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Black Cat With Fish Dangle Ornament
Look what the cat dragged in! With a grin like a Cheshire cat, this adorable black kitty is proud of his latest "catch." Complete with a dangling fish charm, this fun feline ornament measures 4¼" tall and comes ready to hang with a red cord.
Owl With Top Hat And Scarf Glass Ornament
Whoooo's ready for a charming new owl ornament? Stylishly attired in a black top hat and festive red scarf, this wise old bird measures 4½" tall and comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Bright hand-painted glazes and sparkling glitter accents makes our wide-eyed owl a real looker!
Charming Tails Mouse With Holly Wings Ornament
"My Little Holly-day Angel" flies adorably through the air with holly leaves for wings and a golden halo. Colorfully detailed in resin, this darling 1½" tall x 3" wide ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and makes a whimsical addition to your Charming Tails® collection! #30381
Doodle Dog With Scarf Glass Ornament
Romping through a field of daisies with his bright turquoise scarf, this darling doodle dog is paws-atively enchanting! Expertly detailed in glass by Old World Christmas®, our 3½" tall ornament shimmers with hand-painted golden glazes and iridescent glitter accents. No bones about it, it's dog-gone cute!
Octopus Sushi Chef Glass Ornament
Six arms are a definite advantage for our octopus sushi chef! Brandishing a kitchen knife, chopsticks, and a tray filled with Asian delicacies, our top chef is one colorful character with his bright fuchsia glazes and eye-catching glitter accents. Artfully crafted of glass and resin and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this whimsical 4½" ornament is perfect for the sushi lover on your Christmas list!
Smiling Sloth Resin Ornament
Slow but sure, this tree dwelling sloth enjoys hanging around the rainforest canopy in search of tender buds and leaves. Amazingly detailed in resin, our smiling sloth ornament comes ready to hang with a red cord and measures 3¾" tall.
Dolphin With Baby Resin Ornament
In all the animal kingdom, you won't find a more inspiring sight than this graceful dolphin with her adorable baby! Charmingly crafted of resin with vivid blue-gray glazes, this 2½" tall ornament comes ready to hang on a red cord.
Penguin Pirate Glass Ornament
"Shiver-me-timbers! I'll walk the plank before I give up me gold!" Fearlessly defending his treasure chest with a hook on one flipper and a sword in the other, our adorable pirate penguin is cleverly detailed in glass and resin and artfully accented with a myriad of vibrant glazes and shimmering glitter accents. Measuring 5½" tall and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this whimsical decoration is sure to add a touch of adventure to your holidays!
Blue Glass Ornament With Peacock Feathers
Delicate peacock feathers adorned with glitter and sparkling gems add vibrant interest to this lovely glass design. Shimmering with a lustrous satin surface in hues of sapphire and turquois blue, this splendid 4" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and is sure to become a treasured keepsake!
Charming Tails Mouse On Snowflake Ornament
Snuggled on a "Snoozery Snowflake", this darling little mouse settles down for a long winter's nap. Colorfully detailed in resin with glittering silver accents, this cute Charming Tails® ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and measures approximately 2" tall. #30383
Frog Playing Guitar Glass Ornament
Hoppy Holidays! Ready to serenade your Christmas with his musical repertoire, our terrific toad strums his classic guitar in stylish green leggings, red vest and Santa hat. Crafted of glass and resin and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this fantastic frog ornament shimmers with sparkling glitter accents and measures 5½" tall.
Teardrop Peacock Drop Glass Ornament
Inspired by the brilliant plumage of the peacock, this shimmering turquois teardrop is adorned with eye-catching patterns of gold and plum. Accented with golden glitter and colorful twinkling "gemstones", this gorgeous 5" tall ornament is a sight to behold!
Cloud Hunter Trail Of The Painted Ponies Ornament
Your Trail of the Painted Ponies™ collector will be on cloud 9 when they receive this uplifting gift! Hand-painted with a pattern of swirling clouds, our ebony steed soars head first through the sky. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this charming ornament has a hanging height of 3¼".
Parrot Mom And Baby Glass Ornament
In all the animal kingdom, you won't find a more colorful sight than this nesting parrot and her adorable baby! Shimmering with vibrant glazes and eye-catching glitter accents, this beautiful 4½" tall ornament is artfully detailed in glass and resin and comes ready to hang with a red ribbon.
Duckling Ornament
Artfully detailed in resin, this charming chick is sure to waddle its way into your heart. Measuring 2¾" tall and coming ready to hand with a silver cord, our adorable duckling ornament will make a great addition to your farm or animal-themed tree!
Jim Shore Christmas Owl Ornament
Christmas will be a hoot with this little guy on the tree! Masterfully hand-crafted from stone resin with a "carved wood" appeal, our 3½" tall owl ornament glows with a bright mix of vibrant glazes and magnificent quilted patterns in classic Jim Shore® style. Wrapped in a vibrant scarf and festive Santa hat, this cute keepsake comes ready to hang with a twine cord and is perfect for your Jim Shore or owl collector!
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland offers a large selection of ornaments perfect for any nature lover! Whether you love animals, birds, fish and other water animals, flowers, insects or the great outdoors, Bronner's has you covered! We even have gifts perfect for the pet owner on your list!
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