's six original states. This exquisite 4½" tall Jim Shore® ornament comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is a must have for your collection!
Snowman With Maracas Glass Ornament
Cue the Mariachi band, 'cause this little snowman is ready to shake his maracas! Dressed in a colorful poncho and felt-rimmed sombrero, this adorable glass and resin snowman glistens with a rainbow of vibrant glazes and dazzling glitter accents. Sure to melt your heart, our 5" tall snowman with maracas ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Cuckoo Clock With Pine Cones Glass Ornament
A time-ly gift for the holidays, this exquisite glass cuckoo clock is hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents. Adorned with a pretty poinsettias and cardinal motif, this 8½" keepsake features a pair of dangling pine cone weights and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. You won't want to spend another hour, minute or second of the Christmas season without this special cuckoo clock with pine cones ornament!
(Tradition of the Cuckoo Clock card included.)
Are you part German and part Irish? Is your grandmother Italian and your grandfather French? Do you have a friend of Asian descent or a teacher that hails from Egypt? We have the perfect ornament just waiting for you! An ornament from Bronner's that celebrates ethnic pride is not only a wonderful keepsake, but a cherished gift that is often passed down through generations. Please feel free to browse through our online selection of ethnic pride ornaments to find your perfect gift!
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