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Octopus Cozumel Ornament
If you've visited the tropical Island of Cozumel, perhaps you've been lucky enough to glimpse an octopus or two along the way. With eight tentacles curving gracefully about, our beautiful replica shimmers in dappled hues of blue. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, our stone-resin octopus ornament measures 3¼" wide and has a hanging height of approximately 2¾" tall. A great gift for your aquatic animal lover, this special sea-sonal keepsake is a unique reminder to appreciate all of God's special creatures!
Basset Hound Glass Ornament
With his droopy eyes and floppy ears, this adorable basset hound is sure to waddle his way into your heart! Exquisitely crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, our 2½" tall ornament shimmers with hand-painted glazes and iridescent glitter accents. No bones about it, it's dog-gone cute!
Red Glass Ornament With Holly Design
With a lustrous red satin finish decorated with festive holly designs, this ravishing glass ornament will be a festive addition to your tree! Hand-painted with brilliant green glazes, glistening gold glitter, and ravishing red gemstone accents, this 4" tall keepsake comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure put you in the holly-day spirit!
(Legend of the Holly card included.)
Polar Bear Skating Glass Ornament
It's so n-ice to get a lift from a good friend! Ever willing to support his penguin buddy (quite literally as well as figuratively), our skating polar bear glides across the ice with his little friend sailing on his shoulder. Shimmering with eye-catching glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this whimsical 4½" tall ornament is crafted of glass and resin and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Claydough Monkey Ornament
Swinging from his tail on a jungle vine is great fun for this cheerful monkey! Imaginatively detailed in claydough in hues of brown, beige and green, this adorable ornament measures 3¼" tall and comes ready to hang on a silver cord. Your young child or grandchild will go ape for this cute little fellow!
Steer Skull Resin Ornament
Adorned with a "turquoise" stone, this steer skull ornament makes a great accent for your country or western-themed tree. Coming ready to display on a leather cord, this rustic keepsake measures 3½" tall and is realistically detailed in resin.
Oak Leaf With Acorn Glass Ornament
You're sure to rake in a pile of compliments when you add this artful leaf to your tree! Crafted of glass, our timeless design pairs an oak leaf glistening in gold glitter with a shimmering acorn in complimentary hues. Coming ready to hang on a silver cord, this exquisite ornament reminds us that something as humble as a tiny acorn can produce a mighty oak.
(Symbol of the Acorn card included.)
Raven Clip On Glass Ornament
This Christmas, feather your nest with our ravishing raven ornament! Skillfully crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® our beautiful bird shimmers with ebony glazes and is accented with sapphire glitter and a whimsical feather tail. An attached metal clip makes it easy to find a perch for this handsome keepsake on your tree! Clip-on ornament measures approximately 2½" tall x 10" wide.
Set Of 4 Plastic Penguin Ornaments
Add a cool vibe to your tree with these smiling penguins! Crafted of shatterproof plastic, each 3¼" tall penguin in this set of 4 shimmers in vibrant color with dazzling glitter accents. These worry-free ornaments are ideal for homes with young children or pets!

PLEASE NOTE: These shatterproof decorations are recommended for indoor use. May be used outdoors, but due to various environmental conditions, we are sorry that we cannot guarantee their brilliance retained for multiple seasons. Thank you!
Seahorse Heart Ornament
'Tis the sea-son for love! Swimming nose to nose and tail to tail two seahorses form a graceful heart in this imaginative design! Shimmering with bright ivory glazes and accents of metallic silver, our lovely 3¼" tall ornament is charmingly detailed in resin and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Penguin Pirate Glass Ornament
"Shiver-me-timbers! I'll walk the plank before I give up me gold!" Fearlessly defending his treasure chest with a hook on one flipper and a sword in the other, our adorable pirate penguin is cleverly detailed in glass and resin and artfully accented with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. Measuring 5½" tall and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this whimsical decoration is sure to add a touch of adventure to your holidays!
Blue And Silver Floral Tear Drop Glass Ornament
Add a touch of sophistication to your tree with this gorgeous glass ornament! Exquisitely embellished with a graceful blue floral pattern, our 6" silver tear drop comes ready to hang with a silver cord. Simply spectacular!
Caterpillar Sailor Blown Glass Ornament
All hands on deck! Ready for a bright adventure, our new recruit is dressed in his best sailor suit complete with glittering cap. Awash with pale green glazes and spots of yellow glitter, our caterpillar sailor is adorned with felt accents and a whimsical hand-painted face. The epitome of fine Italian craftsmanship, this unique hand-blown ornament measures 4½" tall and is sure to be treasured for many sea-sons to come!
Cow With Hat Glass Ornament
If you're going to have a cow, it may as well be a handsome one! Wearing a stylish alpine cap, our beautiful bovine is expertly crafted of glass in Poland and measures 3¼" tall. Hand-painted with a myriad of vibrant glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this whimsical ornament will make an udder-ly fascinating addition to your tree.
(Symbol of the Cow card included.)
Mushroom Symbol Glass Ornament
Whether you're a mushroom forager or just love symbolism, consider yourself lucky for finding this fun-gi! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" round white enameled ornament depicts a trio of Amanita Muscaria on the front and the symbol of the mushroom printed on the back.
Bronner #1196193.
Copper Oak Leaf With Silver Acorn Ornament
Whether you decorate a windowpane for autumn or display it on your Christmas tree, you're sure to rake in a pile of compliments with this beautiful oak leaf ornament that is grown and hand-crafted in the USA! Preserved through a delicate process by trained artisans, this gorgeous copper hued leaf is dipped in precious metals to conserve its natural shape and veins and is accented with a shimmering silvered acorn seed charm. Coming ready to hang with a striped green ribbon, no two are exactly alike! This timelessly preserved treasure ranges in height from 3" to 3½" tall.
Manatee With Santa Hat Glass Ornament
Add a splash of whimsy to the tree with this cute party animal! Swimming happily with a festive wrapped gift in his flippers, our merry manatee heads to his sea-sonal Christmas party dressed in a charming red Santa hat. Crafted of glass with an "ocean" of bright glazes and sparkling glitter accents, this aquatic-themed keepsake measures 2¾" tall x 4" wide and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Moose With Wreath Glass Ornament
Daydreaming that he can fly like Santa's magical reindeer, this happy-go-lucky moose won't mind dangling from the branches of your tree! Adorned with a festive holiday wreath and antlers glistening with iridescent glitter, our glass and resin moose is hand-painted in hues of shimmering brown. An amusing gift for an outdoorsman or special animal lover, this whimsical 5" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Bees On Honeycomb Round Glass Ornament
We could mind our own beeswax, but we think you'll really like this new Bronner's exclusive design. Crafted of semi-transparent glass in a warm honey hue with a crystalized finish within, our 3" round ornament is buzzing with a swarm of honey bees busily tending their honeycomb. Shimmering with touches of iridescent glitter, you're sure to bee impressed with this sweet design expertly crafted in Hungary.
(Symbol of the Bee card included.)
Rhinoceros Glass Ornament
You'll want to add this rare find to your animal or safari-themed tree! With a beautiful sateen finish, our 2¼" tall x 4½" wide rhinoceros ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Poland and will make a wild-ly exciting gift for your animal lover!
Clownfish With Reef Glass Ornament
You'll have no trouble finding this brilliant fish on the branches of your tree! Flashing his bold stripes of orange, white, and black, our clownfish nestles contentedly in a colorful coral reef at the bottom of the sea. Artfully crafted of glass with accented of dazzling glitter, this vivid 3½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and makes a great gift for your aquatic animal lover!
Walrus With Baby Glass Ornament
Did you know that walrus moms have tusks too and that they let their calves sit on their backs to protect them from predators? Depicting a walrus and her baby snuggling on a sparkling ice floe, this heart-warming ornament is artfully rendered in glass with resin accents and measures 3" tall x 4½" wide. A great gift for your animal lover, this unique keepsake is skillfully hand-painted with vivid bronze glazes and accents of dazzling glitter and comes ready to hang on a pale blue ribbon.
3 Inch Smiling Bulldog Ornament
Your special dog lover just may sit, stay, and beg for this special treat! Amazingly detailed in resin with vivid hand-painted accents, our 3" sitting Bulldog ornament comes ready to display on a gold cord with a charm that's a breed apart from the rest!
Dove Symbol 3 Tone Blue Glass Ornament
A universal symbol of peace and love, doves make wonderful CHRISTmas decorations! Shimmering with a brilliant 3 tone purple, blue and turquoise surface our 3" round ornament is exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary. Depicting a dove in flight with an olive branch in his beak, this beautiful ornament is printed on the reverse side with a paragraph outlining the fascinating Symbol of the Dove.
3.5 Inch Peacock Blue Disk Glass Ornament
Often called "the bird with 100 eyes" because of the iridescent eye-like patterns of its plumage, the peacock is a brilliant sight to behold! Lavishly adorned with vibrant green jewels and glittering accents of turquoise, pink and gold, our 3½" blue disk ornament depicts a peacock spreading his tail feathers in all their resplendent glory. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this gorgeous keepsake is, literally, as pretty as a peacock!
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
German Shepherd Police Dog Ornament
No bones about it, it's sometimes RUFF to be a cop! Dressed in a spiffy blue uniform and cap, our German shepherd police dog is amazingly detailed in resin and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Hand-painted with vibrant glazes and dazzling, iridescent glitter accents, this 4" tall ornament makes a dog-gone cute gift for the dedicated officer you know!
3.75 Glass Peacock Ornament
Pretty as, well, a peacock, this dazzling bird shows off his brilliant plumage adorned with sapphire "jewels" and gold glitter accents. Shown in a regal profile our blue and green glass peacock ornament is artfully rendered in glass and resin and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Sure to catch the eye of bird watchers and animal lovers alike, this fabulous decoration measures 3¾" tall.
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
Red And White Capped Mushroom Glass Ornament
In many cultures, finding a mushroom in the forest is considered to be a symbol of good luck and a harbinger of prosperity. Our charming 4½" tall mushroom ornament has a stylish white stalk topped with a shiny red cap spotted with dots of sparkling white glitter. Masterfully crafted of glass in Poland, this red and white capped mushroom ornament just may be the luck you've been looking for!
(Symbol of the Mushroom card included.)
Peacock Blue Butterfly Clip Ornament
Capture the magic of summer with this whimsical peacock blue butterfly clip ornament. Crafted of acrylic with charming wire accents, this brilliant butterfly has a 5" wide wingspan and is lavishly decorated with a variety of dazzling glitter, sparkling sequins and twinkling acrylic gemstones. An attached metal clip ensures perfect placement on the branches of your Christmas tree.
Goat With Red Scarf Glass Ornament
This stylish goat has a lot to gloat about! Artfully rendered in glass and resin, our whimsical goat is dressed in a red felt scarf adorned with a sparkling sprig of holly. Hand-painted with rich amber glazes and sparkling, glitter accents, this unique 4½" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland offers a large selection of ornaments perfect for any nature lover! Whether you love animals, birds, fish and other water animals, flowers, insects or the great outdoors, Bronner's has you covered! We even have gifts perfect for the pet owner on your list!
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