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Italian Blessing Ornament
"Lord, we ask you to help us make this house a home where its foundation is built upon the Lord...Where its rooms are warm with years of laughter, dreams and family memories...Where its windows look out upon the world and reflect the beauty and blessings near at hand...Where its doors are open wide and welcome all those who would share the love that lives here." Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from Hungary, this 3" glass ornament features a heartfelt Italian blessing printed in shimmering red along a three-tone green, pearl, and red surface. This unique Italian blessing ornament will make a wonderful addititon to your tree this Christmas!
Hungarian Blessing Glass Ornament
"With faith, comes love. With love, peace. With peace, blessings. With blessings, God is present. With God present, there is no need." (Hungarian version on the front, English version on reverse.) 3" diameter and made of glass from Hungary.
Irish Creed Ornament
Be it legend or feelings from the heart, our exclusive designs makes a great gift for Irish friends or loved ones. 3" diameter and made of glass from Hungary. Click the alternate image to view the reverse side of the ornament.

Ornament sentiment reads:
An Irish Creed
Wit is something to treasure, Charm is something to live.
Peace is something to keep, Love is something to give.
Joy is something to feel, Trust is something to find.
God is the one to thank from now ‘til the end of time.
Poland Flag Glass Ornament
Graceful waves of brilliant white and red represent our glass replica of the Polish flag. In 1919 after Poland had regained her independence, the bold stripes of white and red were recognized as the official state colors. This charming Poland flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
Polish Christmas Blessing Ornament
"May the love of God rest within these walls. May Jesus and Mary come and always dwell in this home. May there be plenty of wheat and rye. In the New Year plenty of everything." (English version on the front, Polish version on reverse.) 3" diameter and made of glass. Made in Hungary.
German Flag Glass Ornament
As if blowing in a gentle breeze, this glass replica of the German flag gracefully waves the tradition colors of black, red and yellow. This charming German flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
God Bless The Irish Ornament
Allow this shimmering green 3" exclusive glass ornament to bless your Irish loved ones this holiday season! Back text: God made a special people with a twinkle in their eyes, And with smiles upon their faces; A people strong and wise. He called these folk "the Irish" and gave them His green sod, a bit o heaven here on earth where they commune with God. This unique God Bless the Irish ornament will also make a wonderful addition to your Irish-themed tree this Christmas! Made in Hungary.
Scottish Blessing Ornament
Crafted exclusively for Bronner's from Hungary, our unique 3" glass ornament features a beautiful Scottish blessing printed along a three-tone violet, pearl, and emerald surface. Blessing reads:If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. So let it be.
This charming Scottish Blessing ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake with your loved one for years to come!
Four-Leaf Clover Glass Ornament
Artfully crafted from glass with eye-catching, deep green glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this exclusive four-leaf clover ornament will add the perfect touch of luck to your tree!
2¾" tall.
(Symbol of the Four-Leaf Clover card included.)
Polish National Emblem Glass Ornament
Crafted exclusively for Bronner's in Hungary, this beautiful 3" glass ornament features the unique Polish national emblem on one side and its story on the other printed in white along a red satin surface. The story of the Polish emblem reads: The Polish emblem dates back to medieval pennants, when the flag was all red with a white eagle. The eagle was adopted as the national symbol of the Polish State in the 15th century, and continued until the end of the 18th century, when Poland lost her state independence. When Poland regained her independence in 1918, the white eagle again became the national emblem, and in 1919 red and white were officially recognized as state colors. During the time of Communist domination after World War II, the eagle was deprived of its crown, which was restored after the fall of Communism in 1989.
Add this Polish national emblem to your collection today!
Great Britain Flag Glass Ornament
The current flag of Great Britain was first used in 1801 when a new design incorporated three symbolic crosses to represent the United Kingdom. This exquisitely detailed ornament is 2¾" tall by 3½" wide and crafted of glass.
Polish Blessing Ornament
"May your hand be outstretched to all you meet. And may all men say 'Brother' when they speak of you. May the land be fertile beneath your feet. May your days be gentle as the sun-kissed dew." (Printed in English on reverse.) 3" diameter and made of glass from Hungary.
Greece Flag Glass Ornament
The number of stripes and the colors of the flag are very significant. The nine stripes are said to stand for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots' motto "Eleutheria e Thanatos." The blue on the flag symbolizes the blue color of the sea that surrounds the land, and the white on the flag symbolizes the restless Greeks waves. The cross in the upper left corner signifies Christianity.
As if blowing in a gentle breeze, this glass replica of Greece's flag gracefully waves the traditional blue and white colors. This charming Greece flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
Canada Flag Glass Ornament
The National Flag of Canada is recreated in glass in a brilliant display of red and white. A maple leaf, the traditional emblem of Canada, is proudly featured in the center. This charming Canada flag ornament is crafted of glass and 2¾" tall by 3½" wide.
Italy Flag Glass Ornament
The three colors of Italy's flag are very significant. Green represents hope, white stands for faith and red for charity. Share this special meaning with our 2¾" tall by 3½" wide glass replica of this beautiful flag.
Personalized Green and White Claddagh Ring Ornament
The famous Claddagh ring symbol is masterfully depicted in white glaze on the smooth emerald-color surface of this personalized exclusive 3" glass ornament. Back text: The hand represents friendship, the crown royalty and the heart love. Because of its history and unique design the Claddagh ring is being used internationally as a token of great love and friendship. Whether personalized with a green paint pen by our professional Bronner's artists at no additional charge or plain, this unique Claddagh ring ornament will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones this Christmas! Made in Hungary.
Please note: Do not forget to include the "&" symbol if you would like it to appear on the ornament.
Please select the alternate image for a view of this ornament without personalization.
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