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Swan Glass Ornament
The craftsmanship of this elegant keepsake is graceful and beautiful just like a swan! Masterfully mouth blown from glass in Poland, this 2¼" tall swan ornament is carefully hand-painted and accented with shimmering glitter that you're sure to love for seasons to come!
Personalized Cat Mom Glass Ornament
Treat a special pet parent to this charming keepsake that's just too purrrr-fect to pass up! Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our 3" round ornament has a shimmering two-tone tan and bronze surface with the loving title Cat Mom showcased in vivid brown glazes along with a fun paw print and heart. For a gift with real personal-ity™, allow one of Bronner's talented artists to hand-letter "mom's" name with a brown paint-pen at no additional charge.

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Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. We expect new supplies in late October, 2016. If you wish to backorder now, you may do so by calling 1-800-361-6736.

Constellations Black Glass Ornament
You're sure to spot your favorite constellations from Andromeda and Cassiopeia to Hercules and Ursa Minor on this celestial ornament! With twinkling stars and names of constellations appearing in vivid white against our ebony black sky, this 3" round Bronner's exclusive ornament is artfully crafted of glass in Hungary and makes an out of this world gift for your avid star-gazer!

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. We expect new supplies in early November, 2016. If you wish to backorder now, you may do so by calling 1-800-361-6736.

Angel With Horn Glass Floral Ornament
Meticulously crafted in Poland in the tradition of mouth-blown glass, this exquisite ornament has an eye-catching reflective champagne finish and a slightly elliptical shape. Hand-painted with shimmering glazes in hues of glistening gold, our 4½" tall angel with horn ornament is accented with sparkling, iridescent glitter and features an equally ornate floral design on the reverse side.
Guardian Angel card included.
Please see the alternate image for a view of the reverse side of this ornament.
(Guardian Angel card included.)
Ladybug With Santa Hat Glass Ornament
We're certain you'll find a spot for this little lady! Skillfully created in Italy, our whimsical 6" tall ladybug with Santa hat ornament is artfully crafted from mouth blown glass and fabric with charming hand-painted details and colorful glitter accents. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this ladybug is swarmingwith charisma!
Monkey Face Pink Glass Ornament
You'll go bananas over this ape-pealing ornament! Artfully crafted in Hungary, our exclusive 3" round monkey face glass ornament has a beautiful semi-transparent pink finish. So, quit monkey-ing around and get this wild ornament for your tree!
Glass Dome With Christmas Tree Ornament
This striking ornament design features a six paneled glass dome which encircles a miniature decorated tree. Resting on a glitter accented red base, the elegant dome is detailed with white, glitter-covered snowflakes. A red, velvet bow and gold fabric rope trim add to the stunning elements of this 5" tall glass dome with Christmas tree ornament that comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Brown And Beige Owl Round Glass Ornament
Whoooo's been credited throughout history for providing forewarning and good counsel? Why, the humble owl, of course! Comparisons have been made between the owl's visual ability to pierce the darkness and the light of Christ dissolving the darkness of the world. Artfully crafted in Hungary, our brown and beige owl round glass ornament measures 3" tall and features a depiction of a brown and beige owl on the front while the Legend of the Owl can be read on the reverse side.
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Personalized Penguin Parent With Kid Glass Ornament
Since we've no place to go… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Standing in a flurry of fluffy snowflakes on an ice flow all their own, this cool penguin pair is snuggly wrapped in festive scarves of red and green. Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary, our n-ice-ly detailed 3" tall ornament has a revolutionary interior coating of sparkling iridescent glitter that glistens like a blast of cool arctic frost through the two-tone frosted blue and transparent glass. Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch to this penguin parent with kid ornament with a black paint pen at no additional charge. You'll be snow glad you did!
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Flamingo In Glass Finial Shaped Ornament
Your tropical themed tree won't be complete without this flamingo in glass finial shaped ornament! Inside this clear-ly unique design is a tranquil beach scene complete with white sand, a miniature seashell, and a pink spun glass flamingo. Splashed with waves of iridescent blue and green glitter, this unique 5¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Trees And Snowflakes Glass Ornament
You're sure to find this tree-mendous design has a blizzard of charm! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from richly hued translucent glass in Hungary, our 3" round ornament is wrapped with a geometric pattern of trees and snowflakes accented with a subtle touch of clear glitter.

Aqua #1189292
Lime Green #1189293
Fuchsia #1189294
Mistletoe Ball Ornament
Coming ready to hang with a white ribbon, this mistletoe is a perfect decoration for a holiday kiss! Representing peace to enemies and lovers alike, this 5" life-like mistletoe ball ornament is sure to bring an irresistible holiday cheer to your celebrations!
(Symbol of the Mistletoe card included.)
Husky Resin Ornament
Make sure this unique male Husky ornament barks up the right tree this Christmas! Remarkably crafted from resin with lifelike details, this 3¼" tall ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
2 Inch Pink Pig Glass Ornament
Our handsome swine will sure look adorable ham-ming it up on your tree! Shimmering with pale pink glazes, this precious little porker has a charming little face with just a hint of glitter on his floppy ears and cute, curly tail. Skillfully hand-crafted in Poland, this 2" glass ornament is far from boar-ing!
Kingfisher Bird Glass Clip On Ornament
Your bird lover will be all a-twitter with this brilliant design! Masterfully crafted of glass in Germany, our charming kingfisher ornament shimmers with a myriad of vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents and measures approximately 7" wide from its upturned bill to the tip of its sapphire tail. An attached metal clip allows for perfect placement on a tree, wreath, or holiday centerpiece.
White, Gold And Red Rooster Glass Ornament
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Rise and shine on Christmas morn to the alluring call of this beautiful glass rooster! With chest puffed out and tail held high, our king of the henhouse struts his stuff for all to admire his shimmering glass form. Expertly crafted in Poland, this charming 3¼" tall ornament is hand-painted with rich glazes in white, gold and red with vibrant glitter accents you're sure to admire for many seasons to come.
Stand By Me Trail Of The Painted Ponies Ornament
Featuring the heartwarming figures of a mare and her foal, this extraordinary ornament corralles the spirit of the Wild West into one exquisite design! Artfully crafted in resin and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this beautiful "Stand By Me" ornament measures 2¾" tall and makes an ideal gift for the Trail of the Painted Ponies™ collector on your Christmas list!
Item #4054116.
Blue And Green Peacock Glass Ornament
Spread your decorating wings with this pretty peacock ornament! Hand-painted in brilliant hues of turquoise, blue, green and gold, our pretty glass bird is masterfully mouth-blown by skillful artists in Poland and measures 2¾" tall x 5½" wide. Highlighted with dazzling blue glitter accents, you'll be proud to display this gorgeous bird on your tree! Symbol of the Peacock card included.
Standing Polar Bear Glass Ornament
Found in the Arctic north, Polar Bears are considered by native peoples to be powerful, wise, and almost human. Our exquisite glass polar bear ornament is masterfully crafted of glass in Germany with gleaming white glazes and vivid hand-painted accents of ebony. Shimmering with iridescent glitter, this unique 4½" tall keepsake makes a great gift for the Artic enthusiast on your Christmas list!
Symbol of the Polar Bear card included.
Resting Lion Ornament
Exuding an air of confidence, power, and courage, this handsome "king of the beasts" is sure to be a wild addition to your animal or safari themed tree! Artfully crafted of resin in vivid hand-painted hues of golden brown, our 1¾" tall x 3" wide resting lion ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord. Symbol of the Lion card included.
Set Of 3 Chickadee Clip On Glass Ornaments
Birds of a feather will flock together when you add these gorgeous chickadees to your tree! Crafted of glass in vibrant hues of gold, gray, and ebony, our beautiful set of 3 chickadee ornaments are accented with iridescent glitter and authentic feather tails. A gold clip is attached to each ornament for perfect placement on your tree. Attractively packaged for safe and easy storage season after season, these uplifting ornaments measure approximately 2¼" tall x 5" wide.
White Frosted Glass Ornament With Flower Pattern
Encircled with delicate white Christmas flowers accented with glittering red centers, our white frosted ball will add a festive vibe to your holidays! Masterfully crafted of glass in the Czech Republic, this enchanting ornament measures 2¾" tall.
Duck With Baby Chicks Ornament
Three little ducks went out to play…..with momma duck close behind. Hand-painted with a myriad of bright hues, our adorable 3¼" tall duck with baby chicks ornament is charmingly crafted of resin and comes ready to hang with a red cord.
4.5 Inch Blue Jay Bird Glass Ornament
Polish craftsmanship is evident in this breathtaking design expertly rendered in glass. Charmingly hand-painted with brilliant glazes and iridescent glitter accents, this resplendent blue jay ornament measures 4½" tall and is sure to catch your birdwatcher's eye!
Trees And Mushrooms On White Satin Glass Ornament
An enchanted forest encircles this white satin ornament with vivid green pine trees and brilliant red mushrooms. Expertly hand-crafted of glass in Germany with dazzling glitter accents, this whimsical 3¼" round ornament is sure to become a treasured family favorite!
Copper Oak Leaf With Silver Acorn Ornament
Whether you decorate a windowpane for autumn or display it on your Christmas tree, you're sure to rake in a pile of compliments with our beautiful, real, oak leaf ornament that is grown and hand-crafted in the USA! Preserved through a delicate process by trained artisans, this gorgeous copper hued leaf is dipped in precious metals to conserve its natural shape and veins and is accented with a shimmering silvered acorn seed charm. Coming ready to hang with a striped green ribbon, no two are exactly alike! This timelessly preserved treasure ranges in height from 3” to 3½” tall.
Snow Queen Trail Of The Painted Ponies Figure
A flurry of compliments are sure to come your way when you add this beautiful "Snow Queen" ornament to your Trail of the Painted Ponies™ collection! Artfully detailed in clear blue acrylic with swirling white snowflakes shimmering with touches of sparkling glitter, this whimsical 2¾" tall horse comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Tickled Pink Trail Of The Painted Ponies Ornament
Your Trail of the Painted Ponies™ enthusiast will be "Tickled Pink" with this joyful and uplifting design! Artfully crafted in resin and coming ready to hang with a gold cord, this beautiful ornament measures 2¼" tall and makes an ideal gift for the Trail of the Painted Ponies™ collector on your Christmas list!
Item #4054114.
Personalized Yorkshire Terrier With Bone Ornament
This dog-gone cute ornament is truly a breed apart from the rest! Artfully crafted of resin and charmingly painted, this fetching Yorkshire terrier with bone ornament features a cute pooch paws-ing over a giant bone. Coming ready to hang with a red ribbon, our 3" tall x 3½" wide ornament can be personal-ized™ by one of our talented Bronner's artists with a black paint pen at no additional charge.
Fish In A Bottle Glass Ornament
We've bottled up a unique design you're sure to enjoy for many seasons to come! This beautiful 5" tall ornament features a delicate spun glass fish gleaming in transparent hues of blue, gold and red "swimming" inside a clear glass bottle. Coming ready to hang with a twine cord, this extraordinary ornament makes a great gift for the nature lovers on your Christmas list.
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland offers a large selection of ornaments perfect for any nature lover! Whether you love animals, birds, fish and other water animals, flowers, insects or the great outdoors, Bronner's has you covered! We even have gifts perfect for the pet owner on your list!
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