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Blue And White Jellyfish Glass Ornament
Can't you just sea this shimmering ornament on your tree? Hand-painted with bright glazes and eye-catching glitter accents, our blue and white jellyfish glass ornament measures 4¾" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord. A great gift for your ocean enthusiast!
Sand Dollar With Glitter And Pearl Glass Ornament
You're shore to love this pretty sand-dollar ornament! Adorned with silver metal "shells" and a lustrous "pearl" center, our stunning 3¼" tall glass ornament is accented with glistening golden glitter and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Stingray Spun Glass Ornament
'Tis the sea-son to add unique designs to your spun glass collection! Our beautiful stingray ornament is expertly crafted of green art glass with accents of orange, yellow, and blue shining through its semi-transparent form. A great catch for your aquatic animal lover, this vibrant fish comes ready to hang on a clear monofilament line with a hanging height of approximately 1½".
Fish Dangle Ornament
You're sure to swallow the bait and reel in this amusing catch! Dangling from a red and white striped bobber, our pale green fish measures 4" tall and comes ready to hang on a rustic twine string.
Blue Spun Glass Swordfish Ornament
'Tis the sea-son to add unique designs to your spun glass collection! Shimmering with brilliant splashes of red, yellow and iridescent copper, our whimsical blue swordfish measures 2¼" wide x 4½" tall and comes ready to hang on a clear "fish line."
Manatee With Santa Hat Glass Ornament
Add a splash of whimsy to the tree with this cute party animal! Swimming happily with a festive wrapped gift in his flippers, our merry manatee heads to his sea-sonal Christmas party dressed in a charming red Santa hat. Crafted of glass with an "ocean" of bright glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this aquatic-themed keepsake measures 2¾" tall x 4" wide and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Frog Playing Guitar Glass Ornament
Hoppy Holidays! Ready to serenade your Christmas with his musical repertoire, our terrific toad strums his classic guitar in stylish green leggings, red vest and Santa hat. Crafted of glass and resin and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this fantastic frog ornament shimmers with sparkling glitter accents and measures 5½" tall.
Sea Horse Glass Ornament
We've scoured the Seven Seas to discover this rare beauty! Charmingly detailed in glass, our vibrant gold and orange seahorse twinkles with turquoise glitter and prismatic silver sequins. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this dazzling ornament is destined to become a sea-sonal family favorite!
Dolphin Mom And Baby Glass Ornament
In all the animal kingdom, you won't find a more inspiring sight than this graceful dolphin mom and her adorable baby! Measuring 2¼" tall x 5¼" wide, this dazzling silver ornament is artfully rendered in glass with glistening green glitter accents and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Rainbow Trout Glass Ornament
A shimmering rainbow trout leaps gracefully out of the water near a riverbank lined with cattails in this unique design beautifully detailed in glass. Hand-painted with rich glazes and glistening glitter accents, this colorful 4½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and makes a great gift for your fisherman or nature lover!
Shrimp Spun Glass Ornament
Add colorful interest to your spun glass collection with this unique marine design! Brilliant glass accents of red and white shine through our shrimp's clear crystal shell in a delightful spiraling pattern while its whimsical form is artfully detailed from antennae to tail with rows of graceful legs. Sure to become a sea-sonal favorite, this one-of a-kind ornament comes ready to hang on a clear monofilament line with a hanging height of approximately 2" tall.
Frog On Lilly Pad Glass Ornament
Ribbbbit! A cheerful green frog suns himself contentedly atop a lily pad in this charming glass design expertly crafted in Poland. Shimmering with radiant green glazes and accents of dazzling glitter, this enchanting 3" tall ornament is sure to fill your tree with hop-iness and delight!
Symbol of the Frog card included.
Spun Glass Orca Whale Ornament
Swimming with charm, our beautiful spun glass orca whale is sure to inhabit a spot on your tree for many sea-sons to come! Shimmering in glossy hues of ebony and white, this 1¾" tall fish comes ready to hang on a clear monofilament line.
Nautical Whale Spun Glass Ornament
Splashes of ebony glitter make this orca truly shine! Smiling with a hand-painted grin, our impressive 2¼" tall x 5" wide whale ornament is expertly crafted of glass and comes ready to hang on a clear monofilament line. Perfect for a nautical or animal themed tree, you'll enjoy this unique keepsake sea-son after season!
Octopus With Christmas Decorations Glass Ornament
Ever wish you had an extra hand or two at Christmastime? Our super multi-tasking octopus makes good use of those extra arms to wrap a festive gift and polish the star tree top and check the bulbs on a colorful string of lights and enjoy a yummy candy cane….all at the same time! Crafted of glass in Hungary with a myriad of brilliant glazes, this charming 3" round Bronner's exclusive ornament will add a touch of whimsy and nautical adventure to the tree!
Seahorse Heart Ornament
'Tis the sea-son for love! Swimming nose to nose and tail to tail two seahorses form a graceful heart in this imaginative design! Shimmering with bright ivory glazes and accents of metallic silver, our lovely 3¼" tall ornament is charmingly detailed in resin and comes ready to display on a silver cord.
No matter what under the water animal you love Bronner's has you covered. Whether you love starfish, jellyfish, octopus, seahorses, dolphins, manatees, whales, lobsters or crabs we have what you're looking for. From alligators to penguins, Bronner's offers a large selection of water animals and fish that will please any underwater lover!
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