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Lace Heart Ornament With Marquerite Daisies
Dress up your tree or windowpane with this charming white lace heart. Stitched with a lovely trio of Marquerite daisies, this lovely 2¾" tall lace ornament comes ready to hang on a loop of matching white thread and is skillfully hand-crafted in Germany.
Lace Heart Ornament With Starflowers
A pretty pattern of starflowers graces this beautiful white lace heart. Perfect for dressing up a tree or windowpane, this enchanting 2¾" tall ornament is skillfully hand-crafted in Germany and comes ready to hang on a loop of matching white thread.
Lace Heart With Columbine Flowers
Skillfully stitched with a pattern of columbine flowers, this beautiful lace heart is a natural accent for your tree or windowpane. Coming ready to hang on a matching loop of white thread, this enchanting ornament is skillfully crafted in Germany and measures 2¾" tall.
Poinsettia And Tree Lace Ornament
Blooming with a cheery poinsettia design, this festive lace ornament is accented with a Christmas tree and star. Skillfully stitched of fine thread in Germany in hues of white, green, red and gold, this special holiday design measures 3¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a loop of white thread. A great accent for trees and windows!
Mistletoe And Tree Lace Ornament
A charming poinsettia plant graces this festive lace ornament accented with a Christmas tree and star. Skillfully stitched of fine thread in Germany in hues of white, green, red and gold, this special holiday design measures 3¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a loop of white thread. A great accent for trees and windows!
Gold Flowers On Pale Gold Glass Ornament
Elegant, dazzling, enchanting….all are apt descriptions for this gorgeous glass orb! Patterned with glittering gold lines and sparkling flowers dotted with eye-catching amber "jewels", our pale gold ornament is artfully crafted in Poland and measures 3¼" tall. This elegant ornament just might become the gold standard for all others!
White Glass Ornament With Poinsettias And Silver Glitter
Capture the allure of the holiday season with this extraordinary glass decoration! Expertly crafted in Poland, our 4" round ornament is masterfully hand-painted with brilliant red poinsettias framed within a lattice arbor of sparkling silver glitter. An exquisite choice for the tree!
Honey Comb With Bee Glass Ornament
Minding your own beeswax can be quite enjoyable with this beautiful honey comb decoration! Adorned with an artful gold bee made of resin, our 5" honeycomb ornament is artfully detailed in glass and has a shimmering gold mercury glass appearance. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this bee-utiful keepsake is certain to delight your special nature lover or bee keeper.
Peacock Blue Butterfly Clip Ornament
Capture the magic of summer with this whimsical peacock blue butterfly clip ornament. Crafted of acrylic with charming wire accents, this brilliant butterfly has a 5" wide wingspan and is lavishly decorated with a variety of dazzling glitter, sparkling sequins and twinkling acrylic gemstones. An attached metal clip ensures perfect placement on the branches of your Christmas tree.
Bumble Bee Glass Ornament
Buzzing with charm, this imaginative glass bumble bee is skillfully mouth blown in Poland with eye-catching stripes of sparkling black and yellow glitter. Accented with whimsical plastic wings and six coated wire legs, this bee-utiful keepsake measures 4½" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
Dragonfly Blush Glass Ornament
Entrancing in a blush of muted green and rose gold glazes, this stunning dragonfly is reminiscent of summer's awesome beauty. A natural accent for the tree, this radiant glass ornament measures 3¾" tall x 5½" wide and is accented with iridescent gold glitter and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Symbol of the Dragonfly card included.)
Alligator Blown Glass Ornament
Crawling out of the swamp with a big toothy grin, this gator just wants to be bayou! Not so menacing with his whimsical green spots, this charming blown glass alligator ornament is masterfully crafted in Italy and measures 5¼" tall. See you later alligator…….after 'while, crocodile!
Pink Onion With Butterflies Glass Ornament
Dipping and diving with graceful ease, butterflies flutter on this transparent pink onion in hand-painted hues of pink and green. Expertly crafted of glass in Romania with dazzling pink glitter accents, this enchanting 3¼" ornament will remind you of a summer garden despite the brutal winds of December.
Monarch Butterfly Ornament With Clip
Give your décor a lift with this dazzling monarch butterfly! Crafted from feathers in a bright orange hue with black and white accents and a plastic body and antennae, our cheery butterfly clip features a metal clip for precise placement in your tree, wreath, or centerpiece. The wing height of our butterfly measures approximately 2¾" tall by 4½" wide.
Dainty Dragonfly Glass Ornament
Flitting about ponds and lakes, this dragonfly is a welcome sign of summer. Resplendent in glistening hues of teal, purple, green and white, our dainty dragonfly glass ornament is accented with dazzling glitter and measures a petite 1" tall x 3" wide. Expertly crafted by Old World Christmas®, this unique insect will make a stunning addition to your ornament collection.
Spider Teardrop Glass Ornament
Symbolic of good fortune, this spider-themed ornament makes a unique accent for Christmas or Halloween! Skillfully crafted of glass, our 4" teardrop has a shimmering ivory surface adorned with glistening gold webs and a prominent black spider on each side of the two-sided design. Ornament comes ready to hang on a gold cord.
Plastic Glittering Poinsettia Ornament
Layered with dimensional charm, this dazzling 5¼" tall poinsettia will look great in numerous displays! Depicting a brilliant red poinsettia flowering on a bed of glittering green leaves, this stunning ornament is crowned with a cluster of sparkling gold berries. Crafted of acrylic and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this impressive Christmas flower will usher in the holidays with a dramatic flair!
(Legend of the Poinsettia card included.)
Bronner #1202231.
Tarantula Spider Glass Ornament
Do you appreciate all of God's special creatures? Even the creeping, crawling ones? Adorned with dazzling black and brown tinsel glitter accents and sparkling green rhinestone eyes, our stunning tarantula spider ornament measures 3½" tall is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland.
Blue Dragonfly Egyptian Glass Ornament
Capturing the essence of sunny summer days, this enchanting dragonfly flits around delightfully with her double set of shapely blue wings and clear body. Expertly mouth-blown in Egypt, our delightful glass ornament measures approximately 3¼" from head to tail and comes ready to display on a gold cord.
Bee Egyptian Glass Ornament
Mimicking nature's graceful symmetry, this bee-witching insect has two whimsical wings and a swirling spun glass body. Hand-made in Egypt by professional glassblowers, this charming amber hued ornament measures 2¼" wide and comes ready to display on a gold cord with a hanging height of approximately 1½" tall.
Spider Spinning Web Glass Ornament
An old European Christmas legend tells of a poor woman unable to provide the traditional decorations for the special holiday. A spider made his home in her tree and began to spin beautiful webs. On Christmas morning the first light of sun struck the cobwebs, turning them to silver. When the woman awoke, she found the tree was covered with silver treasure—the spider had brought good fortune! Masterfully crafted of glass in Germany, this stunning 3" tall ornament depicts a black spider spinning lovely designs shimmering with iridescent glitter accents.
4.25 Inch Red Glass Ornament With Multi Color Floral Design
Reminiscent of classic European folk art, this vivid red ornament is patterned with multicolor floral designs bordered by stripes and swirls of dazzling gold glitter. Shimmering with a myriad of prismatic glitter accents, this striking 4¼" glass ornament is expertly crafted in Romania and is certain to become a treasured family keepsake!
Holly And Berries On Clear Glass Ornament
Deck your halls with this ball of holly and berries! Crafted of glass from Germany, our unique ornament is accented in green and red glitter. Measuring 3" tall, this charming holly and berries on clear ornament is sure to become a treasured Christmas favorite during the holly-days!
Bee With Antennae Blown Glass Ornament
With his whimsical antennae and a hand-painted smile, this blown glass bee is buzzzzing with charm! Masterfully crafted of glass in Italy, our delightful 5" tall yellow jacket is artfully adorned with four curvy legs and a pair of plastic wings shimmering with white glitter accents. We think he's simply bee-witching!
Holly And Berries On Transparent Glass Ornament
A head-turner with its large Christmas blooms, this beautiful design is perfect for the holly-days! Artfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this gorgeous 3" transparent ornament is encircled with hand-painted holly and berries shimmering with green glazes and eye-catching glitter accents of white, gold and red.
Metal Holly Branch With Sleigh Bell Ornament
An eye-catching accent for your tree, wreath, or garland, this unique silver metal holly branch features a dangling red metal sleigh bell. Glittering with white "snow" and red gemstone "berries", this 5" tall ornament is crowned with silky green leaves and comes ready to hang on a red ribbon.
5.5 Inch Acrylic Poinsettia Wreath Ornament
Symbolizing the circle of family, friends and faith, wreaths are timeless addition to your Christmas décor. Artfully crafted of acrylic, this beautiful 5½" wreath features a double row of dazzling poinsettias covered in brilliant red glitter and dazzling gold glitter highlights. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this eye-catching ornament will add beauty and texture to your holiday celebrations.
Poinsettia Glass Disc Ornament
You're sure to pick this blooming beauty for your holiday décor! Adorned with a trio of vibrant poinsettias in brilliant red and green, our 5" glass disc ornament shimmers with a glistening white pearl surface. Accented with glistening glitter and a sprinkling of "ruby" gems, this gorgeous ornament is sure to be a perennial favorite! (Legend of the Poinsettia card included).
Blue And Green Dragonfly Glass Ornament With Beaded Tail
Sparkling like gems in the sunlight, the jewel-like tones of the dragonfly symbolizes joy and renewal. Awash in brilliant hues of blue, green, and gold, this gorgeous glass dragonfly is accented with dazzling glitter and a whimsical tail of glass beads. Skillfully mouth-blown in Germany, this beautiful ornament measures approximately 3¾" tall. (Symbol of the Dragonfly card included).
Mistletoe In Clear Glass Ornament
A sprig of festive "mistletoe" is encased inside this clear glass ball. Kissed with a cheery red bow, this beautiful 3¼" tall glass ornament surrounds a sprig of festive green and white "mistletoe." Symbolizing harmony and good will, this unique decoration is perfect for Christmas, the season of love! (Symbol of the Mistletoe card included).
Whether you're looking sunflower or a butterfly, Bronner's has you covered! With a wide range of insect and flower ornaments, Bronner's has an ornament for everyone. Whether you love dragonflies, grasshoppers, ladybugs, or snails Bronner's has crafted an ornament with you in mind! If you're a flower lover Bronner's carries a large selection to pick from. From spun glass hummingbirds over a flower to cactuses, Bronner's has an ornament suited for any flower enthusiast!
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