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Peacock With Feather Tail Glass Ornament
Your special bird enthusiast will sing with delight to receive this dazzling peacock ornament! With a glass body and long feather tail, our spellbinding bird ornament is 3¼" tall by 12" wide. The glamorous tail of our pretty peacock includes teal fluff feathers, turquoise feathers, and three peacock feathers. The body of the bird is accentuated with gold, green, and blue glitter with purple rhinestones. Chunky blue glitter and hunter green feathers accent the head of this stunning peacock ornament. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this peacock with feathers glass ornament is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come!
(Symbol of the Peacock card included.)
Glittering Mocha Round Glass Ornament
Destined to be a focal point of elegance on your tree, this round 3" glass mocha colored ornament transcends beauty with its glittering gold vines cascading around the surface. Silver glitter accents add an endearing appeal to this unique ornament crafted in the Czech Republic. Complete a color scheme or add an accent to your tree this holiday season with this timeless ornament!
Moose With Lights In Antlers Ornament
This forest friend is all caught up in the Christ-moose spirit! Crafted of glass and resin, this festive creature's antlers are tangled in plastic Christmas lights. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our moose with lights in his antlers ornament is 6" tall and 5" wide. Your special outdoors enthusiast will be de-light-ed to receive this whimsical moose ornament this year!
Dolphin Games Spun Glass Ornament
This unique dolphin ornament will make quite the splash on your tree this Christmas! With vivid glazes and exquisite detail, our dolphin games ornament is 3¼" tall and crafted of spun glass and rhinestones. Coming ready to hang with a monofilament line, this beautiful dolphin ornament will also make a great gift for your special aquatic lover!
Sunflower Formed Glass Ornament
Your tree will bloom with a sunny touch of summer delight when you display this magnificent flower ornament! Exquisitely crafted from formed glass in Poland with stunning glitter and microbead accents, this 4" tall sunflower Christmas ornament is sure to be in season even during the holidays. Use this mesmerizing ornament to brighten up your gardening enthusiast's gift with a touch of natural beauty!
(Tradition of the Sunflower card included.)
Squirrel Glass Ornament
Your family and friends will go nuts when they see this adorable squirrel ornament on your Christmas tree! With vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our exquisitely detailed bushy-tailed rodent is 2¾" tall and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. This stunning squirrel with a nut ornament is a must-have for that special nature lover in your life!
Edelweiss Bloom Glass Ornament
Whether displayed as a symbol of love or a declaration of bravery, this 2½" glass ornament will bloom with beauty on your tree for seasons to come! Artfully crafted of glass from Germany, this edelweiss bloom ornament is beautifully colored in satin finishes, while glittering accents add an eye-catching and mythical appeal.
(Symbol of the Edelweiss card included.)
Matte Gold With Red Stripe And Holly Glass Ornament
Festive in red, green, and gold, this beautiful striped ornament is sure to put you in the holly-day spirit! Made in Poland and crafted of glass, our matte gold ornament features shiny red stripes, shiny green leaves, sparkling red glitter berries, and dazzling gold glitter accents. Measuring 3¾" tall, this matte gold with red stripe and holly ornament will be a terrific gift to your special newlywed couple!
Peacock Pattern Round Glass Ball Ornament
In iridescent shade of teal and aqua, this richly ornamented glass ball is simply gorgeous. Splendid swirls and loops of glitter and gems bring to mind the fantastic patterns of the peacock’s tail, while the translucent aqua blue ball catches the light. At 3½" and ready to hang with a gold cord, this mesmerizing ornament will be a breath-taking addition to your collection.
Fishing Santa With Creel Glass Ornament
Una-bate-d, our fishing Santa ornament is sure to lure your favorite fisherman to the tree with its eye-catching appeal! Wonderfully crafted from glass and resin, this 5½" tall Santa with creel ornament is depicted proudly holding up his fishing pole with a rainbow trout dangling at the end of the line. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord and finely detailed with glittering accents, our keepsake is just what your fishing enthusiast has been wading for!
Rabbit On A Sleigh Glass Ornament
Slipping and sliding down the slope of your tree, somebunny is sure to have a hare-raising good time! Our 3½" tall rabbit on a sleigh glass ornament is made in Poland and painted in vibrant colors with sparkling glitter details. With his whiskers and scarf blowing in the wind, this funny bunny is sure to hop right into the heart of your animal lover!
Pig On Skis With Red Scarf Glass Ornament
This playful pig is ready to ski through the branches of your tree! Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this 3½" pig is formed from glass and is accentuated with dazzling green, orange, and iridescent glitter. Any lover of pigs will snort with excitement at the sight of this adorable ornament!
Rooster With Wire Tail Glass Ornament
This bird will love to roost among the branches of your Christmas tree! Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this formed-glass rooster with wire tail is accentuated with dazzling gold and red glitter. This one-of-a-kind rooster will make the perfect addition to any rooster collection!
(Legend of the Rooster card included.)
Black And White Cow With Red Scarf Ornament
Moo-ve the rest of your ornaments over for this beautiful bovine! Crafted of glass and accentuated with dazzling black glitter and a red felt scarf, this 3½" tall by 5" wide cow comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Your farmer or cow enthusiast will be udder-ly ecstatic to receive this cute cow as a gift this Christmas!
(Symbol of the Cow card included.)
Panda Bear Glass Ornament
Your friends and family will be beary happy to see this adorable panda hanging amongst your zoo of ornaments! With vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our exquisitely detailed endangered species is 3½" tall and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. Holding a bamboo branch, this un-bear-ably cute panda bear ornament is a must-have for your special bear collector!
Blue Glitter Bird With Feather Tail Ornament
Let this unique avian alight on your tree this Christmas. Coated in shimmering royal blue, our sparkling songbird has real feathers embellished with matching beads. With both a gold hanging cord and an aluminum mounting clip, your display choices are widened. Measures approximately 4" tall by 8" wide.
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland offers a large selection of ornaments perfect for any nature lover! Whether you love animals, birds, fish and other water animals, flowers, insects or the great outdoors, Bronner's has you covered! We even have gifts perfect for the pet owner on your list!
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